Wuhan Coronavirus: Megathread -

Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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It's because hood rats can't cook. They will have giant ass tvs and shit but a stove is too expensive.
If I may derail slightly.

You can get a gaint ass tv at walmart for 200 bucks. a "house hold" with a few people could come up with that kinda money, and a stolen or 2nd hand vidya shit is rather cheap. Personal electronics are not really luxeries anymore.

most apartments come with a stove and a hot plate or toaster oven can work in a pinch.

But durable goods are a one time "cost" ether from a hustle or from stealing. or flipping burgers what have you.

The real issue is recuring cost for consumablies like drugs or beer or booze or what ever.

Personally I think take out or drive through still being open is fucking insane. close them as for the next 2-3 weeks.


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I'd argue presence with the bare minimum are the backbone to "essential" businesses
I have no idea what the fuck you are trying to say here.

whatever the fuck that is since it changes by day
This I can understand, but that's an easy answer:
  • people that keep the power on
  • people that keep the water on and shit flowing downhill
  • people that transport goods
  • people that grow food
  • people that manufacture critical supplies
  • and if you consider tp a critical supply, most of the forestry industry


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Some news from PH, the rebels decided to declare a ceasefire.
I raise bullcrap, the rebels decided on ceasefire, because basically, they can no longer slip past on reinforced checkpoints
on other news, flips rescued a doctor from the rebel group, probably kidnapped to treat their covid struck group


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Personally I think take out or drive through still being open is fucking insane. close them as for the next 2-3 weeks.
It's not about the average joe, at all. It's about truckers. The reason take-out's are still open is because the people who deliver your groceries and other goods to your various locations are on the road where a home cooked meal is not exactly easy to make. Although some are getting into the plug in crockpot, it's not the common way of feeding yourself in that line of work. If you shut down all restaurants/drive-throughs and the people delivering food and other items have no where to eat then they will stop moving as well. If the truckers stop moving the supply chain will be shattered and the items everyone else needs will not be delivered.

Grocery stores don't alleviate this issue because a lot of them are only open scheduled hours. Trucks are moving, constantly.

So yea, the food service industry having at least a few locations is essential as they feed the people who move the goods the rest of the world consumes.
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Local VFW canceled bingo and Sunday morning vet breakfast. NOW shit's serious.
So many years American Legion here. (30+) The post is shut down. Now I drink alone. Hang brother. PM me, daphuq?

William Bloys Post2, Tempe, AZ. For anybody that's so inclined to doxxed, yes, this was John McCain's post.

For God and Country, bitch.

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So put your order in now and wait the few days. Plan ahead. Good luck
Not taking orders for fresh food if all the delivery windows are taken. Went to Rite Aid to get milch,there was plenty. One of the employees was at the door wearing a face mask, limiting the number of people that could come in. No alcohol to be found, she said they didn't get any with the last shipment. Truck is due to come in tomorrow so I'll check back then. The neighborhood C-town closed early, at 9 PM, same with the larger Dominican supermarket. I need bacon so I'll check tomorrow morning. There are at least three big supermarkets in the neighborhood but I didn't feel like walking around. A few restaurants were open for take-out (but not the local Chinese one lol).

The street was empty except for a few people, shopping I assume. Many, but not all, wore masks and gloves. I think people are finally beginning to realize its serious but the gravity of it hasn't hit them yet since I heard people were out and about during the day. I'll go out early and report back. I really need bacon for some dishes (like pasta fazool).


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Okay so I have a legit question, because the US is woefully behind on testing, and in some places it seems like willful ignorance to avoid testing or something... with all the stories coming out of the states of pneumonia related deaths, and people under 60 being found dead, and none of these being marked down as corona victims...

Is there any good way to collect general death statistics for a state/city/county and get a more accurate picture? To compare and contrast to see if "oh, theres a 900% increase in motherfuckers dying from one month to the next, strange!" sort of thing?
What if the "bad flu season" we had this year was Corona-Chan, and the flu vaccine was actually extremely effective, saving how many lives from baby Corona-Chan and Influenza combined?

Sorry for doubleposting, still catching up to the thread.

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Everybody believing the stats of an authoritarian state that kicked out all foreign journalists is a worrying thing....
That shouldn't suprise you, PM Trudeau made sure to fund the CBC with Canadian taxpayer's money, so you KNOW that they are totally non bias and can be critical of the government that they get paid by.

The only other way CBC makes money is by sucking diseased ChiCom dick, which is apparent by what you put up.
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flipland numbers and summary by March 25
636 confirmed cases, 38 dead (9 doctors, 1 journalist)

All, in all, I think flipland numbers are good, probably because a combination of being a third world country, so less covid-infected tourists coming in to the country, and the country being on a semi-alert basis because of the Taal volcano eruption from January put the country on alert and kinda made preparations for a disaster.


How long do you think this will last the self-isolation, here in the UK I believe 3 more weeks then the government will retract it due to civil unrest. Patriotism is cute and all but when you realise its a very very very slim minority dying who will be dead in a few years, the patriotism loses its luster.
I think Trump is right about it starting to come off for Easter. Not because he will order it off but because people will just start ignoring the orders. It's already starting to fail around me and its only been a few days.
The "shutdown" here is a complete clusterfuck anyways. If BESTBUY, HobbyLobby, Staples, etc are all essential then how is anything else non-essential?
In a week everyone's rent is going to be due. Lots of landlords have mortgages on their property's. Tons of people live paycheck to paycheck. If there is a 90% chance it will be "just the flu brah" for me then I am going to take the risk if it means my kids don't starve and I dont get evicted from my apartment.