World Woman left half blind after microwaved boiled eggs explode onto her face, with other cases reported - How do you like your eggs, ladies?


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Insurance worker, 22, was blinded in one eye when boiled eggs exploded in her face after she Googled how to do them in the microwave and cooked them for six minutes

A 22-year-old was blinded in one eye after two microwave boiled eggs exploded in her face, leaving her skin peeling off.

Bethany Rosser, from Redditch, suffered the painful burns while making breakfast. She had read online that it was safe to microwave eggs in water so long as she added salt.
But she was injured at home last Tuesday when she cooked them for six minutes at 900W then left them to cool on her worktop.
When Ms Rosser checked to see if they were ready to eat, they exploded and hit the right side of her face, she told The Sun.

She warned against people following the 'endless' websites and YouTube videos that say you can cook eggs safely in a microwave.
The insurance worker says she read instruction on Delish that advised cooking eggs for between six and eight minutes.
'As I looked into the jug to see if the eggs were done, they went bang in my face,' she said. 'It only happened as I took them out. The eggs were fine in the microwave.'

Ms Rosser frantically dialled 999 as she ran cold water on her face before being taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birminham, West Midlands. Wet bandages were wrapped over her face as she stayed overnight after treatment. She still doesn't know if the damage to her right eye will heal. Long-term skin discolouration is expected after the accident, which Ms Rosser said left her 'in total agony' and left her 'skin burning for hours afterwards'. 'I’ve never been so scared in my life - I was shaking and crying,' she said. 'The accident was, without doubt, the worst day of my life to date.'

The Delish website tells visitors to add salt as this 'ensures that the egg won't explode, and though it might sound harmless, exploding eggs ARE VERY BAD'.
It continues: 'We're talking volcanic hot egg pieces and sharp bits of shell flying everywhere. Skip the salt at your own risk!'

Ms Rosser cooked the eggs in a one-litre microwavable jug filled with water. She says that her cousin also did the same but dodged the explosion, which in her case happened inside the microwave.
And she says a family friend's eggs burst when took them out of a microwave, but missed his face.

MailOnline has contacted Delish for comment.

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Not yet. Her other eggs are probably still fine.

Best darwin award was a dad that managed to mangle both his own and his sons scrotum somehow; I wish I remember exactly which one it was and how it happened. The best Darwin award cuts your genes off from procreation.
There was a great one where a couple were in the middle of having sex on a roof and rolled off to their deaths
Like the universe saw them about to procreate and was like LOL NOPE


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What the hell?
I binged reading them like 5 years ago or something, so I may be mixing them up, but I think it happened underwater for some kind of sciency thing.

edit: I tried to find it, but the site, like then, is a mess and makes it almost impossible to find things from before 2017.

Here's a couple of fun ones I came across:

Immortal psychic dies by stabbing himself in the heart:
‘The medium has been respected for many years. People love him. He is one of people’s favourites.’

Backpackers receive a package addressed to someone else, snort the white powder inside and their faces start to melt, Some survived:
One of the injured backpackers described the whole ordeal as “terrifying” and said he was “trying to scream for help” but his mouth wouldn’t move.

Turkish man in his forties, completely sober, walking in a castle decides to hang on a ledge to take a selfie, but falls off and dies.
After the funeral his grieving daughter visits the place and wants to see where he fell. While looking at the it, she manages to fall off in the same place and barely survives.
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