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Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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thank you Dr. Purr, very cool
Most of those fruits listed grow in warm weather areas. If shipping is shut down/delayed, the produce won't survive being stored. That could cause problems in the supply line.
Now that you mention it I've been getting a lot of shitty highly perishable produce, like rotten lettuce and moldy berries and bananas and avocados coming in overripe already, so it probably is a problem with delays fucking it up.

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http://archive.md/FP4LA The Swedish minister of health says she was "naive" when she promised 100 000 corona tests per week. (Note: Google Translate translated the word "huggsexa" incorrectly – it roughly means "free for all" and not chopping sex – but I'm keeping the title because it's funny).
Considering that your imported "doctors and engineers" are huge fans of FGM I daresay that Google is being truthful in their translation.


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Yo good news buckaroos. Spain opens to tourism for July. It'll probably be moved forward anyway. And we already have tourists here (though don't tell sanchez they're tourists. Wink wink nudge nudge.) But point is. Now it's official. July is tourist season, period, no excuses or bollocks. Sanchez has also stated UBI is finally getting approved the 26th, no delays, and will be implemented by june. Including the implementation of what they call the Universal Social Card which will be dusting off our bureaucracy, formalizing it, and unifying the social aid, on top of helping against fraud. Which means UBI might actually be a really good idea because with every autonomy not communicating properly our system's wasteful AF as it is so it'll wind up wasting less money in some areas. Fucking hilarious, implement UBI to reduce cost of social spending. My god. Welcome to spain. And a specially good thing is it applies only people who have LEGALLY resided in spain for (I don't remember how many) years, and it has some rough conditions to keep people from abusing it and never getting a job. On top of that we got more lifted restrictions and the PSOE stating that unless a massive fucking spike assrapes us this is not even being proposed for voting next season, we're just dropping the lockdown altogether. So hooray for surprisingly good news coming from our executive. I don't even fucking know how Sanchez manages to so drastically go from good to bad and back again, that slimy bastard. But he better keep his word this time.

After this morning's right wing circus and the journos going stupid with that bullshit we really did need good news and a lot of people are celebrating. Vox has quickly gone from gloating about their cars' annoyance to outright anger at everyone being happy again and has pulled the biggest dick move by TRYING TO HAVE FERNANDO SIMON INCARCERATED over the 8M protests. And everyone's stood against them. Which has shown how little power they truly have. Yes they're insuferable. But they can't actually do anything other than being insuferable. God is that pityful. Remember when these guys were pushing the right wing to slightly more sanity at the begining of this shit? *sigh* good times... But point is THAT has actually lifted morale even more than the economic news. 'Cause it's quickly caused their morale sabotage of this morning to be put into question, as they overplayed their hand in a matter of hours and got stomped by scientists and politicians alike as the social webs attacked them for it. So they got a taste of their own medicine, and god are they mad about it.

Point is. They hsd us on the first half but it's recovered, memes are back. People are OK. Unions are still fucking depressed and I still fear that as corruption becomes more public knowledge and the fact nothing was done about it becomes apparent people will actually resort to some fucked up violent shit. But with the round of good news and the economy on the rise non-unioners don't have to know that yet... Ether way I'mma ride this high anyway, because I'm sick and tired of worrying. Just don't mention Los Pascuales for a few days. Maybe that way I can sleep well at night for a while. And once we can protest again, we'll see how the Tides handle it. 'Cause if they don't... Well. Someone else will. That's for sure. Fuck I still think someone will be doing something about it before the Tides start operating again. But I just can't give a shit anymore. All I can think about is going to the beach tonight for a walk. The politics were shit but the economy got good. That's a net positive for me. Spanish politics are always shit anyway. We'll find a way to cape this one... All we need is for the left to stay put and take the whips from the right without responding until lockdown drops. Then we can mobilize properly again. So let's hope they do. If anything, they have practice, that's for sure.


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PG&E has been giving discounts on Electric/Gas bills due to Coronavirus for the past two months, which has resulted in my bill being around -$45 dollars for the past two billing periods. I certainly don't mind free electricity and gas, but I don't know how sustainable it is for PG&E.
PG&E's rates are so high they can afford to give discounts. The discounts you may be getting are conservation credits. Usually get them on the May and November bills. Got the normal, bigger credit on the May bill. Getting smaller credits on the June/July bills.


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Oh hey! They have shiny variants. Like pokeymaen! "Get the rare variant with brown skin. It smells worse, doesn't speak english and has a much higher K/D ratio!"

Cambridge University is going online-only until summer 2021. Really hope it's just Britbongistan autism.
They mean summer next year? Like a whole damned academic year?! Does Cambridge know what "bankruptcy" means? And here I thought our dumbasses were being excessive by proposing quotas for social distancing. Fucking hell. I would not go study economy there.


Let's see.
  • "wypipo"
  • implying having fun is now bad (even if it's not my idea of fun)
  • the state reopened, so authorities consulting experts decided it's no longer necessary to hunker in your bunker all day; somehow Comedy Central knows better and feels they can pass judgement
So much lunacy in so few words.


Colorful flowers, too.
Michigan, USA

A bar in Flint has announced it will reopen May 28, in defiance of Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D)'s executive orders.

Shelter-in-place order from Tuesday March 24 to Monday April 13. Friday, May 1, Friday, May 15, May 28, but May 22 for the farthest north, May 21, kind of? But also June 12 May 1, maybe? (archive May 21) (executive order saved on KF) . The Republican-controlled legislature has refused to extend Governor Whitmer's emergency authority. Governor Whitmer insists her emergency orders are all still in effect (Rundown on the laws).
State attorney general Dana Nessel (D) is also leaving enforcement of the stay-at-home order to local discretion until the courts weigh in on it (archive). She has stated Governor Whitmer's orders are valid and are to be enforced (archive). The legislature is not calling for civil disobedience at this time (archive).
The legislature has filed a lawsuit against the governor (archive). Oral arguments were heard May 15 (archive). A Court of Claims judges has ruled in favor of the governor. The legislature has appealed.
State senate leader Mike Shirkey (R) is also supporting a petition drive to change the law. Such a petition would require 340,047 signatures to be collected. It would be veto-proof if approved by the legislature, and would go on the next general election ballot if denied by them (archive 1, archive 2, archive 3).
U. S. Rep Paul Mitchell (R - The Thumb) has filed a lawsuit independently against Governor Whitmer, in federal district court. Link, pdf on KF. He has also founded a committee to work on the petition recommended by Sen. Shirkey.
There have been over a dozen lawsuits against Governor Whitmer's actions during this crisis, mostly regarding the shut-down order, in various stages of progress and in various courts (summary of eight of them). However, "all deadlines applicable to the commencement of all civil and probate actions and proceedings" are suspended until the end of the states of emergency and disaster. Executive order, and thus in limbo. (archive).

Recap from NPR
Major protest at the State Capitol April 15 (A&N thread). Minor protest outside Governor's Mansion April 23 (archive). Protest at the State Capitol April 30 (A&N Thread). Protest at the capitol May 14 (archive).
Auto manufacturing resuming May 18. (archive)

Unemployment reached 22.7% in April. (Archive - May 20). It should be lower now, as factories, etc. reopen.
Massive phone-tracking project reveals Michigan travel is slowly creeping back up (website).
The State is facing a $2.5 billion budget shortage (archive).

Hydroxychloroquine banned by governor's order (archive). Nevermind LOL! Now she's asking the federal government for it and claiming the ban was a mistake in the first place. (archive). Detroit-area hospitals are testing the drug's effectiveness as a preventative on first responders and health-care workers (archive). Article on results, May 8 (archive).
Elective surgeries are banned. Maybe? Who knows. If/when in effect, abortions were not included in the ban (thread).
At any rate, hospitals are resuming elective surgeries.
Up-to-date count of available hospital beds, etc. in the State (the Detroit area is "Section 2, North and South.")(government website)
State of affairs May 5 - about half as many hospitalized cases and ICU cases as on April 12 (archive).
Detroit field hospital, capacity 1,000, closed. Never had many more than 20 at any time. (archive, May 7).
The state is going to add "probable" deaths from Coronavirus to our death tolls. (archive - May 20)

All localities given more discretion to release prisoners early (archive). It was an executive order. Who knows if it's still valid?
Detroit shootings up, but most other crime down (archive - April 30); Muskegon police report crime is up (archive).
Breaking the lockdown is a misdemeanor, punishable by $1500 fines and 90 days jail time. (Still valid???) Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has stated there will not be a "ramp up" of police enforcement (archive). The attorney general has left it to local law enforcement to close businesses, as her hands are full with price-gougers and con artists (archive).
The police cannot, at present, pull drivers over simply for being out during the shutdown (archive). Multiple sherrifs from the rural north to Detroit suburbs have stated they will not be enforcing or not strictly enforcing parts or the entirety of the order (archive).


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reviews deaths and adds overlooked cases to the count three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Recovery counts are updated on Saturdays.
44 deaths were added today.

MDHHS said:
Regular reviews of death certificate data maintained in Vital Records reporting systems are conducted by MDHHS staff three times per week. As a part of this process, records that identify COVID-19 infection as a contributing factor to death are compared against all laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS). If a death certificate is matched to a confirmed COVID-19 case and that record in the MDSS does not indicate the individual died, the MDSS record is updated to indicate the death and the appropriate local health department is notified. These matched deaths are then included with mortality information posted to the Michigan Coronavirus website.
MDHHS said:
Note on recovery: During this response, MDHHS is reviewing vital records statistics to identify any laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases who are 30 days out from their onset of illness to represent recovery status. As the pandemic continues to impact Michigan, this pool will expand to include more cases. Recovered is defined as the number of persons with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis who are alive 30 days post-onset (or referral date if onset is not available). The number of persons recovered on May 15, 2020 represents COVID-19 confirmed individuals with an onset date on or prior to April 15, 2020. If an individual dies from a COVID-related cause >30 days from onset/referral, they are removed from the number of persons recovered. These numbers will be updated every Saturday.
Detroit Metro (pop. 3,860,000 total; 1,796/sq. mi.; 694/sq km):*

34,371 confirmed / 4,093 dead
34,178 confirmed / 4,043 dead yesterday
(i.e. 50 new deaths, up 6 from this day last week)
Normal Detroit Metro Death Rate: 104 per day.**

Other Michigan (6,120,000; 65/sq. mi.; 25/sq km):

19,994 confirmed / 1,130 dead
19,735 confirmed / 1,115 dead yesterday
(i.e. 15 new deaths, up 4 from this day last week)
Normal not-Detroit Death Rate: 167 per day**

All Michigan (9,990,000; 103/sq. mi.; 40/sq km):

54,365 confirmed / 5,223 dead / 33,168 recovered = 15,974 active cases
53,913 confirmed / 5,158 dead yesterday
50,504 confirmed / 4,880 dead / 28,234 recovered = 17,390 active cases last week
(i.e. 65 new deaths, up 10 from this day last week, down 15 without adjustments)
(343 dead (down 11) and 4,934 declared recovered (down 614) since last week)
Net change: -1,416 active cases since last Saturday.
Normal Michigan Death Rate: 271 per day.**

Death toll doubled since: April 20.
We were locked down from: March 24 (until April 30? May 21),
Masks have been mandatory in stores since: April 27 (until April 30?).

Detroit Metro Daily Deaths Last Seven Days:
4 / 14 / 77*** / 26 / 22*** / 13 / 50*** = 232***

State Government site, daily - today's archive;
State Gov site, total, includes breakdowns by sex, age, race and ethnicity - today's archive.
*Here defined as the City of Detroit, and Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties, minus state and federal prisoners, who are not counted towards any county's cases, but are kept in categories of their own.
** As of 2018.
*** 43, 31, and 44 statewide deaths, respectively, were added on these days upon State review. Presumably most were in Detroit, but I don't know exactly how many.

One Ann Arbor man allegedly killed by his roommate in a Corona-related dispute (archive). The suspect has been released from custody while the investigation continues (archive).
One Flint security guard allegedly murdered for telling a woman that her daughter needed to wear a mask in a dollar store. Multiple suspects are in custody (archive, A&N thread).


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That mask is a very good representation of clearly what goes on in her head. Information, science, fact and common sense into one ear and straight out the other and non of it captured inbetween.
I will put money on it now that the fashionable and thick as shit females will be wearing these fucking useless crochet and bead masks with thier flower pattern wellies at euro music festivals, in the near future.

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Socially Distant
Denver orders closure of USPS facility that handles all mail for Colorado and Wyoming
Denver's public health department wants to shut down a USPS location that gets every piece of Colorado's mail after five employees tested positive for COVID-19.

This could be a real shit show if the USPS is forced to comply to the Denver Public Health Authority.
5 employees at an 1800 person sorting facility have tested positive for the WuFlu. This sorting facility is resposible for sorting and distributing all mail for Colorado and Wyoming,
I did laugh when I read that the Health Authority people were not allowed to observe the whole operation, but only allowed to see from a public viewing area.

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That mask is a very good representation of clearly what goes on in her head. Information, science, fact and common sense into one ear and straight out the other and non of it captured inbetween.
I will put money on it now that the fashionable and thick as shit females will be wearing these fucking useless crochet and bead masks with thier flower pattern wellies at euro music festivals, in the near future.
I'm not doing the mask and gloves anymore. I can hardly breathe, it gets damp in humid weather (which we're having atm) and makes me break out. The nitrile gloves get damp inside as well. I'm done.

I had to go to the veterinarian and they kept reminding me to put it on. At this point everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that we've all been exposed/infected but the fucking Karens will and do call the NYPD to bitch. That's the only reason I wear it it now, to placate the Karens so they won't call the cops on the vet, supermarket or fruit stand.

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Tasteful even during lockdowns. 🥝🥧🐈
Just what we need right now: overpriced novelty items that tend to collect dust the second they're received.

Nice, trying to profit directly off of the suffering of others sure is a great PR move.
Not to mention trying to market these to those people who likely have less or no money coming in right now.

This could be a real shit show if the USPS is forced to comply to the Denver Public Health Authority.
While I get the need to treat the infected people and protect everyone else, mail is just a bit of an essential service, no? Telling people they won't be able to receive/pay bills isn't going to go over very well. Also, many insurance companies require strongly urge their members to save money with mail-order refills. They can't just cut people off from their necessary medications.
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While I get the need to treat the infected people and protect everyone else, mail is just a bit of an essential service, no? Telling people they won't be able to receive/pay bills is going to go over very well. Also, many insurance companie
Yes, USPS workers are considered essential.
Anecdotal report on the USPS from a tiny rural area.
A family member works for the USPS. They came home from work today totally postal because normally Saturday is a chill day, with only one person working the window. The last 2 months they report that the sheer volume of mail and packages has been like it is at Christmas time. Because of everything being shut down, people are all shopping on-line. In rural areas, Fed-ex and UPS deliver directly to the Post Offices, where the country folks come and pick up their goods at their Post Office boxes. Not to mention, everyone getting their Coof Bux checks, their prescription meds, their tax returns, their unemployment, political mailings and all the other normal shit.

As much as I have been watching for potential supply line breakdowns, this was one I had not considered.

ETA: The family member says that anyone who orders their kitty litter on-line should be minecrafted. That shit is heavy.