Words & Phrases DSP Has Invented or Misuses - DSP'isms that make you say "HUUUHN?!?"

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Praise 'til you're hollow
Regarding Kobe's death: "Now that he's not longer part of this... plane... of existence."

Fucking asshole. Just say planet like everybody else.

God, his colloquialisms are irritating. Piggy thinks he's so smart because he knows fancy words, sayings, or proverbs but never knows how to use them correctly.

Your stream is full of spergy handicapped children Phil, you're not a weekly book club. There's no need for this kind of vocabulary.
Phil's usage of some sayings and idioms is amusing with how he fucks them up. He stumbles through them the same way that George Bush did. Phil would start off by saying "A rolling stone is.... Worth two in the bush!" and then go off on a 20 minute tangent explaining that on the mean streets of Connecticut, that saying had some weight to it. Followed by LIMBs as people in his chat ride his ass over it.


"<obvious stuff that just happened in the game on stream, transcribed by pigroach>, you see that?" - "I have nothing to fill all this dead air with, so I am going to hope that phrase caught your attention, and that you aren't falling asleep"

Swallow Moon

I'd seen others mention that he says "Alternate Alternative" before, and always thought he must have just tripped over the word then repeated himself for clarity - "Alternat- Alternative".

The last TIHYDP I watched, he said "Alternate Alternative" 3 or 4 times in a single rant about YouTube and Blip.

Why did I ever doubt DSP's exceptionalism.