Would the world be better if Germany won WWI?

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Jun 13, 2016
When Germany lost WWI the treaty of Versailles tanked the German dollar and made it one of the hardest nations hit during the Depression. This made groups like Nazism and Communism popular in the country and the rest is history.

But what if they won the first world war? Would the Germans and Austria-Hungary (if it didnt break apart) pull a treaty of Versailles on the allies and wreck Frances economy or would there be other terms of peace?

I'm going to assume with Germany being the hegemonic power after winning, Germany wasnt hit as hard during the depression, and that Hitler and Nazism never took root. I also believe fascism would have taken root in Italy regardless (maybe even more so if they surrendered with the rest of the allies). Would the Holocaust happen?

There are just so many questions and alternate routes, but do you think that the world would be better or worse with a Kaiser victory?


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Jun 23, 2015
It may have been or it may have not. The possibilities is endless. Europe may had seen another world war that would have been far more destructive then the one we had, or we would have gotten an organisation like EU earlier. We certainly wouldn't have the holocaust and the mass extermination of slavs, gypsies and other "undesirable".
know however, that the world would have been better if not some autistic serb shot the archduke.

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Mar 7, 2016
An interesting question.

The big issue with Germany is, and was, that she's too big for Europe, but too small for the world. I actually suspect the Germans would've gone more for a way of getting tax free goods across borders, which considering their dominance before WW1 of electronics and chemicals would've been a staggeringly huge long term benefit. The German film industry, and it's subsequent cultural impact, would've continued as well.

I don't see them taking massive chunks of territory, mostly because Germany would've actively struggled to control colonies if they'd taken large bites out of the French and British Empires.

Concessions, or even a revival of Anglo-Germanic relations would've probably been quite swift as fighting Germany was most certainly a major historic and strategic mistake from the British Perspective with hindsight.

Mostly because it committed huge amounts of blood and treasure to a grinding ground war on one large front, rather than what the Empire was used to which was mostly nicking colonies off of its rivals and more lightly fought wars that the professionals, or zerg rush of Indian Sepoys could normally handle.

So, instead we'd probably see trade concessions and other things forced through with the peace, some colonies conceded or divided giving the Germans some more turf and reparations but not enough to cripple anyone with intent. The British would be forced to drop protecting Belgium as well, the only reason we wound up fighting alongside the French in the first place.

France would be the bigger loser, seeing Alsace Lorraine go once again back to Germany (a sore point of over 40 years by the time of WW1 already) as well as a general loss of prestige, its industry wrecked (most of its initial heavy factories were in the region invaded by Germany first) and paying money towards the Germans as well would be yet another humiliation for the Republic. Revolution would not be far behind as we see in Kaiserreich.

Indeed, a revived Napoleon coming from the ranks of the frontline could easily rise up. Either with a socialist tinged bent, or hyper nationalism a la Bonaparte. France and the resources she could still command would become rather dangerous again very very quickly.


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May 30, 2014
Excluding the Schlieffen plan somehow working (youd have to change so many variables for this that you might as well be fight a different war) and knocking France out of the war early, the most logical way for Germany to win would be the us not entering the war or blockading Germany. This would likely result in the war dragging out for another year or two, leaving Europe in even worse shape than it was post WW1. (It should be noted this still isn't a guaranteed win for Germany, just a fighting chance) Austria Hungary and the Ottomans still would have collapsed, as all losing ww1 did was accelerate the failure of their states.

Brittain would likely focus even harder on colonialism without a presence in Europe anymore, and France would be licking their wounds much in the way weimar Germany was.

The real problem is no matter who wins WW1 the fundamental problem remains. That is an increasingly modern military being incompatible with the concept of a balance of power system of regional stability.
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Nov 6, 2014
Anything that cancelled the treaty of Versalilles would have been an improvement. Even siding with Hitler was (and partly is) considered a lesser evil for us huns.

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Jan 17, 2016
Yes, in short. Europe would have remained largely monarchical, Russia could have been better handled, America could have avoided some of Woodrow Wilson's political entrenchment, etc. The problem comes from the fact that we're taught to think of Germany as the "bad guys" in WW I because they were in the sequel, but in reality while no one's arguments were more justified than any other argument in the Great War a German victory would have curtailed European democracy, the European Union, communism, and more. This is a good thing. America should never have been involved.