Write a scary story in two sentences -

Liquid Kent

Solid Kent's Phantom
Won a Game of Thrones haversack for my girlfriend who loves GoT while waiting for her to come back.

She breaks up later over text.

Marco Fucko

Welcome to the fruit fields.
Leading scientists objectively prove we are not, in fact, in a simulation.
You continue with your day as usual.
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Lou Wrong

Butthurt about Buddyloids
A tragic death. And the government responds!


Your fellow blow up dolls are alive, welcoming you back from your vacation in the human world. Its back to work for the next six years.


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
I remember that I have a girlfriend now.

Xer name is Marshmallow; no, seriously.


nope in australia for using a forum
A Man who killed another guy left the Psycho ward and Climbs into his Passat.

He Lied about being sane to get out and Starts Ramming Your car from behind with the intention to kill you.
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PL 001

You receive a text saying "I'm outside and ready to play." Looking out, you notice Nick Bate jiggling at your front door knob.
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Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Sometimes, they say in honor of those who fought for their nation willingly, "All gave some; Some gave all."

So, what am I gonna have to give for you to stop looking at me like I wanna pracky on you, you damn dirty fuck!


Last Gunman
True & Honest Fan
You crack open a fridge and begin to have a nice bowl of cool whip. You then hear a voice go "Oh, no... that's not cool whip; it's lard.".
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