Would god want Humanity to strive for immortality?

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Professor G. Raff

As above, so below
Apr 15, 2021
If God was real that is the only circumstance I would want immortality. God is basically the most evil being possible in Abrahamic religions, and you just know he's sending 99.9% of his followers to hell (while also being responsible for hell to begin with) and forget everyone who doesn't believe\has different beliefs. Immortality fucking sucks, but it's better than hell. Glad we all get the easy route of consciousness being connected to physical brain links and chemicals that blinks out on death.

God is also shown to be super petty in the bible, so he'd probably interfere anyway at that point if it interfered with his stupid plan. :neckbeard:


Hacker on Steroids
Apr 19, 2022
God already gave humanity immortality, OP


Crystal Coomer

wears sunglasses at night
Feb 2, 2022
Fun fact: when plants are so comfortable with their lives, well-fertilized, moistened, and perfect temps, they stop producing flowers. They do not grow the appendages needed for reproduction. Why reproduce when you live long? Why reproduce when you live forever? Humans already dont want to have babies in first world countries.

When some level of age inhibitor or immortality is reached, humans won't want to make more babies. Human society will no longer be a designation for humanity, but for a select group of lifeforms with names and faces who yet remain, living and mingling.

No baby making, but sex will become just a fun activity. At this point, people will become free to pursue whatever area of study or hobby they prefer. Leading to a rapid advancement in technology as people work to ease their eternal boredum rather than curiousity. A competition to find what others haven't. As robots improve and perform most arduous tasks, humanity could enter a post-scarcity population quickly when survival is just a cell refresh away.