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in order to get fined they have to be able to prove that you were collecting information from kids. yes that whole COPPA shit is vague but literally no one is going to get fined unless they have some kind of email list/patreon/etc that specifically targets kids but whose content isn't kid friendly. And as vague as that is still, this has absolutely nothing to do with Amberlynn or her channel.

full offense @Mad Asshatter you're kind of a dipshit for thinking this
It was Google that was fined for collecting data on kids. What they are doing on YouTube now is complying with whatever the FTC is telling them to do.

I found an article from PC Gamer explaining it more, and I picked the sections of the article that most pertain to tthis:

YouTube's FTC compliance system for 'kids content' angers and worries creators

"It's not Google and YouTube who will bear the bulk of the responsibility for labeling videos. Google will use "machine learning" to auto-flag videos it thinks are kids content, but where it doesn't, video uploaders themselves will be required to determine what the FTC considers 'for kids.'

"Creators of kid-targeted videos are obviously unhappy about the FTC's decision, but other video creators are also worried and irritated by the blanket rule, which might apply to their channels even if they don't think their videos are targeted at kids. If they flag their videos as kids content, they'll lose revenue and promotion. If they don't, and YouTube or the FTC disagrees with their judgement, they could lose their channel and even be fined. In September, Cnet reported that creators who fail to mark kids videos as 'for kids' could be subject to "aggressive" FTC fines. "

"It seems clear that the FTC is primarily talking about a specific kind of YouTube video—the videos that five-year-olds watch on repeat, with singing cartoon characters, such as the insufferable Johny Johny Yes, Papa. Google knew that these videos were directly targeting children under 13, and knew that it was collecting their viewing history to target advertisements. That's what the FTC takes issue with.

But YouTubers who make Minecraft videos are not singing at eight-year-olds, and even if their audience is primarily teenagers and adults, they could get caught up in this sweeping rule—one they may not even know they're breaking, because 'child-targeted' leaves a great deal of room for interpretation.

The FTC is accepting public comments regarding COPPA, with a deadline of December 9."

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I watch the parody channel, StaySi, on YouTube. She's the one that does the hilarious ALR, and Chantal animated vids. Every time I watch these, I have creepy kid vids in my recommended that have, like, 4.2 MILLION views. I have chosen the "I don't wish to view this" fuckery every single time. I don't have a reason to watch your kids bullshit, kiddie p.orn propaganda. Unfortunately, I believe we are gonna lose StaySi, that diamond among rocks that is actually original, and funny. My point is, it's YouTubes broken ass system. Keep the kids crap on kids YouTube. Is it really that difficult?? I don't think our gorl will be in too much trouble, buttttt I do think that she will get caught for having kids in her vids. I mean, if there are kids in your vids you are supposed to turn those comments off and our gorl ain't doing that......No comments equals less money.