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finally clearad BWL. funny how we wiped on chromaggus for almost two hours but killed Nefarian on our first try.
I don't really play classic anymore (I mainly do mythic raiding on retail) but my brother has all kinds of stories from back in the day. His guild would progress on BWL for 9 hours every night in order to get their server first clear on Stormreaver-EU, he told me the hardest part wasn't actually the bosses, it was more so the part with the pylons that spew out slowing gas and the dragon whelps swarming you where you had to have a rogue disable the pylons, apparently it was a nightmare back then when people didn't have all the guides and knowledge they do now. 😅
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Found a way to relieve boredom it involves 315 corruption and LFR.

Eye one shots and its boundaries cant be seen, thing from beyond goes so fast that it teleports to you and insta kills you.

Fun times.