Would you rather have an SJW younger sister or an alt right younger brother? -

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Would you rather have an SJW younger sister or an alt right younger brother?

  • SJW younger sister

    Votes: 54 31.4%
  • Alt right younger brother

    Votes: 118 68.6%

  • Total voters

W00K #17

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Could we start a general "would you rather" thread? I love this game especially when I'm drunk and/or stoned I feel like it's worth a bigger thread.

ETA: to answer the actual question, I would for sure take the sjw sister. I find both mindsets equally exceptional and annoying, but the alt right one comes with genuine liabilities. Having an over the top socjus sister would be annoying and bring some judgement from some people, but isnt completely socially unacceptable. Having a brother who cant stop himself from calling people nigger and faggot publicly, not even factoring the incel shit, could bring actual consequences for me both socially and professionally. Doesn't really matter which I find more repugnant I gotta go with what's least impactful to my own self interest.
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Malagor the dank omen

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Could we start a general "would you rather" thread? I love this game especially when I'm drunk and/or stoned I feel like it's worth a bigger thread.
Seconded. Also, i would rather have an alt right bro than an SJW sis. At least the Alt Right bro would have a modicum of humor unless he gets his righteousness stuck up his ass too far.
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Gordon Cole

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I have an SJW-y older sister, and we mostly try and talk about other things.

If I had an alt-right younger bro, my fam would probably smack the shit out of him until he knocked it off.

Rikka Takarada 2

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I'm leaning towards alt-right younger brother for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he's more likely to mind his own business day to day, whereas an SJW younger sister would most likely be insufferable to be around since everything has to be seen through their shitty politics - ruining home life, family functions, etc.

Secondly, he'd be frankly less likely to commit harm on somebody; most alt-right shit is online and stays online, while SJWs ruin people's lives with the click of the retweet button on a regular basis (and actually succeed because enough blue checkmarks will sympathise with any given grievance), to say nothing of the ones that turn up to peaceful demonstrations and events explicitly trying to hurt or (if they're honest) kill people.

Thirdly, he'd be more likely to ultimately come out of it, since society at large actually recognises the alt-right as a problem while SJWs get fawning puff pieces in the NYT and garbage-tier viral media encourages them to see their existence as a spiritual crusade against eternal fascism (and they wonder why it's called a cult).

Fourthly, he'd be more likely to come out unscathed; I mean at least the alt-right look like normal people. They don't go around dying their hair ridiculous colours; getting tattoos and piercings; and falling into "fat acceptance" and ruining their health - to say nothing of the amount of manipulation that goes on convincing SJWs (and young children) that they're trans - with all the irreversible consequences that come from it. And mentally too, SJWs are encouraged to see themselves as ill and vulnerable and it gives people depression and anxiety - to say nothing of the mass purges, emotional blackmail, slander, etc. that an SJW sister would have been dealing with for months or years.
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I have an cousin who’s on a list for bringing an actual grenade on a train with him to a god damn /k/ meet-up. He turned up at his prom in a nazi uniform too (it fit like shit on him and it wasn’t even a cool black SS one). I don’t know if he actually has any hard right beliefs though, I think he does it to be a real life troll and somehow doesn’t care about the fucking list thing because he seems blackpilled. He’s cool for offering me his old 1050 tho.

The Shadow

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SJW sister would leave my gunsafe alone and though annoying, be mostly harmless. My real sibling is kind of the older version of that- a Lefty Gen-Xer that still thinks SNL is funny and unironically wore an "I'm With Her" shirt.

We actually do get along and my more center-right views rarely come up.

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