Horrorcow withawonder / mirawiel2 / Aukai Christian Johnson - Couch streamer gets banned, begins "THE RESISTANCE" and is "flat-earth agnostic"

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Couch streaming Hawaiian (and morbidly obese manchild) withawonder (claims to be) 22 years old and is famous for streaming himself half-naked from his mother's couch while his dad is out deep sea fishing.

Aside from the occasional video game stream or McDonald's binge, he's been known for spending hours at a time sitting around with his shirt off and being extremely lazy, refusing to shower, etc.

Here he is getting water thrown on him by his mom for being a bum and not cleaning up after himself:

As you'd probably expect, sitting around topless in your underwear doesn't put you in the highest standing with Twitch. He's been banned six times, one of these came after he gave his nuts a good tickling while on-stream:

His sixth ban supposed led him to being permabanned, though he's called his last three bans permanent as well. Now he's on the offensive, writing this 2400 word monstrosity of a manifesto on Reddit and demanding 1% of the income of his fans to help him fund his boycott.

Some highlights include that he thinks Twitch is the Illuminati and secretly banned him for speaking up about Flat Earth theories:

Speaking of which, he's revealed his email on stream (mirawiel2@mail.com) which happens to match a username on, you guessed it, The Flat Earth Society:


He's also been banned from the BodyBuilding Forums for general idiocy, wondering why his bones hurt despite having "no health issues", and sperging about girls and fucking local prostitutes so that he can impregnate them.

Not the bury the lede, but he also creeps on young girls and said he'd openly have sex with 16-year old girls and accepting the title of pedophile because "it's legal to have sex with them and I'm cool with it":

Now he spends his days sharing his new ban evading accounts on Twitch, streaming on YouTube until he gets banned there, and complaining about the world on his Twitter and subreddit:

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Mars is closer to Earth, than i thought!

He's also streaming right now in his Youtube channel.

Bridge to Nowhere

Feeling that moment
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If by stream you mean literally watching Sneaky on Twitch while lying on his bed, then yes.


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...Wow. I think this reaches a new level of laziness that I haven't seen before.

Honestly, I'm a lot more interested in his insane conspiracy theories than anything else. Does he also believe in bioluminescent black brothers in the CIA too?


this is a great job documenting autism, those 2016 bodybuilding forum posts really paint an obvious picture of what was to come, however in just the last 24 hours his dick pics got leaked on /b/, his entire family's facebook profiles got leaked and several viewers stated they sent the dick pics to his mom/sister

oh and his new youtube got banned while he was sleeping.

also he apparently thinks that taking showers will cure the tooth pain that he's had for the last several days, instead actually brushing or rinsing with mouthwash, his viewers even pointed him to a wikihow article on "cure a toothache" explaining this but he instead skipped to the bottom to try an "alternative" method of acupuncture by applying pressure to your hand which obviously did nothing and he summed up that the entire article was "bullshit"

also apparently the #Dreamer who lives in his closet has a tendency to not shut the door when he takes a piss which based on the mic in his bedroom audibly sounds like the toilet is in his bedroom, to which he then passive aggressively "reminded him" to not do it, not once, not twice but 4 times different occasions last night. the 4th time his sanctuary city samaritan justified his lack of normal decency by saying "but i got you a cheesburger" (he had ordered 2 Mc Doubles just a while earlier...which ironically came just after he discussed making a sequel to SuperSizeMe but then stated McDonald's food tastes like garbage and he'd rather do it with Wendy's food)

this incident coming a day after he accused him of "laying on his bed" which he surmised from a pillow being out of place which he then had to roll over to reach once laying down.
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Latest channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXA8DajAEY8

There's something hilarious about how he's so lazy he'll just drive around topless in his car like a freak show on wheels.

This guy is also the living embodiment of mental and physical slothness. He refuses to do any real work that's more than a few minutes of effort, even when it would give him immediate or long term benefit. Let me count the ways:

His toothache - He's admitted to not brushing his teeth as much as he should and thinks the toothache is because of a cold (virus) he has, and that this virus is causing "flaming gums" which is what leads to tooth pain. Autism aside, he still refuses to follow the most basic guides to improve his health, reduce the pain, and keeps ignoring the fact that he should be going to a dentist. Even his chat is turning on him for never going to the dentist after he said he would. The sinuses could cause some pain but it's much more likely a tooth issue - and every online guide points out that the only way to know for sure is to go to the dentist.

Making money - He's constantly bragging about his next money making scheme and continues to blow money on fast food. Autistic or not, he sounds like Homer Simpson or some other dumb caricature that thinks an easy money making opportunity lies around every corner. Each plan is "easy" and "foolproof" yet none seem to work. I wonder why.

Losing weight - He literally brings up his diet plan every time a viewer points out that hes eaten 2000+ calories in a single meal. Has happened half a dozen times in the last few weeks. He also thinks eating supplements like Vitamin D are magic pills that will make him lose weight and is in denial that eating 3000+ calories a day isn't helping.

Streaming - Even the brain-dead task of playing video games and having fun in front of people for money is repeatedly fucked up via his lethargy. In the last few weeks he's played fewer and fewer games and instead just sits on his bed or couch and doesn't even say anything. He just watches other streamers and, ironically, mutes when others (such as #Dreamer boy) talk to him. No wonder his 1000+ viewers don't want to follow him to YouTube and Chaturbate when he gives them nothing worth seeing after you get bored of the science experiment aspect.

Romance - He gets catfished from viewers pretending to be 17 year old girls. This leads to the leaks mentioned above including pictures of his dick.

What makes him a total lolcow is his utter entitlement throughout this process. He seems pissed and believes he was unfairly banned (he wasn't) and that his money was stolen from him (it wasn't, he broke the TOS.) Meanwhile he thinks he's the next Greek (this dumb fat streamer in Europe who literally stalked Ice Poseidon until that made him famous) so he has his chat call him Xerxes.

Also speaking of dumb things he managed to share without thinking through:


At this point his latest scheme is to just embrace the nude streaming on chatburate and make tokens (some dumb currency on that site) for money. I'm sure there's tons of folks who want to look at a 400 pound man play League of Legends while naked and hand him their credit card. If the money dries up he'll probably give up and fade back to online forums in the next few weeks.

On a related note, I don't get the whole guy (Simon?) living in the closet thing. There's probably a whole other layer of lolcowry in that alone.
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here he is realizing his average 2000 caloric intake per meal...while stuffing his face with a snack
also he's successfully kept a new twitch channel which i assume is because technically he hasn't endorsed it (also since twitch wound up wrongfully banning a guy after he trolled them and hasn't shown his face, he just plays crappy mid-2000s pop rap and classic rock with a wall of text describing him as being the "only female streamer in korea"

he just started livestreaming on his new youtube, and just said he's gonna take yet another shower "cause it helps my tooth" because he doesnt realise rinsing his mouth with hot water would do the same exact thing, but isnt a cure for the source of pain and is just a temporary fix

also he's claims he'll verify his age on chaturbate



he just got banned on chaturbate lol


most likely because he literally had "im playing videogames" and not addressing the chat rather than NOT making it known and atleast TRYING to address teh chat


also heres a great timeline from 4chan

heres a quick timeline of what happen thus far:

the last straw that got him permma'd from twitch after 5 other bans within a month : https://streamable.com/0i5fm

then about a week later on youtube with a dwindling audience of just 40 or so from 400 on twitch he said this :


followed by his "master plan"


then during his demise on youtube and 2-3 account bans there he's had great moments like




also he lives in a fucking shithole area of hawaii


and lastly just search "withawonder writes twitch an apology" for his 40 minute autistic ramblings which is on google drive an cant be posted her cause of stupid bot spam blocker

also his dad has recently come home from his deep sea fishing outing and now he just hides in his room while complaining of a "1% tooth pain that has come an gone for months at a time" he looked up various issues like gingivitis, gum disease ect.. but came to the conclusion that its just "inflammation" because thats the least serious issue he found, and "dentists didnt exist 2000 years ago" they're just a fraud practice like chiropractors

his dad also made both him an simon the #dreamer clean up the house on stream, you could hear him telling him to move the couch and sweep under it. his dads voice is very boisterous and so far he jumps up immediately when he calls him, unlike how he treated his mom, back talking her an saying "ill do it soon"

mod edit: streamable embeds have broke so they show up as blank. markers have been added.

this had me in tears when it happened

my god, he just found out someone had remote access to his computer after it happens live on stream (and after his latest autistic rant about his revenge)

then came back an u can see in the chat his connection had been cut an reeneabled almost immediately an once he tried to refresh twitch it wouldnt work...most likely still exploited after the "system restore"

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