Would you become a lolcow for attention/fame/money? -

Rupert Bear

Would YOU become a lolcow if it meant gaining popularity and attention and maybe even tugboating off your fans if you're sucessful?

If so, what kind of lolcow would you like to be?
Have to be a pretty good tugboat. If I'm cow and my farmers have made it so I can't get a normal job because of what happens when people search me. I think I should be compensated in part for the career lock-in of being an Internet spectral.

I'm boring as shit.
I feel the same way. It would be nice to have fans who pay you, but I don't know what they could possibly get out of it.

Penis Drager

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Yeah, money would do it for me. I wouldn't even need a whole lot. Just enough so I don't have to do real work and live in a halfway decent home during that time.

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Easy. If I got a lot of money for being a lolcow, I could turn off the internet (or just don't check any news news and notifications about me). If it gets too much, but I guess the reasons lolcows are funny. Is because they are having breakdowns for never taking breaks *sigh*