Would you kill your alternate self for a better/different life? - "just kys tbh lol"


Mar 16, 2019
I kill myself a lil bit every day in this realm, I'd have no problem killing me completely for some even a small taste of another life in an alternate universe. Hell I'd even kill myself several times if it were like a Groundhog Day ala Bill Murray type shit going down as long as I got there eventually.


A thousand years old
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Jan 15, 2014
Depends where the point of divergence is. If it's fairly recent, I'd just ask them what they did and do it myself. If it's a long way back. too far back for the decision to be replicated, then the world I'd be in would probably be unrecognisable. I'd have a whole different set of friends, a whole load of different experiences, my own personality would probably differ significantly.

More likely I'd just empty Rich, Successful Me's bank account and head back. Or we'd team up and go to the Pirate Universe.

Corbin Dallas Multipass

Jun 20, 2018
Hmm, this immediately brings to mind the Jet Li movie "The One", which WAS NOT just timecop crossed with the matrix, so shut up about that.

Would I kill my alternate self for superhuman powers? Hmm... well thinking pragmatically if I'm even considering it then some other version of me that's a little more evil is probably already started, so I've gotta catch up! Or what if someone else does it? Wouldn't it be grossly irresponsible of me not to attempt to acquire said super powers first, before a less ethical individual does it? I think we can all see it's best I never have this option...

Would I kill an alternate version of myself to steal his normal, non superpowered life? Probably not, then I have to pretend to be him and that's not gonna last, besides, my current life is fine with no murder involved.

Cool Dog

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Feb 16, 2021
Pretty sure my billionaire self would give me a fucking hand and I rather get that help than have to kill him

With a few millions I can live comfy off interests for the rest of my life, and for a billionaire thats chump change

Besides they cant tax money you send to another dimension, another plus