Wuhan Coronavirus: Are you working/school, or is it canceled. - Stupid poll

Are you working or doing school right now?

  • Working but the place is now closed because of virus

    Votes: 32 16.6%
  • Working in retail and it's open

    Votes: 21 10.9%
  • Working in a factory and it's open

    Votes: 26 13.5%
  • Working and they moved it to home

    Votes: 44 22.8%
  • Got canned because of virus

    Votes: 10 5.2%
  • School but is closed

    Votes: 37 19.2%
  • School but is open

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Don't work/school at all because I'm derp!

    Votes: 21 10.9%

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College is closed, but that doesn't mean I don't have to do the coursework anyways in the form of online BS.

I'm worried about graduate school in the Fall because, while society should go back to normal by then, I'm worried if the Great Overreaction hasn't stopped and it interferes with my first-year classes and assistantship. For that matter, moving could be an issue.


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College is closed, but that doesn't mean I don't have to do the coursework anyways in the form of online BS.

I'm worried about graduate school in the Fall because, while society should go back to normal by then, I'm worried if the Great Overreaction hasn't stopped and it interferes with my first-year classes and assistantship. For that matter, moving could be an issue.
I'm planning on applying to grad school in the fall, so I'm wondering how all this will factor in. Though considering I'm majoring in CS, I could easily just skip grad school so whatever.
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I’m working. I’m a receptionist and now I’m covering for the other receptionist because she’s old so they sent her home. Everyone else in my office is alternating days of going home and working in the office. I’m one of the very few people who has to stay in the building full-time.

I’m salty for a couple of reasons. First, I have an autoimmune disorder that has narrowed my airway due to inflammation and scar tissue, so it’s critical that I don’t get sick because I could be in serious trouble if I develop any respiratory problems. My employer is aware of this but gave me sanitizing wipes/spray and a more isolated area to work in and said that’d keep me safe. Can’t help but be annoyed that they thought my coworker was too much at risk to keep around due to her age but I’m fine despite having an autoimmune disorder, apparently.

I’m also annoyed because I’ve been deemed “essential staff” and can’t work from home yet I know for a fact I’m among the lowest earners in this company. My goal all along has been to get promoted to a higher-paying position that’s not as high-demand as being a receptionist is and this whole situation has basically just confirmed that. If I’m going to be considered essential I want a paycheck that makes it worth it.

It also doesn’t help that everyone in my family except my mom is either quarantined and off work or working from home so I’m jealous.
Corona-chan update:

This weekend my state mandated a stay-at-home order for 30 days, with only businesses deemed essential allowed to operate.:

1. My company has indeed been deemed an essential service (we are a transportation/logistics service). We have letters of notice to show government officials and everything.

2. The receptionist I’m covering for will be out until further notice due to her age putting her at risk

3. We’re going to be running a skeleton crew, with only 4-6 people in our office at a time.

4. I will be working from Monday-Wednesday, with Thursdays and Fridays off. They told me I’ll basically have a 4 day weekend, I’m not expected to work on my days off.

5. The downside is I’ll have to take lunch at my desk as no one will be able to cover for me. But I’m still allowed to take time to relax and not work on the invoices I usually do, I just have to man the phones.

I’m okay with this, all things considered. I get 2 days off, fewer people in the office means less risk for me, and I’m still getting a paycheck while tons of people have been laid off.


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Back home and waiting for this virus to go away before I take projects. I already have a project near me to get ready to jump on when the virus is over. They are trying to plan to start it next week but the state where its at just enacted stay at home orders. I figure once it clears they will send me there so I will make it a nice video game vacation.

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Uni has been closed and everything is now online. We have prerecorded lectures for most classes and assignments were mostly online to begin with. We also started online live classes, one professor has failed to get it to work twice and another has set it up in a way that allows anyone to mute her, it's an interesting experience.
It would have been nice if didn't take a global pandemic to put the prerecorded lectures in a visible spot because they are an extremely helpful resource.


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I've run my own business with at least 3 on staff at all times. I've kept to hiring mostly veterans out of the US Navy and Military. Since things started getting serious back in February I started making a backup plan to keep my guys on payroll if shit hit the fan. My staff know what actual pain and suffering look like so they've kept me in my place throughout most of this. Plus after taking a hit from the bitcoin debacle I've been ultra paranoid about money ever since.

Needless to say, my line of work has been keeping major companies in my community operational with this work from home shit. And my guys are still employed for the time being. But since they're all Veterans they've given me the clear to sacrifice their benefits and put them all on 1099s if necessary, since they get benefits from the government anyways.

I really don't want to have to do that, and so far we've been lucky that work from home has been such a huge deal. But if the Democrats can't get their shit together, and Trump has to take us all off quarantine, I'm going to start getting hit.

TL;DR We're lucky, but only for a time.

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With orders coming today to stay at home starting tomorrow (24-Mar) for the next three weeks apart from essential activities, I discussed the situation with the boss. Graciously, she promised to pay me while we're closed. In the meantime, I've set things up to work from home as much as I can and be the contact person for our clients so they can call me directly and not play phone tag with messages left at the office. I also left instructions on the answering machine for clients to mail their taxes to the office so that their returns can be prepared as they arrive. I'll be checking the mail daily to see what important documents arrive.

Even though the IRS has delayed the due date for individual and corporate Federal Income Tax Returns, amounts due with said returns, and first quarter estimated tax payments, our governor/state treasurer have not yet extended similar relief for the corresponding state income tax returns. I'd hope the state considers adjusting its deadlines now that tax & accounting businesses have been deemed nonessential from now until April 13 (if not possibly longer) 🤷‍♂️ .
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Work got closed so I’m more or less laid off. School is closed and classes got shuffled online. Math is already a tough subject for me and having it online isn’t making it easier (I’m exceptional and prefer in person lessons) so I’m considering dropping it and just cramming it into another semester.
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I'm a temp worker at an essential service, so unless I start showing symptoms, I guess I'm going to crawl to work every morning.

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I work as a tutor at my college, basically what we do now is we all log in to the same email and wait for the one person a day who actually sends a question. I feel a bit guilty getting paid for jacking off, but on the bright side, I do get paid for jacking off.


I still have both full time work and part time online school. But the break rooms have been modified for social distancing so there's less people next to me, so thank you corona chan