Words and Phrases that have lost all meaning due to constant misuse -


The furry shemale with the Star Fox avatars
We've all seen this before. People start using words without even really knowing what the words even mean, eventually it gets misused by people that only heard the word in a way that it doesn't mean, and then the word itself becomes so overused that it now practically means nothing.

The most obvious ones I can think of right now are "irony", "epic", and the worst offender of all, "literally", but there are others.

So, besides the three words that I just mentioned, what are some of the most misused words you can think of?


Unironic internet degenerate
There is a lot of words that don't hold any real meaning anymore, "racist", "sexist", "PTSD", but if i have to choose, it would be "Harassment" you can tell when someone is new on the internet and/or never leaves their echo chambers on social media when they use that word when someone else doesn't agree with their opinion

> I have an opinion!
> I don't agree with your opinion
> Stop harassing me you Nazi! :spudking:
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