Would the world be better if Germany won WWI?

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Jun 27, 2019
I'd consider this from the perspective of Germany somehow pulling off some sort of major victory out of the 1918 Ludendorff Offensive. Germany had on multiple occasions offered terms of status quo ante bellum to France and Britain during the war and was rebuked, I wouldn't expect Germany to annex any land directly in Europe beyond the Brest-Litovsk treaty. With France and Britain losing the war I doubt you get any support for the Whites in Russia, so they still turn Communist; A-H and the Ottomans wouldn't be able to pop the genie of nationalism back into the lamp so likely you get some real heavy civil wars in both countries with secessionist movements all over. France, likely subject to some sort of war indemnity would buckle, I would expect some sort of civil war similar to Russia or the Spanish Civil War, communist vs a cabal of Generals trying to maintain order by any means possible. Britain, I think would have Ireland go full retard for independence and likely the white colonies, Rhodesia, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand would be so absolutely indignant over the waste of lives that they would start overt movements towards independence. India would have moved towards independence 20 years earlier and likely the resulting Muslim-Hindu civil war would have caused the Raj to split the sub-continent up into multiple states, beyond that of what we got in reality. The US would probably be the least effected by a collapse of the war, but I suspect it would lead to a more extreme version of isolationism than what we experienced in reality. In the land carved out from Brest-Litovsk I would expect Germany to place various small puppet states that were easy to control but they would be absolute dogshit and full of communist uprisings fostered by Soviet Russia. Germany would survive intact but have a real bad recession/depression post war as the various economy around them collapsed, France probably defaulting on its loans to the US snarling global investment enthusiasm as well.

tl;dr Way more anarchy as the various nationalist movements forced what was structured independence movements in the real world. Probably no WW2 but high levels of civil war and smaller wars


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Nov 8, 2021
As others have mentioned, a German victory in WWI would have ensured them very little in the way of annexed provinces and would have maintained their essential national problem of being surrounded on both sides by foreign powers with comparable military powers.

What could make the alternative history more spicy is to look at France and Russia after a WWI defeat. The Third French Empire had fallen after the 1870 war, and the Republic bringing back no results whatsoever after the horrors of Verdun would likely have meant the end of the Republic as well. There were still monarchists, especially in the Army, so that could have led to a French restoration after a coup, meaning essentially a military junta with a nominal king. Russia would have had a tougher beginning as the USSR, but I don't think the whites would have been able to capitalize on a German victory much. At most, if Germany was willing, a White Poland as a puppet state/insurance against Russia.
The 1918 Finnish Civil War would then have been shorter and less impactful on geopolitics, since if Russia is still licking his wounds and won't intervene, the Finns won't call for German intervention either. This means that Germany loses an ally against Russia, at least until they decide to attempt an invasion.

The geopolitical problem of Germany remains. They can't both have a navy that can compete with England and an army that can face Russia and France. Their only possible allies are Austria, Italy, Romania, and other non-powers that are more likely to hinder than to help. And now they possibly face a military-led France and a USSR that they offended by offering support to whites, meaning no Molotov-Ribbentrop.

So WWII in 1930 and a return to a Europe much like today's?

I'll take my puzzle pieces with pride.

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Feb 16, 2021
Question: had germany gone with a defensive strategy in the border with france, like just making a fortification line full of artillery like the paris gun and basically bomb any french troops trying to get near it, would france have invaded belgium instead to go around and attack germany? and if that happened would the brits have entered the war against france given their treaty with belgium?


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Dec 19, 2019
Anyone who says yes is a complete retard. And the fiction that a Nazi controlled world would have been good for white people is an idiotic concept contradicted by the fact Hitler was such an autist he was planning to genocide Slavs and wouldn't have stopped there either. The world would be unironically better if Hitter was never born. You wouldn't have had all that death and murder, and then you wouldn't have had the over-reaction by academia that created post-modernism that lead to woke stuff. Best of both worlds.

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Nov 6, 2014
I don't think the world would be in a better shape if the germans had won.
There were too many political players following the partially insane zeitgeist and crude theories.

Just a few points:
Racial hate was the norm and scientifically backed while superstition was mainstream.
Churchill was a fan of using gas against "lesser races", the UK invented concentration camps for the second boer war.
Even Gandhi was a racist. Lenin and Stalin were homicidal maniacs all around.
The nobility in europe was more inbred than anything and fascism and communism was on the rise.

So it would be perfect world? You listed virtues.
Racism is science. But like chromosomes, not Ethical True and Feel Good Virtue Science. Enjoy girldick. You deserve it.

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Dec 20, 2020
What you should be asking is "would it be better if a degenerate amalgation of nations under an aging emperor where nobody is happy with anybody, aka Austro-Hungary had won the war".

And the answer is no, always no.
The idea that everyone wanted out of Austria-Hungary is mostly just post-war propaganda. Most nationalist groups only wanted increased local autonomy within the framework of the Habsburg empire, not outright independence.