Would you kill your alternate self for a better/different life? - "just kys tbh lol"

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Mar 21, 2019
no, because they obviously went through the shits in order to get to where they're at that I never had to go through, so simply implanting yourself in their shoes wouldn't feel fulfilling or satisfying. in a certain example, it would be like trying to take over a neuroscientist's job and, even though it may be something you want to do, you wouldn't be able to operate within their now-vacant occupation simply because you don't have the skills, experience, or knowledge required to do it successfully/satisfactory.


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Oct 6, 2016
Yeah probably, You mean it's like dying for a do over or are you taking the dude's actual place and position and shit? It matters a little more then, but I think I would still trade up or trade for better/more options (reading Just a Fag's reply, I was assuming it's like you take their "place", like become them in a way, and have all the knowledge or skills, or something) or especially a chance at a do over, with more knowledge.

I think a lot of people are, probably more willing to do it than you would think. Plus it's not like someone anyone's super worried about. I think the statistics are like 2-3 suicides a day in my city and they arent getting a do over even. I do live in a very populous place though.

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Mar 27, 2019
He'd kill me first if I don't do it.
Basically same. I've always liked to fight and the idea of fighting someone on identical footing and who wouldn't mind to much so unless the point of divergence prevented alterna-me from sharing that impulse we'd more than likely both wanna just kick each other.

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May 11, 2018
What about killing an alternate version of you who might be dangerous?
Carrying all the moral, ethical and philosophical implications of essentially killing yourself even if it was for a greater purpose. What really separates you from you?

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If he could bring possessions, family, and money to this reality, we'd probably trade places just so we'd have something new to do for the hell of it. Otherwise, he'd definitely know he'd have to kill me first.

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Nov 5, 2018
not at all. I'd probably not even interact with them. While it seems like there could be a lot of benefits to working together and interacting there's a good chance we'd have very different personality and since our experiences shape our characters.
Theres a really interesting show called Counterparts that kind and explores this concept. In the show the background is an East German scientist splits reality into 2 and he and his counter part start off working together to study the anomaly but one of their sons dies and they get really jealous and resentful of each other and end up killing the other.

Also full homo id totally 69 myself.


Sep 19, 2017
you would have to be a real fucked up psychopath to seriously consider murdering what is essentially your own clone or identical twin tbh
Absolutely, and that sort of psychopathy is no doubt a singularity that transcends dimension.
I'm personally really down with this idea just for the hell of it, it's not practical- killing and replacing a high-powered businessman who looks exactly like you doesn't make you a high-powered businessman, necessarily- so intuitively I know the game has already started and I'm on-set for the lamest game of Highlander ever.

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Dec 10, 2018
Alternate me is either an extremely bored white collar professional or some kind of criminal, so probably not.

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Mar 22, 2019
But what if they wanna share the wealth and fame? Hell, what if they wanna fuck, instead of fight?
So basically this:

I guess this technically counts as a 'no'. You could probably go the Lutece twins way from Bioshock Infinite, but instead of becoming partners in science you become butt buddies. Nobody knows what makes you tick better than yourself, right?

I don't think I would want to anyway but a major problem with this idea, beyond sperging about how unlikely it would be to find an alternate universe where the deviation point from your own reality was within your own lifetime, is that a "successful" version of you in an alternate reality would likely have all sorts of extra knowledge and life experience that led to the alternate reaching that lofty position and as such, even if you looked exactly the same, you still wouldn't be able to convincingly replace the alternate you that you killed.
What if you had a limited number of times you could enter, so you decided to do some research on either the political/economical state of the universe your other self is in and/or his career. Say you've interacted with them quite a bit by putting on a facade of friendliness in order to know about him as much as possible. While this may not make you the same as the 'other' you, this might up your chances of not being caught.

And consider it sort of a movie logic when it comes to finding alternate universes and how hard it would be. It's most likely impossible and you probably shouldn't think about it too much, or you'll go coocoo crazy. I certainly didn't.

Why couldn't I just befriend him and leach off him for big alternate reality neetbux, I think it would be dope getting high or drunk with myself and watching crappy old horror movies that nobody else likes.
Maybe he could officialy hire you, but you didn't have to do anything, basically.

Or make it a twist - he hired you to keep you around his universe as a body double, because, being a well-known figure in this world, there is a risk of him assassinated, and you perfectly fit into his plan of faking his death and living in a remote island somewhere, since nobody could tell it's not him. ?

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Feb 12, 2017
Man, this scenario is like that futurama scene when PU Fry is married to Leela or when Rick and Morty replace themselves.

I think the best solution wouldn’t be to kill myself but explain the situation and ask myself how I got successful. If I couldn’t get back into this universe, I could proceed to be a NEET and bum off of myself in the PU.


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Jun 15, 2017
Imagine that alternate universes exist. You somehow manage to enter a different universe where you are a successful businessman, a famous actor, an amazing doctor, or just somebody you always aspired to be.
Without additional constraints, it's not an "alternate self", it's simply another person, only different from other people in that I have an extremely high chance to pose as her and not get caught.

If given an opportunity, would you attempt to eliminate your other self and insert yourself into that alternate universe, leaving all your family, friends and loved ones behind?

Would I kill a random stranger to win at life forever? Fuck yes I would, I'd also bring my IRL family over as undocumented immigrants if it's a one-time deal, or help them find their own perfect universes and stay in touch. (But only a subset of luck-dependent wins is appropriate for impersonation. I'd love to be a doctor more than I'd love to be a famous writer, but without medical knowledge I can't replace a doctor.)

Would you risk the possibility of being found out to live a life you've always dreamed of?

This depends on how likely I am to get found out. Really no different from murdering and impersonating a person IRL (which, for the record, I won't do, because I'm definitely going to get caught).

How would you react to seeing yourself die before your very eyes?

It's not "myself", it's a stranger who looks a bit like myself on a bad day. If she's dying slowly and there's blood and guts, I'd probably throw up.

And what if by doing so you trigger some kind of loop, where another you from a different universe will do the very same thing to you at some future point in time?

Given that the person I am replacing has managed to somehow survive for a 1-dimensional stretch of time, I assume the alt-universe math works out to getting killed being a normal countable daily risk.


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Oct 28, 2018
We had this question at a college quiz night. This really smart girl I knew who was not just pretty but really crazy said she would try to have sex with her alternate self....because it was someone she genuinely loved and she could trust them. It was kinda sad, because she was not even a dyke. I heard years later that she turned into a mad cat woman and topped herself. Oh well. Pity, because she was a lot of fun.