Words & Phrases DSP Has Invented or Misuses - DSP'isms that make you say "HUUUHN?!?"

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I was watching TIHYDP Pokemon Moon earlier and caught the part where he catches a Slowpoke and immediately names it 'Schlomo.' Not sure if this has already been posted/discussed but when I tried to look I couldn't find it, so I clipped it:

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Never ruling out that it's just DSP being racist obviously, but he's said it before (in a shooter, I forget which) and much like here, he has used it to insult someone he perceives as slow. So not only is he using what could be argued is a racist slur, but he's been using it wrong the whole time, so I think it actually belongs in this thread.

What I'm also wondering is, since DSP is notorious for adopting other people's mannerisms, phrases and opinions, I wonder who he got "schlomo" from and were they a racist but DSP was too schlow to realize it?
It was brought up when it was discussed in the main thread about 3 months ago when Phil called someone in PUBG 'Schlomo'. He generally seems to think calling someone a 'Schlomo' means you are insulting their reaction speed, intelligence, and possible calling them a clutz, but he has used the term 'greedy Schlomo' before clearly meaning 'greedy Jew.'
Phil just used "Schlomo" as a pejorative...

Come the fuck on! It's like he's baiting us!
For anybody that didn't see it.

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I've heard Dark call someone Shlomo in the past and both times conveyed to me that he didn't understand what he was saying. I think he thinks it's interchangeable with "slowmo" and was trying to insult someone's reflexes or skills in game.

Just another example of Dark using words that he doesn't understand to sound like... he knows more words... I don't know.

Pigpiggo with the confirm, here we find Dark has renamed a slowpoke pokemon to Schlomo. Since the boundaries of his creativity demand he rename pokemon into something that means the exact same thing, it's clear he thinks Shlomo is a general insult regarding someone's reflexes or intelligence. Just another synonym for "stupid" when he tries to feel smart by calling people a buffoon for the millionth time
He does seem to think it's some kind of insult towards someones reaction speed and intelligence like it's some sort of onomatopoeia, but in this one instance here I have a hard time believing he meant anything other than 'greedy Jew', as for the PUBG instance the other day it was back to his usual onomatopoeic misinterpretation. So it's possible he may say it again as a substitute for 'Jew' when going on some rant. 4m10s

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I'm convinced he doesn't know the word, but I've never personally heard or used the word to mean what he and you are saying it means to you. I've heard "slow-mo" but never with the intentional 'sh' sound at the start. That's quite literally a Hebrew name.
And maybe I am hearing "slow-mo" and too autistic. Who knows. I have never used the word, myself. I just know my impressions based on how I hear (or think I hear) people use it.

Regardless, Phil knows that it carries a racist weight with some people and should probably refrain from using it. If for no other reason than it's best for business.
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'Family.' The word 'family.' He doesn't know what word means. His roommate Khat and his mangled cat don't constitute a family, but fuck him, he's determined to get as much mileage as possible out of that word.

Example: 'I had to lie to protect my family'.

Used many, many times but most notably after the wedding and Jasper $2k cat scam reveal.

sorry if that's been brought up in this thread