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I once came across a pizza place that had evidently once been called Sonic Pizza, but the sign had been crudely amended to read "Soni Pizza." I guess Sega got upset or something.

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Zaxby's hands down. My small town got a zaxbys about three years ago. For those not in the know zaxbys is a chain restaurant the serves primarily chicken, chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads. About a week after it opens I decided to go try it since we only had a handful of other restaurants in town. The food was just bland and greasy the chicken tasted like it had been batterd in plain flower and marinated in oil after it was fried. Everything else was just bland. While still not awful i was turned off. About a week later i decided to try it again cause you know maybe it was a bad day. This time it was raw so raw that even Jack Scalfani wouldn't eat it. A lot of people I know wont eat there because they had the same experience.


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I think that Chuck E.Cheese has the worst pizza.
Not exactly a controversial statement.

Though I never have eaten it. Being a grown adult with no kids nor any close relatives with kids, I don't exactly get much opportunity to taste it without getting arrested and put on a list.

I will say that the best restaurant names seem to come from Pho places. I still giggle like a retard when I see places called "Pho King Good."

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I've had both a Garbage Breakfast and a Bucket of Trash before, both were good but after eating the BoT I ended up vomiting up what looked to me to be a quart of oil.


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At least it's not Brown Taco.
Or Blue Waffle.

The Chinese place near me has always had this huge menu up with all the dishes on it with their names and pictures. I noticed last time that the "Pu Pu Platter" is now just "Platter" after having half its name blacked out. They must have gotten sick of people making jokes about it.


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My friend at Wendy's says that they're going to have chicken tendies and a new sauce called... "A side of S'Awesome" or just S'Awesome.

Can companies stop trying to be hip.

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It was. In fact, the chain got in some trouble over that, and had to redesign their mascot to look less like the Popeye character.

There was one called Food for Thought near where I worked which pissed me off. It wasn't just the name - the whole place had this really self-righteous vibe. It lasted less than a year.

A restaurant in London's Chinatown that always made me giggle childishly was Lee Ho Fook. Sadly it's closed due to rent increases (basically the whole of Chinatown is on borrowed time atm), but the owners appear to have reopened out in Romford. I recently discovered that it got a shout-out in this song:
There's a "Ho Lee Fook" (Translates to "Good fortune for your mouth" in Cantonese) in Hong Kong. I went there, it was great.


I've also had this before and it's delicious:
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