Wu Responds to MDE Outing, Compares Gamergate to GTA -

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I've said it before: Brianna Wu, Professional Victim. Even when it becomes clear that she was never actually being threatened she says she was BEING THREATENED FOR REALZ U GUIZ! Someone hurt her feel-bads and made her look stupid (not hard to do, actually) and so she's still out for her pound of flesh. What a twat.
Gonna be a hoot to see how she tries to translate her hurt fee-fees into actual monetary damages in a court of law.


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Lets not go off course with legal speculation. We could make 90 pages with that.

It is easy to see that Brianna is angry, because she just got made the fool of and Jay just stole her victim card from her.

Brianna is now without a product and without a persecutor. "Jace" was the perfect persecutor for her. He made her the "poor persecuted woman", and became the face of what she said gamers everywhere that disagreed with her were actually like. His character gave her everything she wanted. A "physical" person to be a threat and to embody everything wrong in the gaming world. "Jace" was the perfect opposition archetype and now that he is gone she just lost her antagonist.

There is now nothing threatening her. There is nothing in the way of her game being a success except that her game is awful and she has been taking money and producing nothing. Her pullout of the Convention was simply to protect herself from the grim reality that she took a lot of money to produce nothing of real value. "Jace" was her "savior" and now there is nothing in the way of everyone realizing she is a fraud.

What makes this even better is that now those media outlets that gave her the fawning coverage will be hunted by those that did not. The media is a cannibalistic bunch. They will now turn their attention on Gawker and Jezebel. Those 2 published stories talking about how much of a threat "Jace" was. Now they have to respond to why they believed Brianna.

This is only going to get better!

Personally, I want Jay to play up the victim card. It will only make Brianna seethe even more!

So I guess this means Wu was the final boss for Deagle Nation.
Or that "Jace" was the final boss for Brianna and now he is gone, everyone realizes the her game sucks!
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There are two elements to an actionable threat from a civil standpoint. It has to be a threat that, from an objective standpoint, would cause a reasonable person fear. Jace's "threats" would not cause fear to a reasonable person (not an unreasonable deranged dude). The fact that Wu is a special moron does not give Wu special rights. Then, it has to have actually caused fear.

Yes, the courts still use actual facts and objective reality for decisions, not "muh feels."

I'm not even going to talk about criminal unless, by some bizarre inverse miracle, there is actually a dumbfuck prosecutor out there who would go after this.
Exactly. You phrased it much clearer than I did, and with more insight. The key contrast between what causes a reasonable person fear, and Wu's victim-complex is stark. That would be made crystal clear in a court of law where she wouldn't be able to control a narrow one-sided narrative like she does on twitter / with bloggers.

I get more actionable threats levelled against me when I do bad karaoke at the local watering hole. Wu is just a miserable fuck, through and through.
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It's like she sees herself as gaming's Joan of Arc, fighting the good fight against the Evol Man-Centered Gaming Industry.
The last thing women need - even those who were born men - is to perpetuate the stereotype of females as whinging victims incapable of handling the ups and downs of life in a mature, competent manner.
It is easy to see that Brianna is angry, because she just got made the fool of and Jay just stole her victim card from her.
HE really saw himself as some sort of rising star in the SJW movement. A Joan of Arc amongst the raging vaginas @ tumblr.
(Edit: Dammit, OfflineCyberBully. I was still typing when you posted that. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!)

And she got punked by a performance artist. This couldn't have turned out more lulzy even if Jace's last words were "BABBA BOOEY! BABBA BOOEY!! HOWARD STERN! HOWARD STERN!"

That certainly has made her :heart-empty: and caused her Private SJW Armies to have doubt of her abilities as their Fearless General. I'm sure it's going to make the media more wary of using her as an expert from now on. "Brianna"'s talk show gravy train just pulled into station for the final time.

Now the new lolcow is going to be Mister Flynt himself, who is no doubt going to buttrage and scream for his honor to be restored. I predict it was be as successful as Chris's attempts to get back at his enemies are.


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The Verge also posted an article on the situation with some choice quotes from Wu:

"This has had an extreme level of emotional stress for me, my husband, and my team," says Wu in an interview with The Verge. "That's not a joke. That is destroying my ability to do my job."

'Paging through his videos, she found one "a little staged," she says. "But I have to take this stuff seriously. ... There was never any point at which he dropped the mask."'

(In response to the restraining order) "The police tried to serve this person. They were unable to locate them, which is why we ultimately chose to just blot out that information and tweet it out,"

Link to the article:


wait what

not one mention of this "restraining order" flynt obviously did not get and posted fake info about on twitter. no one is going to question what happened to that, or all the posturing and photos of court he put up?

i want this superpower. i want to lie constantly and get money from internet exceptional individuals for it.


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What "Job"? Making indie games is a hobby. NOT a job.
Your right her real job is twitter.
So someone who is able to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars each time something strikes their fancy, and has quite a bit of influence, made it look like they were taking a guy to court who always carried a toy gun he painted gold and pissed himself in front of hundreds of people?

Wait, who am I supposed to feel bad for?
Don't over-think it. :eli:
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you guys have a good time frig dancing
It's a little ironic when you look at her background. The only reason she's famous is because she made an anti-gamergate meme in an effort to condescendingly deride GG. Then they just used the same meme to make fun of her in the exact same way and she cried harassment for literally doing the same thing she had just done.
Don't forget that the photo he used for her meme was a picture of an autistic child. Check yo ableism privilege John

king of pickles

Also, it's only now, after the hoax has been revealed, that it "was clear from the videos that this was someone suffering from mental illness". She sure didn't act like it was clear before.
John should better keep this trap shut about who is mentally ill. Jace acting at his craziest was still more reasonable/likeable in his antics than Wuman and Stuttering Cleverman. Compare Jace and Wu. Wu doesn't seem like a sane person himself.

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