Would you become a fake cow for the money? -

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Back in 2016 or maybe 2015 or 2017 (whenever wokeshit was on the rise but not yet dominant as the institutional dynamic) I considered starting an IRL streaming career pretending to be a very-obviously-a-dude tranny complete with a full beard, but never bothered giving it a go. Then stuff like Yaniv happened and I realized I was right to not do it. So when I was younger and dumber, yes. But now I like my quiet, cozy life too much to rock the boat.
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It depends. If it was just me being an ass online, that’s no different to an actor playing a character. If I was going to make a huge amount of money being an ass online for a few years, I don’t see that as a problem.

Hell, it wouldn’t be difficult to fake it. Look at Jake Alley. He takes in a grand a month just retweeting articles and posting insane but boring and repetitive rants, using a cartoon avatar. He can’t even keep his lies straight, yet people give. Anyone with half a brain could do likewise. You could probably do it with a bot.


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If I could continue to have a healthy life outside of internet stuff, yeah. However a common trait of lolcows is oversharing their fucked up personal lives so I doubt I would get very far.