Wuhan Coronavirus: Are you working/school, or is it canceled. - Stupid poll

Are you working or doing school right now?

  • Working but the place is now closed because of virus

    Votes: 32 16.6%
  • Working in retail and it's open

    Votes: 21 10.9%
  • Working in a factory and it's open

    Votes: 26 13.5%
  • Working and they moved it to home

    Votes: 44 22.8%
  • Got canned because of virus

    Votes: 10 5.2%
  • School but is closed

    Votes: 37 19.2%
  • School but is open

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Don't work/school at all because I'm derp!

    Votes: 21 10.9%

  • Total voters


oh mate
True & Honest Fan
My work involves me going into schools and the ones I work with are all open. I think it's the same across the UK although everyone seems to think they'll shut on Friday.

However, I now have a cough and a fever so I guess I'm just going to die or murder my family due to us all being stuck indoors together for 2 weeks instead. Lame.


Gosh, I hope I’m safe it this suit!
Online schooling, tho it’s implemented terribly so, basically, classes are canceled.
Tho I try to use my free time for self education and I started online programming courses. Couldn’t find time to do it before because uni and freelance took all my time.