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Let's Sperg Wizardry 8: Kiwi Run 2It's like the old one but all female instead

Discussion in 'Games' started by c-no, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. So almost a year ago, I made an LP off a favorite CRPG of mine, Wizardry 8. Named the party after some Kiwi's. Now it's another attempt at doing it but with an all-female cast. The party roster will consist of the following Kiwi's: @Cosmos (Rawulf valkyrie. Can cheat death. More or less team leader) @DirkBloodStormKing (Hobbit gadgeteer. At high levels, her class unique weapon can make her a fearsome opponent. She also is the only one that can pick chest and disarm locks) @Feline Darkmage and @Meowthkip (Both Feline and Meowthkip are Felpurr samurai. Their class abilities include not giving a fuck at scary shit and at moments, doing four attacks in a row at lightning speed. They can also learn magic though they have more emphasis in fighting with swords and daggers) @Sable (Gnome alchemist. She can make potions, one of which will be useful in battles)and @BOLDYSPICY! (Rawulf priest. Intend to cross class her into being a bishop which can allow her access to all magic circles at the cost of slower leveling).

    Now I can say this LP will more or less be like a rehash of the previous in that the places to go aren't going to change but I can at least show more in what goes on with screenshots.

    Our newest group of heroes. Despite being a different group from the last, they won't be safe from the tism that will come.
    Wiz 8 1.png

    Now the start is more or less standard. They got hired by a space yeti man to act as bodyguards but the Dark Savant shot down their space ship and the yeti they were suppose to keep safe died from the crash. But who cares about that? There's an adventure to be had and it begins with killing animals in a monastery.

    Now the fights are more or less nothing special, just killing rats, bats, and slimes but there are two "boss" enemies to fight. The King Crab which goes down easily (Feline Darkmage went at lightning speed and finished the crab off) and then there is Gregor, a giant roach that will give you a hard time (@Oglooger if you are reading this, I beaten Gregor using paralysis Sable had as well as letting Cosmos, Meowthkip, and Feline Darkmage beat it down).

    Besides killing some bosses, our group managed to, before fighting Gregor, encounter Burz who ends up acting as basic exposition, especially if you skip the opening movie.

    Sable isn't wrong in pointing out what Burz is. Then again, majority of this party ended up being furries. (At least Felpurr's can make good samurais and Rawulf's for priest and valkyries).
    wiz 8 2.jpg
    To make a long story short with what Burz tells us after gouging us for some gold, we may be a messenger who has to seek out a man named Marten and to do that, we need to speak to the Shaman of the Trynnie's (Burz's people) but before we do that, we gotta raid the Monastery and head to Arnika for more looting.

    * Old LP: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/wizardry-kiwi-edition.23789/
    *Hopefully, this LP can take a few days to finish. Some summer courses can get in the way though.
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  2. I find this highly inaccurate in regards to me being a cat person.
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  3. Wizardry? Now there's a series I haven't heard from in a long time.
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  4. I really miss Wizardry.
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  5. Though inaccurate, you and @Feline Darkmage can potentially be dangerous melee fighters. Plus, Felpurr in this are more or less space tiger people (AKA not-Kilrathi from Wing Commander). That said, I'll be continuing this later and hopefully make good progress in the first town.
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  6. I'm going to murr everything to death.
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  7. Back to playing from where I left off. What happened so far:

    The second Kiwi team manages to finish up in looting the monastery. On the way, we find out we're part of a destiny in ascending to godhood.

    We aren't the first but definitely the last, so says the robotic man
    kiwi wiz 1.png

    After getting told by Aletheides what our goal is, we get to meet a Savant henchmen who comes in just to our party we ain't going to ascend. We'll prove him wrong eventually.

    After the story line exposition, the party leaves the monastery for Arnika. The road proves to be less challenging though I end up avoiding a fight due to a particular enemy on the road. Once we arrive in Arnika, we are greeted by Myles, the first NPC you can get into the party.

    He probably says that to anyone new coming in. He does give you a quest where you help him save another party member named Vi Domina.
    kiwi wiz 2.png

    After squeezing info out from Myles, we proceed to the building Vi Domina is held in. Outside are some thieves who end up getting cut down by the party and some guards who happened to wander by. Once we go inside the building, we prepare for tough fight (if the music is anything to go by).

    The Savant troopers hit hard but they go down before anyone in the party dies. Vi was helpful in whittling one down.
    Kiwi wiz 3.png

    After taking care of the robots, we get Vi into our party. We later eject her and Myles out after talking to some key NPC's for exposition and information (along with free experience points and gold from the local leader of the temple). After abandoning our NPC members, the party loots some chest for anything that can help. The blacksmith, innkeeper, and the merchant running a bait shop have the only key cards, and that means loot that either helps the party in combat or in finances. @DirkBloodStormKing gets the cards from disarming traps in the chest the merchants have. Looting the bank gets @Feline Darkmage a cursed weapon that does good damage (and it compliments a cursed dagger that has good stats along with possibly inflicting poison on enemies). When looting the bank, there lies a mini-boss in the last storage vault, the guardian golem

    This bastard hits hard and in this run, I had to reload a couple times until @BOLDYSPICY! could paralyze the bastard.
    Kiwi wiz 4.png

    @Cosmos, @Meowthkip, and Feline Darkmage in particular manage to hit hard on the golem.

    For now, the party will explore the rest of Arnika once I get back on the game. Seeing how this run goes, I may have to grind a bit longer just in case I need extra gold for better equipment.

    Believe me, you will. You're right behind @Meowthkip in terms of most kills. Being a samurai that dual-wields a hard hitting weapon, you could theoretically kill more though Sable and BOLDYSPICY! might put a stop at higher levels if they get instant death spells, especially the group kind.
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  8. I'm a fucking wolf? That's awesome.
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  9. Growl, Cosmos.
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  10. Oh shit, I'm baller as fuck.
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  11. What's more awesome is that you are more less team leader (or at least first person in the group) and your class (exclusive only to females) allows to cheat death once in combat. Also just to say, Rawulf's aren't actually wolves but more like dogs. They can make for good priest.

    @Feline Darkmage is right behind you and even then, you and her are the only ones with a special ability that can sometimes allow you to attack four times in one turn. That alone can ensure either of you getting more kills for now.
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  12. Picking up from where I left off in the bank, our band of Kiwi warrior women leave the bank and sell some mediocre weapons we picked up from the vaults. Antone notes the sword we have but thinks its from his brother. Good thing since it's actually his and I don't want to piss off the only closest arms dealer we have in Arnika.

    Kiwis wizards 1.png

    After looting a house for a clown doll that @DirkBloodStormKing could fashion into a jack in the box to scare clownphobic enemies, we head to the Savant's tower, just to see if the Savant henchman was lying. It wasn't.

    Boldy notes the ugly spot the Savant's tower has.
    Kiwis wizards 2.png

    Just around the tower are some Savant androids and a flying drone. We dispatch our enemies and get some spellbooks that while are useless in themselves, do add additional points to some of our casters. Not a bad haul, even if we didn't get Boldy a nice pope hat.

    After that, we get another job from Myles in doing some "equity liberation". This however involves breaking into a nearby jail.

    I'd be surprise if the bank actually did hire Myles to help protect their interest.
    Kiwis wizards 3.png

    The loot you get is rather mediocre but the experience points are always welcome, plus we get some armor from the jail to better equip members that can use them. We also get a Higardi Lunar Legion badge that allows us to enter the HLL headquarters. There's not much there besides some more armor for our tanks. The head of the HLL gives us some exposition on where to find Marten.

    We entered as Marten and as we leave, he tells us good luck as Marten.
    good luck marten.png

    We also hit up the temple to give Braffit a letter that allows us to gain access to a key for the monastery. Of course, you don't have to give it to him since you can go in the vaults and kill the ghost there to get it. Either way, I did both and the XP was worth it. The key does lead to a couple weapons good against demon enemies but even then, there's better equipment. Done with Arnika for now, our team of Kiwis leave Arnika for Trynton.

    The road is filled with piercer modais which I avoid like the plague because fuck them. They are a bit of damage sponges for our group. We do however hit up a cemetary for loot and XP.

    We need holy water to clean the cemetary of this ghost. Doing so makes the cemetary safe from angry dead furry ghost and ghostly witches.
    hanging ghost.png

    Going back on the trail, we come across a rattkin thief whose part of the Razuka. We promptly brush aside his request and get some info out of him. After that we enter Trynton only to fight a couple swallowers a few minutes in.

    Fuck these guys. They can swallow a party member and it hurts them. Can't heal those that get swallowed. The best thing about them though are the responses from members that get swallowed. Beyond that though, these things can burn in hell.

    @Meowthkip does not want to experience a deep dark furry fantasy again.
    meowthkip does not want.png

    @Feline Darkmage is gonna have a hard time living this down.
    Feline Might not live this down.png

    After talking to the chief of the Trynnies, we get a quest in clearing their home of the rattkin. @Sable notes how adorable the chief's angry tribal mask is.

    Yeah, adorable.

    After a couple hard fights with a plant enemy found in the tree, we manage to proceed to first bough. On the way to it, we find a sign that says "Marten's Pagoda" but due to the age of the sign and no sign of a bridge, the Trynnie were too lazy to remove the sign. Once we arrive in the first bough, we visit a trynnie that makes potions. He notes that if we are to seek the shaman Burz told us about, we need to find the seventh bough which can only be achieved by taking some Trynnie drugs you have to make yourself.

    That's it for this run. Will Feline Darkmage be the butt of vore jokes? Will Meowthkip recover from her trauma of being swalloed? Tune in next time to see what sort of shit our Kiwi's will go through.

    Shame the series died with Wizardry 8. At least it didn't die like Might & Magic or Ultima. That said, the Japanese have had their hands at Wizardry but it plays like the old ones. They did have one come to the PS3. It's okay but the final boss goes down like a bitch if you have a samurai with the best katana. There was an MMO as well but that died off within two years in the States and fairly recently in Japan as well.
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  13. Yesterday and today, the party has made progress.

    After reaching giving a hello to the potion maker, the party finds out that if they want to find the 7th bough, they need to trip balls through drugs. It's the only way to meet the Shaman. The worst part about this though: With this party, Trynton became a living hell since random encounters liked to give fairies that liked to spam damaging spells, tree spirits that could one shot or heavily damage members like @BOLDYSPICY! or @Sable and enemies being dicks in dodging most attacks. Luckily though, the party persevered. Even better, @Cosmos got some new armor from a freshly killed Rapax scout. Meanwhile, @BOLDYSPICY! gets promoted to Bishop. Now all magic circles are available for her to learn from.

    The teams leader gets better protection than everyone else.
    Plate legs.png

    Beyond killing evil fairies and insects, we do speak to the resident gadgeteer of Trynton who notes why the Rattkin keep coming back: breeders. Needless to say, he finds them disgusting to look at and its not hard to agree with him on that. Worse, the Rattkin breeders can hit like a truck and get a few attacks in.

    This is a boss I have to skip for now.

    The breeders and the Rattkin leaders are found in the 6th bough. We do speak to Don Barlone, head of the Razuka, and by extension, all of the Rattkin. Aside from being a prick of a boss enemy, he and his people manage to swipe the Astral Dominae from the Savant who we later meet in the Swamps.

    The Savant is pissed at the theft. And he sees how stupid we are in not knowing why he's mad. @Meowthkip notes the Astral Dominae he left is a fake.

    While in the swamps, we meet another NPC and merchant named Crock. He can live up to his name in being a crock of shit once you find out why later on. He doesn't sell much aside from perfume that's useful for a quest later on.

    Just to trim some fat between today and yesterday, here's what the party managed to accomplish:
    We joined the T'rang and Umpani, essentially playing both sides like a fiddle. best reason is for experience points. Plus, the T'Rang have a teleporter that acts as a shortcut.

    Out of all the toughest fights we go through, we fight a djinn near the end of a second training run with the Umpani. Only @DirkBloodStormKing could get a consistent hit on it since she's the only one with a gun.

    This jagoff space rhino should try the challenges himself. The team would of been killed off by the Djinn. In fact, this spec ops training just lead to high fatality rates among the space rhinos.

    On the other side, we help the T'Rang out in dealing with a Rapax samurai. We could kill him but that would piss off the Templars of the Rapax. Luckily, the perfume we bought from Crock allows us to kill the Rapax with a trap.

    The Rapax literally fell for a trap that should of set off some bells. Then again, the pheromones made him thirsty enough to wait for a female. Best part about it: @Feline Darkmage gets better leg armor exclusive to samurai and with another nodachi, we could give it to @Meowthkip.
    Dumbest rapax.png

    With the Rapax's head brought to the T'Rang leader and our training with the Umpani complete, both sides want us to deliver a letter to the Mook. Of course, we'll give one letter to the Mook when we get back to Arnika. Both alien parties are more interested in what the Mook have.

    That's it for now. Maybe on the next segment, the tanks of the party could get improvement in melee that they can hit more often. Perhaps we'll explore more of the Bluff and better yet, deal with Crock after we are through with his shit.
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  14. After speaking with Balbrak of the Umpani and Z'Ant of the T'rang, we get a mission in acting as diplomats to the Mook in Arnika. Of course, they don't care about that, rather they want to know what the Mook are doing here. The party heads back to Arnika where they meet the Mook under the pretense of representing the Umpani. We get a letter from the Mook leader that seals the alliance. Of course, we aren't done yet. The Mook are in Arnika because of the Chaos Moliri, a Cosmic Lord artifact that contains change.

    Taking it opens a wall full of Mook who will kill us. Luckily, our bootleg Astral Dominae seals the wall. Once @Cosmos pockets the artifact, we leave the Mook.
    best put it back.png

    Aside from selling some loot we don't use and returning a diamond to the bank, we return to the T'rang and Umpani, respectively. Z'Ant is pleased and now wishes the party finds the coordinates to the Dark Savant's space craft. Meanwhile, Balbrak promotes us. This ensures the party can speak to General Yamir of the Umpani.

    Upon meeting the General, @Sable notes how upstanding Yamir is.

    While we should report to underwater training, we're holding that off. Yamir's mission in finding a missing team can wait (Most are already dead anyway by the time you crash-landed on the planet). We later then find a teleporter that leads the party to a building not far from the Monastery. Since we got a key for a tomb in the Monastery, we head back there and kill two floating heads. Loot is very mediocre save for a bow that Cosmos can use for ranged combat.

    We still have to get a stone idol in the Bluff. Before we got the Mook quest, the party explored a secret room in Marten's Bluff is filled with ghost, the harder ones being complete dicks since they can cast an insanity spell. Note that insanity in this game means anyone in the party goes batshit insane. At best, they either attack the enemy or foam at the mouth. At worst, they attack allies. Luckily, they killed the ghost and hauled some good loot. Best of all, in some nearby rooms, @Cosmos got a special burgonet. It not only increased her defense, it also increased intelligence which is helpful for close combat.

    When the party goes to get a stone idol, @Sable goes missing after knock-out gas puts the party to sleep. The idol, which @Meowthkip holds, notes a warning that says beware "the Crock". When we meet Crock, he calls us spider lovers (no doubt in reference to working with the T'Rang) and gives us a quest in killing a giant frog. Brekek is hyped by Crock to being a 100 man killer and while Brekek can be dangerous, @DirkBloodStormKing turned it into a one-sided fight by blinding the giant frog. Cosmos, Meowthkip, @BOLDYSPICY!, and @Feline Darkmage make short work of the frog.

    Upon giving Crock the giant frog's leg, he tries to pin the kidnapping of Sable on the T'rang, saying they hid her in his shack.

    He's lucky I'm not killing him for now but his death is coming closer. Sable later notes she'll look back and laugh at the kidnapping though.

    I thing I did between the Monastery and getting the Idol: Heading to the area before the Rapax Rift, via teleporting from the Bluff to the Rift. The group fights some Rapax but they aren't too hard to kill. Not far from them is a cave where there's some Rapax attacking a trio of monks. We also make short work of those Rapax.

    Cosmos is moving on up in protection.

    The monk leader we save turns out to be Anselm. He mentions wanting to work together with us in stopping the Savant. Granted, it's more or less the party getting the artifacts while he and his buddies wait in the cave. Got no problem with that since the party don't need no priest. Boldy already does that as the Pope of the group. We also meet another NPC, a dragon named Bela. He's been around since Wizardry 6 and acts as exposition for that game.

    According to him, the Forge allows the writer to write the fate of the universe. exposition.png

    Bela notes an incident* where a wizard managed to get the forge but in turn, it made him go mad. This allowed the Savant to find the Astral Dominae somehow.

    This incident was mentioned in the previous LP but here, I'll exposit it more clearly: the backstory of Wizardry 6 mentions that Llygamyn, setting of Wizardry 1-5, is now dead. This is due to the king of the royal family, Dracula, going missing. He and a wizard by the name of Xorphitus took the pen of the Cosmic Forge. Using the pen away from the Forge turns your wishes into a monkey paw. The king became a vampire and the wizard became insane because of duality in knowledge or something like that. Of course, the queen was no better, being some perverse harlot with a snake fetish. Bela may as well have some relation to the Queen as a son.

    Fun fact: mentioning the bane king (aka Dracula from Wizardry 6) has Bela saying he hopes to meet him again, along with his (Bela's) sister, Rebecca, a demon lady the queen wanted dead. The royal family was really screwed up

    After agreeing to his request in disarming the bomb, we get some new weapon for Cosmos: a spear that has a 50% hex chance. This can really screw the stats of enemies.

    And so, this ends the LP for now. At this point, I'm divided between: doing the sea caves where the boss is a giant pleiosaur that can wreck the party. The Rapax Rift where we really need to be ready for not just melee Rapax but also Samurai and Courtesan Rapax (their magics can screw you over), and dealing with the Rattkin (at this point, we can only hope our party is good enough to take down Don Barlone. More likely to deal with the Breeders though).

    *Misc note: After giving Meowthkip and Feline Darkmage new weapons in the form of the nodachi (two handed katana , basically the Japanese great sword), our feline samurais managed to improve themselves in combat, starting with the Rapax near the Rapax Rift entrance.
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  15. Go back and finish the rattos.
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  16. All I can say is hot damn because I really made progress, starting with Don Barlone.

    At the behest of @Sable, the party returns to the Rattkin bough. @Cosmos, @Feline Darkmage, and @Meowthkip chug some doubleman droughts (basically a shortened version of the Superman potion) while Sable and @BOLDYSPICY! fend off Milano Calzone. Compared to the previous party I done (The one with @Jaimas), our all-female party kicked ass without getting killed. @DirkBloodStormKing finishes off Don Barlone. At this point, she's going on up as a ranged damage dealer.

    Killing Barlone ensures we get the Cane of Corpus. Unfortunately, we don't have a fairy but we can sell it for a good amount of gold or keep it as a trophy.
    Best weapon.png

    The team then heads over to the breeders. They go down quickly against the might of the Kiwis.

    Along the way, we pretty much pissed off the Rattkin, both common and the Razuka (basically Yakuza/Italian Mob). Doesn't matter since more experience points and gold.

    The party then reports to the gadgeteer trynnie who can only give us his thanks. He can be recruited but we have no need of him, Dirk is best gadgeteer anyway. We then buy a potion from Fuzzfas so we can drink it down and chew on some petals to enter the Seventh Bough. It's just a conversation with the Shaman who tells us to do what we already did: get the stone idol. We do pay him an actual visit though.

    The Shaman reveals we need to find Marten as we are the last messengers, the only ones who might stop the Savant. He gives us a key that will lead us to a helmet that allows us to get the Destinae Dominus. After getting the helmet, the party grinds for a bit. Need to raise the levels up.

    Once we done that, its off to the sea caves via the Umpani. We report to underwater training which is simply getting some scuba gear and heading off underwater. The way through the sea caves is filled with squids and manta rays. They aren't tough though the squids can have their attack spread to another party member. What's to fear here though is a boss: Nessie.

    Nessie is basically a giant pleiosaur who can swallow a party member (as it done with @Jaimas in the previous LP). Here though? Nessie went down without too much of a hassle. It did swallow Sable but she was freed before Nessie could kill her.

    Sable will join the club in being thrown into some creepy vore fetish that might appeal to deviants. At least she might laugh at this.
    Yet another to laugh at.png

    The way through isn't much of a hassle as we do make it to Bayjin. The party disposes of the Rynjin without too much trouble.

    *What happened before entering the sea caves: The party did go to the area where you meet Bela. Around there, a tomb lies with two floating heads and a death lord. One of the tougher fights.

    Had to reload after the party was all at half-health. Take out the heads if you want to make sure you don't have something whittling health down.
    metal underwear.png

    Killing these guys, the party did find some new equipment to either keep or sell.

    At this point, the party is somewhere around half-way. There's still the Rapax Rift and Castle. Not to mention, we still have the quest between the T'Rang and Umpani. Until then, the party is in a cell in Bayjin where they do a little breakout for a missing IUF soldier.
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  17. Alright, I covered alot of progress so I'm just gonna summarize a few things:
    The party recovered the sole survivor of the IUF underwater team. We take him back and the general gives us a mission to take out the T'Rang ship. On the other side with the T'Rang, we do give them the coordinates of the Dark Savant's ship. They too want the Umpani ship taken down. We're urged to find a traitor who we sell out.

    @BOLDYSPICY! as a bishop has grown exponentially in other fields besides divinity. She makes a decent mage but her use in psionics allows us to read the minds of some NPC's. Overall, she's not as damaging as @Sable but she's capable of buffing the party.

    @Meowthkip gets a special bow that's leagues better than her nodachi. At this point, she's gonna beat shit to death with a staff that's better than a sword folded a million times.

    While in the Rapax Rift, the party fights a couple bosses: the Lava Lord, who needs to die if we want a Rapax to be free, and El Dorado , a winged Rapax statue that guards the demonic Rapax goddess known as Al-Sedexus. They both go down without any problems, especially since Dirk's omnigun can ensure a few shots with special ammo that may knock out or paralyze the boss enemies. Add to that a greater elemental Sable summons and the bosses can face heavy damage.

    Dirk will either have most kills total in the end or at least kill more bosses than anyone. @Cosmos still has the highest number of enemies killed.
    Dirk lands the killing blow.png

    @DirkBloodStormKing was used as a sacrifice to Al-Sedexus and now the party is on good terms with the Rapax. We would later pay Al-Sedexus a visit and kill her since leaving the Rift can have repercussions on Dirk. We also find a portal that leads to the Savant's Tower where we disarm the bomb. Now nothing can truly stop us from Ascending once we have the artifacts.

    The Savant Behemoth may seem intimidating but Meowthkip's bo staff paralyzed it. Cue Dirk, Cosmos, and @Feline Darkmage wailing on the best while Sable and Boldy use magic on the lesser enemies.

    Last notable thing done for now was reaching the Sea Caves. The path was filled with all sorts of aquatic enemies from psionic sharks to walking deep ones with tentacle arms. At worst, the latter group had a larger number but in the end, the party was well equipped to deal with the situation.

    The only noteworthy thing in the Sea Caves is Marten. However, the path to him is filled with a special named Death Lord and rebel ghost but like the fish of the sea, they aren't much trouble. There was good loot to be found either to equip or to sell.

    Upon finding Marten, we find him to be a ghost. He notes that we and the Savant are destined to clash but to do so, we need the artifacts. Asking Marten about them gives insight to what each artifact fulfills (life, knowledge, change). Asking about special NPC's like Vi Domina or Bela leads to him saying they are a child of a lord (Vi being a descendant of Phoonzang, a Cosmic Lord, while Bela is a step-son of the Bane King). Everything else though gets no answer.

    Feline Darkmage urges the party to go after we get the Destinae Dominus. Unfortunately, we still need to do something about a leader of the Rapax before we can ascend.
    Get moving.png

    At this point, the party is nearly done with their quest. All there is to do now is visit the Rapax away camp and deal the king while rescuing a couple prisoners. After that, it's dealing with the T'Rang and Umpani. Once that's also done, the party will begin their final stretch to the Cosmic Circle. For those that bother to look at this LP, get ready because this team isn't gonna let anything stopping them from becoming gods of the universe.
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  18. Coming back into the game, I'm gonna sum up key parts:
    After dealing with a cult consisting of a sorcerer queen, her six followers, and two death lords, our party of Kiwi's head to the Rapax Away Camp where they meet the Rapax king who they kill after speaking with him. The King notes an alliance which our party already knows of (though @BOLDYSPICY! notes the planet is more messed up because of this alliance). The king is also dumb enough to give the party a key to the stockades where they free Drazic and Rodan, respectively the missing T'Rang and Umpani. After that, the whole camp of Rapax is massacred save for the Prince who buggers off (where he's mean't to be a boss in Ascension Peak) and the queen of the Rapax (imprisoned in a cave and the only Rapax that knows the Savant isn't trustworthy).

    We take the prisoners to the T'Rang and Umpani, sealing an alliance and destroying the Savant's ship. Depsite General Yamir saying he'll meet us at Ascension Peak, neither the T'Rang and Umpani are there. Doesn't matter, our Kiwis are stronger than anthromorphic space rhinos and hissing spider aliens.

    That's for shooting down our ship in the intro. Now the Savant is stuck on Dominus just like us.
    Boom goes the ship.png

    The road to the temples for the artifacts is long and hard. Normal encounters are somewhat manageable unless you encounter bitter wings, winged serpents that like to piss on the Kiwi parade by shooting poisonous breath. Said poison can be deadly for some members. Luckily, @DirkBloodStormKing and @Meowthkip can either one shot them or at most, paralyze them thanks to the weapons they have. The way is uneventful but the bosses are memorable. In no particular order here are the bosses:

    The Soul Eater can pretty much swallow your soul. Luckily, Dirk paralyzed it, @Cosmos, Meowthkip, and @Feline Darkmage wailed hard on it. Meowthkip lands the killing blow. To sum up this one sided fight.

    If only Dirk landed the killing blow, the video would be more fitting.
    Soul Eater.png

    Furor is a giant scorcher. Depsite his size, he's the weakest of the bosses. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot but
    I can say Cosmos pretty much killed it off.

    The Rapax Prince can now be fought. He's backed up by templars and a child of Al-Sedexus whose other parent was DirkBloodStormKing. This is the toughest boss fight since the Templars can cast magic, Al-DirkBloodStormKing has deadly magic but her main kicker is summoning more Templars. Thankfully, @Sable has quicksand which killed not only a few Rapax but also Al-Dirk. Dirk herself also has a gadget that managed to kill off a few casters as well.

    Alas, the prince dies like his father, at the hands of a furry.
    Darkmage finishes it.png

    Finally, with the special bosses, there is Amit and Pee Wee. Amit is trynnie who tries to hold up the party, asking for a large toll we could pay. Not wanting to give hand outs, the party refuses and fights Amit (whose stupid enough to actually fight against a group of online harassers) and Pee Wee (A fuck huge golem).

    Biggest enemy with the highest health pool. Also has a long fight like the Prince.

    At the end of these are some smaller, more minor battles with a unique enemies but the only noteworthy one was after Pee Wee. It of two crystalline unicorns and a ghostly mage. The unicorns get a mention because they are capable of making the party turn against itself. They get disposed of so the bodies can be sent to either a glue factory or the hoard of a brony or furry. After these fights, we reach the temples where we place the artifacts but each one requires you to solve a riddle. For each artifact

    Astral Dominae = Life given by the Cosmic Lords (in an amusing way, using God, Jehovah, Jesus, or Buddha is an acceptable answer).

    Chaos Moliri = change. The Dark Savant is the one bringing it.

    Destinae Dominus = Knowledge that is for everybody (though our Kiwi's are the only ones that have it).

    After that, it's a romp to the Cosmic circle. Rather than taking screenshots, I'm doing to that like I did with the previous LP: make a video of it, show how the battle went and do a tl;dw for those that just want to get to the point. Once the party takes out the Savant, nothing stops our Kiwis from becoming gods.
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  19. Alright any Kiwi's that bothered reading this thread, the team has finally reached the Cosmic Circle and only the Savant stands in the way to godhood. The Cosmic Lords of old are nowhere to be found and Aletheides, their messenger and servant tells the Savant they have gone, just before the Savant ends him. The team then finds out the Savant and Phoonzang are literally the same person. Soon a choice comes up after the Savant offers an alliance. Of course, our Kiwi's focused more on being gods than joining the Savant.

    Here's a video of the fight:

    For those that don't want to watch or just want a summary: unlike the previous team that tried to write the Savant out of existence, the current team tries to write him out. It doesn't work. The fight favors our Kiwis though the Savant managed to do in @DirkBloodStormKing. @Sable brings her back to life while @BOLDYSPICY! tries to keep health up. @Meowthkip, @Cosmos, and @Feline Darkmage wails on the Savant. Dirk manages to her hits in until she gets knocked out of the fight. Like @Ntwadumela, a previous Kiwi Cosmic Lord, Meowthkip lands the killing blow on the Savant. After defeating the Savant and resurrecting Dirk, the party gets to work, writing the Savant's tower out of existence for the Higardi, letting the Trynnie flourish without fear of Rapax, and the Rapax learning of compassion. The T'Rang and Umpani however get to decide their own fate.

    Then, the team writes in many races and civilizations, years of evolution pass. They feel had Phoonzang lived, he would of been proud. And so ends this run. The universe of Wizardry is now governed by a new group of Kiwis as the Cosmic Lords. Gone are @Jaimas, @c-no, @Oglooger, @DynamiteNinja, @Broseph Stalin, and @Ntwadumela. They get replaced with a much better party (whose total number of player deaths was 1 in comparison).

    It's been fun doing this LP. It went much better than the previous one and this party done much better than the previous Kiwi party. For anyone that likes this thread, thanks for reading it.
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