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Old Major

Asha Logos
The Hardest Thing I`ve Ever done is Admit The Delusion i Believed in was Nothing More Than A Delusion.
Tell Me Now, How Do I Convince My Brothers And Sisters To Give Up God?

Damn Near

It's lovely to be here, thank you for having me
A big mean horse bit me. Later, the doctor told me it was venomous.


Last Gunman
True & Honest Fan
You go off to a summer barbecue to enjoy some summer fun, snatching a burger from a table to munch on before the party realy starts. The taste of blood hits you as the burger gives out a mutilated bull noise, and you then realize that the burger was made by Jack Scalfani, currently gargling a tub of crisco with a mutated tongue, gurgling KEEETOOO amongst snatches of long dead Algonquin languages.
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Zoe, Anita and Brianna loom in the light at the top of the stairs.

"You better be able to stay hard this time, darling... or we'll let Arthur and Bobby back into your room, tonight."
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Jane Lane

I met a high ranking mason at a gay bar
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I came home to find my family packing. Apparently, we were headed to Venezuela.

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