Write a scary story in two sentences -


Whole squad full of fucking killers
The large, sweaty man waddled into the restroom, breathing noisily through his mouth.
"Open the door, young lady, I'll help you with your tampon."
Jake Alley waddled into the restroom, writhing and leering simultaneously.
"Open the door, young lady, I'll help you with...everything, you don't want to be transphobic now, do you, cutie?


Whole squad full of fucking killers
After being trapped in an alleyway you hear footsteps. You look up to see 30-inch Joe's turgid glistening cock ready to strike.
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The 8 of Spades

This Is Our Church, These Are Your Sins.
Story based upon actual events:

You walk into class and sit down with your computer and books. The teacher says "we'll be watching clips from Hamilton today."

please kill me.
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Whole squad full of fucking killers
Upon leaving prison you made 100k last year.

Now you live with Andy Warski.
Andy Warski opened his mouth and tried to scream. The slimy writhing gunt enveloped his body and the last thing he smelt was a sickly sweet miasma of regurgitated Maker's Mark.
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Tactical Autism Response Division
True & Honest Fan
I don't like our new house, it's dark even on sunny days and the wood paneling always smells like rotten fruit at night no matter how many times mom washes it.
Sometimes the windows rattle, it wakes me up in the middle of the night and mom tells me I have to wait in the cellar with the lights off until it stops howling outside.

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