Would you become a fake cow for the money? -

Dandelion Eyes

No, cause it would probably not work out. I mean, there are tons of autists on the internet sperging out, but there are few that are famous like Chris-chan. You could easily be making retarded content and debasing yourself for years only for nobody to notice you.
Or even worse, you make mistakes and people manage to link your fake identity to real one - try convincing everyone that you were just pretending in that case.


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Once you have a thread on the Kiwifarms, even if you are not a lolcow at first, it's only a matter of time until your inner narcissim pokes it's ugly head and you become a true and honest lolcow. Not worth it. Making a pact with the devil for money would suck


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Depends on the cash, you make me a multi millionaire then yeah, probably I'd cow it up a bit. I wouldn't troon out for all the money in the world, though.