LISTEN &/OR BELIEVE Woman ruins Mass Effect - Women kill hype for videogames... again...

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I mean holy shit guys, I can't believe this crap, when everything is shaping up nicely a woman appears and ruin everything, first was my so beloved megaman reincarnation:

Next they butcher my fucking waifus interactions on fire emblem:

Now they made the worst, something I never thought any woman would try to achieve, they fucking did it, they shoehorned shrek on my alien fanfiction:

I just can't guys, women need to be exorcised from the world of gaming, they ruin everything they touch, how many poor games will guys have to endure watching to burn through our eyes.


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It was boring and completely overrated, other than the graphics and "sex scenes" that made it notable, it was just a fairly generic RPG with a substandard plot.

Games like Mass Effect, GTA, Elder Scrolls, etc which get salivated over by paid critics but IMO are really just generic snooze fests with shiny graphics are the reason I don't trust professional video game reviews anymore, but that's another story.

Mass Effect was ruin to begin with.
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Emperor Julian
Bad news for Women-good news for Polygon. Means they get to talk about people saying means things about Women online as opposed to their side project of viyda. also pretty good new for bioware because it means they can blame their slow decline in quality as sexism.