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IdaRita brought this one up and after learning more about it, I thought a thread would be fine. Woke Girls is an SJW-approved group of different girls whose bios are full of oppression and bummers who become magical girls (with Super Woke Forms) for this place called, Woke World.

  • I'm sure the creators have good intentions, but these days, I can't look at the term "woke" (in that context) without rolling my eyes.
  • All the dolls have this weird, shocked look on their faces that's distracting.
  • You don't really get much of a feel for these girls in their bios other how they are oppressed and some activities they do. Take 14-year-old trans-girl Zoey, I know her labels (adopted, trans, multi-racial) and oppression, but nothing about her as a person. Compare it with Techna's bio in Winx Club's official site and you get a fuller picture on who she is.
  • There's a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed girl named Piper coming up. My guess is that she will either be the "white ally" who constantly needs to learn why she's wrong or gay/disabled so she can have some oppression points.

Let's just see where this goes and what kind of stuff we can find.


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if you're upper middle class, you get no right to bitch and moan about how "bad" you have it, your parents have done well and can get you anything in the world and yet that isn't good enough for you
No, no, you don't understand. She's X! Her whole life revolves around her Xness, therefore she automatically has it just as rough as the other girls, despite having access to things the other girls have to struggle for or don't have access to at all.

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The idea would be kinda forced but not terrible if these people who are obsessed with representation of minorities went a made a doll line that was what they wanted to see. But they need a personality and interests beyond their group identity like most doll bios have.

Lamilly was an SJWy type doll but it looks good at least. The idea was good except they should have done it in a healthy range BMI range, not based off American weight averages because Americans are fat. Anatomically correct, realistic doll designs is something I can get behind. I would like Woke Girls if they were cute looking but they failed on that most important thing so all the identity crap is meaningless if the product isn't good.


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