Winter Garden, FL, Parade Vehicle Attack - Suspects are Terryous Baker and Elizabeth Chavez, currently in custody.

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Mar 4, 2019

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. — Documents from Winter Garden Police Department details what happened after chaos unfolded when a man drove into a crowd during a Christmas parade Sunday, hitting a car with a family inside and nearly striking an officer.
Terryus Baker, 27, went before a judge Monday.
In a report, an officer said he was waiting for the parade to begin when someone flagged him down. A white Toyota Highlander had been hit by a speeding car.
The driver told the officer they were driving when they heard screaming, and their car was hit twice before the person who hit them took off.
The report said another officer had been directing traffic for the parade when he put his hands out to tell the driver to slow down. The driver didn’t.
The officer then stepped into the road and “projected” his voice to tell the driver to “slow down.” (Did Terryus reply "fuck you" and kick him with his ENERGY LEGS? -ed.)
He “heard the engine rev” and the vehicle sped up “coming right at him.” ("IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!" Where the fuck is Uncle Jimbo when you need him? -ed.)
An off-duty Kissimmee police officer saw the car heading toward the crowd, then the driver running away. The officer then got Baker to the ground.
Police arrested Baker and added a slew of other charges, including not having a valid license, child neglect, assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of narcotics.
Police records state as he was being arrested, police found a plastic baggie with two pills in his pocket.

Two children were in the car with Baker that night.

The driver of the car Baker that hit was taken to the hospital. (Fire your copy-editor. -ed.)




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Feb 27, 2019
Have we posted about this before or why are we only seeing it a week later?

There is a Terryus Baker YouTube channel guessed it, amateur rap videos and a link to a MySpace page which claims he (or his group) if from Pine Hill...about 20 minutes from Winter Garden. Has not uploaded in 8 years. On mobile there is a link to another channel called Collegeboymaterial that no longer works. Can't tell if it's him or not but quite a few coincidences.
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Nov 5, 2018
So... we had 3 clearly racially motivated attacks in the US recently, this one, the other truck of peace one and the Florida one where a black moron stabbed a white kid because "wypipo givin us syphilis".

This isn't the last time this happens, there will be a lot more attacks like this.
You can't just tell US niggaz that crackers are "out to get them" and expect zero retaliation for this "getting" that's supposedly happening.
Get ready for more, it's coming and you, the American reading this, could be the next victim of a dumbass "fighting the white supremacy".

Jan 3, 2020
Man you'd think it's halloween with all these haunted cars trying to kill people totally not based on race or anything.

Anyways this isn't happening that often anyways guys, ignore it. It's just a conspiracy theory, bigot.
Also there's nothing about this in the current media cycle. So no need to memory hole it :)

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Nov 6, 2014
How are all these black people getting cars if they can't figure out how to get to a DMV for a driver's license?!?!

Well obviously by stealing them. They are niggers, after all.

Propably was just high, drunk or chimping out. Which considering how much they love to do all 3, maybe just as dangerous as them going on a cracker-crushing-campaign.

From the look of things, he got flagged by popo for driving like a monkey on meth, and didn't want said meth to be found, and so he floored it right into the crowd in a move of utter 1D shit flinging. I could be wrong, could have been crack and not meth.