Wu renews effort to unseat Lynch

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Feb 3, 2013

RAYNHAM — Four months have passed since the mid-term elections, but Dedham resident Brianna Wu has started her second bid to unseat Congressman Stephen Lynch in the Democratic primary election in September 2020.

“2020 is an exciting year for Democrats,” Wu said in a written statement. “We get to decide the future of our country. Most politicians tell you what they stand for. I’ve spent a career showing you what I stand for.”

Wu is employed as a software engineer and co-founder of Giant Spacekat, an independent video game development studio in Boston.

She ran unsuccessfully in the September 2018 primary against Lynch, who received 3,556 votes in Weymouth in his successful bid to run for reelection in November 2018. Wu received 748 votes in her primary election, and she was followed by Christopher Voehl of Milton, a former Air Force pilot who was given 306 ballots in Weymouth.

Lynch ran unopposed in the general election and was easily reelected.

The 8th Congressional District currently served by Lynch includes: Abington, Avon, Boston, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Cohasset, Dedham, East Bridgewater, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Milton, Norwood, Quincy, Raynham, Scituate, Stoughton, Walpole, Weymouth, West Bridgewater, Westwood and Whitman.

Lynch is a former iron worker who served as a state representative and a state senator for a combined six years before running for Congress in 2001. When Massachusetts lost a Congressional seat following the 2010 Census, Lynch became the representative of a newly formed 8th Congressional District, representing a number of South Shore communities including Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Scituate and parts of Milton.

Wu has launched a re-designed website for the 2020 campaign, which outlines her goals, and has the ability to sign up people to assist her primary election bid.

“Over the next year and a half, I will be visiting every corner of the Massachusetts eighth (congressional) district,” said Wu. “It’s critical that we understand the concerns and needs of people in every part of the state. From national issues like universal healthcare and environmental protection to local issues like funding the MBTA, education funding, and local job creation, status quo politicians are not getting it done. I will, and I’m excited to get to work. It’s time to be bold.”

Wu, who founded her own software development studio, said she has provided “good jobs” to people that were not being given a fair shake.

“Then in 2014, I was targeted by the alt-right in a hate group known as Gamergate,” she said. “They targeted women who were just asking us to be treated fairly by the tech industry. And when I spoke out against them they targeted me too in ways that were so criminal the FBI became involved.”

Wu said Gamergate failed to silence her.

“America does best when we are bold in our most difficult moments,” she said. “We’ve come together and made our country better.”

Wu said the New Deal program launched by President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression of the 1930s, along with the Great Society initiative to eliminate poverty during the 1960s and the technology boom, have created job opportunities for Americans.

“We need to be bold like that again,” she said. “If you and I work together, we can build the America we dream of.”

Wu said she supports Medicare coverage for all Americans, the Green New Deal, comprehensive gun safety laws and higher taxes on the ultra-wealthy.

“The majority of Americans want all of this done and the only people that don’t are status quo politicians in Washington,′ she said. “But I promise you, give me the opportunity to represent you in Congress. We will get there together.”

Additional information about Wu’s campaign can be found at briannawuforcongress.com.


Jan 16, 2018
Most politicians tell you what they stand for. I’ve spent a career showing you what I stand for.”
Yeah but most voters don't follow autistic mobile game developers with the hope that they'd someday run for congress. The only people who know what you stand for are feminazis exploiting your sobstory to blame who they dislike and a bunch of neckbeards who unironically read review sites, and you don't stand for anything without throwing a shit-fit.


May 24, 2014
i like that the one paragraph about lynch going from an ironworker to career politician instantly makes him more appealing than 12 paragraphs about universal green LGBT tech socialist healthcare

the dumb journo should've proofed his puff piece and realized he put actual experience next to mangled buzzwords, the mantis will not be pleased.


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Apr 30, 2016
“2020 is an exciting year for Democrats,” Wu said in a written statement. “We get to decide the future of our country. Most politicians tell you what they stand for. I’ve spent a career showing you what I stand for.”
I know he's mentally challenged, but if I were John I wouldn't invite people to look into my personal history as confirmation of my principles.

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Nov 19, 2018
I just want to know what got into her head that she could unseat this guy? I know troons are by their very nature delusional, but this seems a bit much.

As others have said, she should start smaller with a more local position. She seems to not even focus on her own district in her campaigning because it’s only reaching Twitter Troon Town who don’t live there. Heck, that campaign party she had recently only seemed to have attendees from out of state.

But who am I kidding. I want him to win. We’ll never go hungry again with all the troon cream we can extract.