Would you become a fake cow for the money? -

Flavius Anthemius

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I'd just hate the fact that I would not want to increase my digital footprint

Oh and also I have a little bit of self-respect.


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yes and I'm honestly concerned for people who wouldn't
Who cares if people on the internet think you're cringy? Its just the internet, it doesnt mean anything . Its kinda pathetic to care that much about you're online persona.
And a lot of lolcows know theyre being cringy and do it to get a rise out of people, so in a way we're the ones being milked for lols


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How much money are we talking about? I'd think with enough money you could very easily simply leave the internet and any real repercussions from becoming a cow behind and live a pretty comfy life.


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If it were for so much money that I could turn off the internet and spend the rest of my life napping on the porch with my bare feet propped up on a milk crate in the middle of nowhere, sure.


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Being a Lolcow means your antics are forever online. The money would have to be enough that you never have to seek employment again because no employer will want to be associated with you. Even assuming a 60k year salary, you’d need like $2mn to make it worth it, and that doesn’t include benefits or retirement savings which are like another $2mn on top of that.

Would much rather keep making $55,000 a year as an engineer than $100,000 as a professional retard.
My man, if you are making 55k in the US as an engineer you need to find a different company to work for.


You crack me up, clown.
It would only really work if you did it under a fake name and had a real, better job at the same time. Otherwise, you aren't really faking anything (you'd be a NEET that screams at a camera for a living), and at best you'd be an e-celeb who dries up in a few years and your life will go on a downward spiral. (Also, any e-celeb who claims "it's just my character, bro" is a liar)

So the only way it can work is if ALL of these apply:
- You have a real job that pays the bills by itself
- Your co-workers/boss at said real job are in on the joke
- People on the Internet are actually fooled
- You have enough of a solid mental state that you don't become you pretend you are
- When a bunch of psychotic autists try to dox you and/or ruin your life, you have a contingency plan to work with even if you get fired from your "real job"

Most people don't have ALL of those, you might as well just focus on your real job and try to get a promotion while making your online life a bit more productive.

Marissa Moira

or would it bother your conscience/dignity/good name?
it wasn't so bad when I pretended to be half of one


Only if I'm always known by a pseudonym without being doxxed, and focusing on just pretending to be retarded rather than doing any gross stuff.

albert chan

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>having sex with a prostitute when no other woman will have sex with you


>be a fake lolcow that mostly lives on the Internet for money

Quite the predicament we have here