Wuhan Coronavirus: Are you working/school, or is it canceled. - Stupid poll

Are you working or doing school right now?

  • Working but the place is now closed because of virus

    Votes: 31 15.8%
  • Working in retail and it's open

    Votes: 21 10.7%
  • Working in a factory and it's open

    Votes: 27 13.8%
  • Working and they moved it to home

    Votes: 45 23.0%
  • Got canned because of virus

    Votes: 11 5.6%
  • School but is closed

    Votes: 38 19.4%
  • School but is open

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • Don't work/school at all because I'm derp!

    Votes: 21 10.7%

  • Total voters

Rafal Gan Ganowicz

ratfucking mong
Working today. My province leads the country in snitchlines, inspectors, scummy unions, bored cops,and oppressive legislation, and my village is a cesspool of gentrifying NIMBYs and "but is it ORGANIC?!" faggots, so we'll see how it goes. A neighbour or 2 may have to die later in the week.
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Update: I'm still working too, at lease on the bright side I'm on the shift I was hired for afternoons. I hate mornings I'm not getting up at 3am for shit.

I'm debating quitting my job because I "build" parts for the military and I work with hazardous materials. It's not a good combo right now.
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Inflatable Julay

They fly now
I quit my paper delivery job because they punished you for taking a day off of your 7 day a week schedule and I didn't want to be responsible for spreading china germs to elderly people
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Hi, guize! OK, so
My work closed. I've only been off for a week, but am already getting antsy. It's not like vacation.

I still get paid. For now. I don't see them reopening when they projected. After that, I probably won't get paid.
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Anger is an energy
6 out of the 9 members of my team were sent to WFH. Myself and 2 others are being required to still go into the office (even though the counties we live in have curfews in place). I work in IT.
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Drifting Panzer

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Not only am I still working, the only other machine operator here have to stay home with his kid that got sent home from preschool for coughing, so the boss offered me double pay for every hour of overtime to compensate. It won't last forever, but I am taking advantage of this for all its worth,

Edit: why is a certain fluid from, among others, cows a bad word?
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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Heard from my co worker that the steakhouse may be opening again soon but under the limited take out delivery only rules in place gonna go down there personally tommorow and see if the owners put a note or something on the door giving a date they can expect to reopen, Depends on how long the City of Hoboken is gonna stay on lockdown.

It was one of the first cities to shut everything down and send restaurant and non esential workers home two weeks ago

Ps to the 5.7% of you who lost jobs to the thot that is Corona chan, you have my sympathies and condolences, hope you find something soon and or quality for unemployment


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I’m healthcare. In theory the workload should be going down because fewer patients, in practice the extra precautions and rearranging of clinics means it’s increased.
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Neigh Sayer
I work at the only grocery store in town and its been a total shit show. Been working 50 hour weeks in all departments since the deliveries are all fucked. Customers give zero shits about this pandemic too and I've watched people sneeze and cough on everything, not wear their masks properly and even people who should be isolating themsleves coming here first with their entire family. Im just waiting for one of us to get infected at this point *sigh*

Wilhelm Bittrich

Ma'am, this is a Wendy’s!
I'm on ordered lockdown, albeit I have no symptoms, can't work because we had to shut down after one corona case has been confirmed.
In my town we have now 108 confirmed winnie-the-pooh-flu cases and two dead.
If all goes well, I can leave lockdown end of next week.

fat venus

we have been hurt and aboundoned in the past
Not in school or work because I'm a housewife. We have kept our oldest kid (1 y 9 mo) home for about two weeks now even though daycares are still open. Haven't asked, but might be that they only allow kids whose parents absolutely can't stay home with them (nurses etc) for the time being. At least that's the case for lower school grades. Classes are cancelled for ages 10 and up.

Less than 700 confirmed cases in our region, 3 dead. ~900 cases in the whole country. Government will probably close the roads soon to contain the worst epidemic into our region. That makes me kinda nervous.


You got the COVID! Coronavirus, big time!
Couldn't answer the poll, because I work in a hospital which is, of course, still open. It's been pretty easy going since they've cancelled all non-essential surgeries during the pandemic, but every day there's a few new corona patients, which is worrying. Hoping that everything being closed will keep the flow of cases manageable.


it just goes on and on and on and on...
Working in a factory, but we've been informed we will be having a week of furlough (unpaid time off, no PTO can be used) sometime in quarter 2. And 401K matching is cancelled, which I don't expect to come back as they've gotten rid of every other benefit other than health insurance, which due to size they're required by law to offer. Oh, and no raises, which are usually so small they don't even cover the increase in health insurance costs each year.


I've been working from home for about two weeks now, and they haven't said how long they plan or expect it to last. Hours or pay haven't been cut so far. However they indefinitely suspended our annual pay raises which had already been announced and were set to kick in next month. Still at this point I feel fortunate just to have a job, when I hear everyone else's horror stories out there.