Words and Phrases that have lost all meaning due to constant misuse -


Depressed - as someone with clinical, medicated depression it's becoming ever harder to have people distinguish those who say they are depressed and those who actually suffer from real depression.

The "Right" - the right used to imply something specific, however thanks to the leftists everything from centralist, to conservatives, to race supremacists are now all labelled as the same.

Forgiveness - Everyone is expected to act like a little bitch and forgive everything. No one is allowed to hold a grudge or get revenge any more. I hate what society has become.


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Elitist\elitism - nowadays all this means is "people with different taste than mine which makes me unreasonably upset" or "people who have self-respect and don't let me get away with my bullshit\bad work ethics".

Empathy - most often used by internet Tartuffes and virtue signalers - has changed form meaning the ability to imagine yourself into someone else's shoes to unrelenting narcissism paired with the expectation that everyone and everything caters to you without question. Also a cheap tool to try and shame or guilt trip your opposition.

Death threat\harassment\trolling\bullying - the modern usage of these words can simply be paraphrased as "those things that are horrible when happening to me but totally awesome and justified when happening to people I disagree with".
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Anime. What was just the Japanese word for animation (even Looney Tunes and Disney) has now become bastardized by weebs wanting to feel special.
Same thing with "manga", "seiyou", "otaku", "kawaii", "baka", etc.

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"excuse" I often see people use the negative connotation of this word exclusively, which leads to valid excuses being conflated as negative. I've been in conversations where I'd say "person X had a valid excuse for doing Y thing because reasons" and the other person would say "well they're still just making excuses so they're still wrong."
To quote John C. McGinley: "Excuses are like assholes, everybody's got one"


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Pedophile: Thanks Tumblr, Thanks Reddit for watering it down.

Enabler: It used to mean encouraging abusive behaviour, now it means not screaming and calling out people who might be terrible.

Autism: You guys throw that phrase a lot around. That everything can practically be described as autistic.

Constructive Criticism: Critique to point out flaws in media, now has been a guise use by people to harass creators, for having there ship not canon.
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“Alt-right”- began to be used by the media after the 2016 election. Used to mean someone super far right/racial supremacist. Still means those things, but is now applied to anyone who is republican/conservative/likes Trump. It’s become such a broad term, it’s useless.

“Literally”- now used before nouns/adjectives/verbs to add emphasis but is not actually used for what it really means

“Transphobia”- used against anyone that questions trans people/trans movement

“Homophobia”- used pretty much the same way transphobia is used. Not that there wouldn’t be genuine cases, but the usage has gotten out of hand

“Rape”- modern feminism has made it so it’s not taken as seriously as it used to

“White supremacist”- this accusation has been thrown around so much, that it has little meaning

“Queer”- means odd, became an insult later on for gay people, now has been reclaimed by said movement as an umbrella term for anyone that is not straight and cisgender

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-gate. Anytime something happens it's something-gate. A games journalist gets a blow job? Gamer-gate. Trump gives some ladies an alternative handshake? Pussy-gate. Comic book faggotry? Comics-gate. I drop my beer? Spill-gate. Someone rear ends me in traffic? Whiplash-gate. We just need someone to get stuck in a gate or something and we'll have Gate-gate.
and if the gate is made from cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony, alternating with microgranular quartz, it'd be agate-gate-gate

“Trolls.” If you want to spin an asshole as the hero of the story, just describe all their critics as trolls.
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trolling used to mean getting other people to make idiots of themselves, but now (especially in the media) it just means 'someone said something I don't like, ARREST THEM PLS'


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"Valid"- as in "Your weird fake pronouns are valid. If you're asexual and go to orgies, you're valid." And to add on to that...

triggered- means "I saw something I don't like" now.
Hate Speech
Transsexual- you just have to say "I'm a woman now."
Activist- keyboard warriors don't count.
Terf- You can support Tans people all day, but if you don't date them and suck their girl dick every night, you're a Terf.


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Boomer - used to be the generation born after WWII. Now used by zoomer faggots towards anyone that they see as old/tech-incompetent/not sucking liberal dick ect...I see millennials get called boomers constantly. It's another re.tarded meme used by re.tarded people.

Toxic masculinity - guys acting like guys and not pussified little femboys is not toxic masculinity.

Libertarian - apparently libertarian means you suck Ayn Rand's rotting clit, you're just a closeted Republican who likes weed and you're so anti law and government you want anything and everything to be a right, including pedophilia. Get the fuck off of Reddit and actually make an attempt to learn.

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