Words and Phrases that have lost all meaning due to constant misuse -

Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa

Honestly, this word is tossed around so often, I feel people don't even know what it means at all. Now if you show any interest in someone and want to wait for them or get a chance to talk to them, that makes you a creepy stalker.

No wonder no one knows how to connect with anyone anymore.
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Got a few more...

Haters: according to the Gospel of Facebook, anyone that disagrees with you is a hater. Doesn't matter if they do so in a constructive and polite manner, and provide evidence supporting why they are correct/have that view. They're haters, and inevitably, the "oppressed" will turn into a shit flinging monkey screeching about how she (it's always a she) has so many haters and "dey juss jealous!" I promise you're nowhere near important enough or interesting enough to have haters...

Studies show... : This phraee is most often used by pseudo-intellectual jackasses, conspiracy tards and your average BuzzFeed column writer. They think it makes whatever they're pushing sound more legit if they vaguely say "studies prove this or that!" That don't mean dick. Anyone can study and spin whatever bullshit they want into a article or opinion. It doesn't make it any more credible unless it actually has some scientific merit behind the study, not noobfag420's blog "studies"

Pansexual: even alleged pansexuals never seem to know what the fuck this means. Can you find yourself becoming attracted to anything? Animals? Children? No? Then you're fucking bisexual and just trying to be a special snowflake.

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