Wuhan Coronavirus: Megathread -

Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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Projection is the Rosetta Stone to their behavior.
It's almost as if virus particles can travel between stitches in threads (or go up the nose if grossly left uncovered), travel further than 2m/6', aren't thwarted by groups of less than 10, and can mosey around those stupid sneeze guard things.
I bought a sheer mesh mask today to use in place of my ‘Merica gaiter. If masks are going to be used to virtue signal, then I will use them to flip off the NPCs.

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If anything this is further proof of how an anarchist utopia isn't possible: people in a general sense want a leader of some kind.
I used to call myself an "anarchist" back in the day, thinking anarchy was all about like no government Wild West style chaos and disorder and shit, then realized other "anarchists" were just a bunch of pinko commie faggots who feared raw primal chaos & instability just as much - if not more - than any so-called "bootlicker".

Then I realized they were also mega retarded, and think they can somehow abolish religion and the free market without a monopoly on force.

Anarchists, in their own words, don't hate governments or leadership, they just hate "hierarchy" and "the state"
When one uses the "I know someone who died of COVID" argument to convince you that all the insane measures are needed, it's like the world being shut down over a normal disease - and one argues the shutdown needed because they know someone who died of it.

Of course the media and authorities lie about the fatality rate.
I lost 2 family members to MRSA infections.
Why no lockdown until we have a MRSA vaccine?


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The Chinese vaccine has arrived in Brazil this week and it is expected to be produced en masse here in the next months.
About damn time, because our daily cases have been on the rise again, and so are the deaths. My city dismounted a campaign hospital built in one of our stadiums after all its patients were healed or died, and now the ICUs are starting to fill to the brim again. Bad timing, perhaps?

But then again, we are talking about the Chinese. This caused a brief diplomatic shitshow, due to some governors and mayors raising the idea of obligatory vaccination periods, which Bolsonaro is against, more out of spite against China and his political adversaries than out of safety concerns, though it is also a factor he cited.

I just want this shit to be over. My mom and my younger brother, who live with me, caught the coof some months ago, and they recovered fine enough. My grandma also caught it, and thank fucking God she didn't suffer too badly, other that a couple of days of hard breathing and full body pains, and our whole family panics whenever she says she feels somewhat ill. Others I somewhat knew weren't so lucky...
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Im sorry but I feel like I gotta vent here.

Its not a matter that if they may or may not be trying to kill small-medium businesses. They ARE.

And what happened to my already heavily struggling restaurant is evidence.

First off, I will share the very unpopular opinion (tho thats why Im here, isnt it?) that most labor laws are bullshit. Now, yes, I want workers to have rights because I hate when anyone is abused...however, I will not also act like workers cant look at labor laws and abuse them and know they can and will get away scott free with it. LIke with any law, it has basically become a business for lawyers and judges to make cash off workers that felt like they "have been wronged" (when in reality they were fired because they were legit incompetent) and businesses that did everything according to the laws but are still getting punished either way.

I feel like people have this image of the world that most business owners are cartoon bosses like Mr Crabs where we are money grubbing monsters, when in reality we are just everyday people just working hard to create and build something of our own and that not always the people we hire are doing their best work. The worker is always the "little guy" thats standing against the "goliath". We are always the "previleged" ones.

Flash news, assholes, we run this country, not the unemployment check leeches. We keep getting sued by fired workers over made up accusations of abuse, when in reality they are assholes trying to get back at us for daring to imply they werent working what they are being paid for.

Consider this, we cant fire pregnant ladies. Thats fine by itself but no one considers that the lady may think "if I keep getting pregnant, they cant fire me!"...and thats what happens. Our business must be a place of fertility because they keep getting pregnant, even after only months after the previous birth. And they can take months off while getting entire paychecks from us without any sort of consequence. Thats fucking bullshit and the government will never address it because people would rather believe that "workers could never abuse their bosses " and that "labor laws need actual punishing for abusing them". We finally fire the lady after her, I shit you not, THIRD birth before she can get pregnant again and there we go, she sued us along with other workers we had to let go because of this corona crisis.

And also consider this, experts came over to see if there were any basis of truth to those accusations like "dangerous work enviroment" and you know what they found? Nothing...absolutely nothing.

And it doesnt matter because we dont live in a world where a judge would laugh off this baseless accusations and tell the workers to not waste their time. We live in a world where the judge WILL make a case out of nothing and demand the company shell out more-than-ever essential money to the bitches that know they can abuse the system scott free.

We even got an audio from their lawyer and since he knows that they will lose (but still win either way) he wants to make a deal and, I shit you not again, he freudian slipped that "its about just the money" oh...okay...SO IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY, motherfucker ! Thats why no one likes lawyers and see them as leeches...because thats what they are. They are god damn leeches standing by other leeches!

But even with all of that, I still didnt get to the major point of where I was getting at. The government is actively doing Mafia tactics now. Allow me to tell you the story...

We were "randomly selected" to be inspected by a government fiscal inspector, a woman by the by, and she found...nothing wrong actually! We are clean!...Oh but whats this? You have this retired worker thats away because of the corona crisis ? Well, we cant have that, you own him 500 bucks now. And yes, my friends, she pulled this out of her stinking ass and just says we now own money to this worker who isnt even in this state anymore! We tried to appeal but, of course, we got variations of "Yeah, she cant do this, except she can.". She cant "legally" do it but she can still practically do it. We do have the "Option" to appeal in the courts...

But lets be real here, we know its a fucking waste of money and time, we are going to lose and then have to pay even more and then our useless lawyer too. We are basically being extorted money from the government, the ministry of economy to be more specific...their fucking thugs can come in, fucking give us a proposition we cant refuse and then refuse to accept any of our direct communications with her to argue our way out of it ("aparently" she only responds to emails once a month...what?!) and we know that her higher ups will basically tell us to hope the system thats extorting us to get us out of this pickle.

All this mid fucking economy crisis caused by these snakes. We are getting evidence that they are literally trying to murder us one by one. Whats the point of following ALL the regulations if they can still come at us and say "Yeah, but we can still make up a situation". We refuse to pay? Why we fine you! We refuse to pay that? Why, now what you have is ours !

How is that not mafia/commie tactics?! HOW?! Its legalized extortion! All more power to the state and their mega corporation allies, huh?!

Cuck Hogan: BuT mAsKs WoRk, GuYs!!!!!! tHe CdC sAiD sO!!!
How come HHH Isnt threadbanned is a shocker while i cant post a fucking thread because jerking off with a orange anyways sorry for the sperging


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I heard that in India they had a lockdown in March, when police would literally beat anyone who caught outside violating it.

In Japan, the government is "socially engineering" people to accept the "new lifestyle", but there's no formal laws that arose from coronapanic yet, AFAIK.

Anyway, I think coronapanic is overall at its' worst in the West.
It dosent help matters that the indian police gets propped up as a bunch of heroes because some bollywood film told them that the INDIAN POLICE ARE SO EPIC so epic in fact that will beat you for not wearing the mask and while i Don't want to derail the thread would recommend reading about the emergency event that happened in india during 1975


When I had to wear a mask for an outdoor activity on a very humid day in late-July, I had to take it off halfway through because all the running around I did was too much with a mask covering my nose/face that reduced the amount of air I breathed in. So, I'll agree that anyone who says that masks don't effect physical activity haven't had to wear one during any sort of significant aerobic activity.
I went with the "convenience store cashier at midnight" sag. It was the only way to keep it from getting to be a sweaty slobbery snotty mess in an hour. Instead it took two.

Plus I wasn't having to touch it all the time to drink water.
They said that in Sweden?
Sweden has actually has the most reasonable government in all this. Shocking, I know.

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The Daily Mail online edition went with an interesting headline, published late yesterday.

I'm not sure what to make of it all bit the fact the comments are unmoderated is the most telling thing about it all.
Every 5th comment or so a sheeple/bootlicker chimes in with "yeah well its only so low BECAUSE Big Brother fucked us in the ass!"

Like I'm pretty damn sure even Neil Ferguson, the mad deviant responsible for the initial "500K dead in UK, 2.5mil dead in US!" estimation model even retracted it and admitted he made calculation errors.

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So if for some reason you are still wearing a mask, be it for work or anti Karen devices. Please change/wash them everyday. Shit is super bad for you to keep rebreathing all your oral/nasal flora just congregating in the threads you would probably be better off huffing an airplane seat cushion all day.

Our hospital/county in based Florida projects the 'second wave' peaking in early January and gone by end of February, with about half the hospitalizations of the first wave. They were decently accurate so far this year.

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Currently targeting Bill Gates, you are welcome!
How come HHH Isnt threadbanned is a shocker while i cant post a fucking thread because jerking off with a orange anyways sorry for the sperging

This is the farms, you have all the right to act like a retard how much you want without needing to worry about censorship. However, everyone also has the right to call you a retard in return.

HHH is an idiot but he deserves the right to express himself the way he sees fit. Those are the rights I standby.


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My grandmother crocheted me a mask and I've been wearing it. The seeth and silent rage from mask faggots who can't call me out because it's technically a mask has been pretty cash.

I love you grandma.
There's a lot of doom and gloom about, but this made me smile so much. Grandmas are wonderful. Cherish yours while she's still about, she sounds like an utterly fantastic person :biggrin: Also the crocheting thing is a good point, I mean it's technically a mask and all. And I do like seeing idiots get mad.

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Blackpill Predictions moving forward.

-Wear your muzzle and like it
-Redistribution of global/national wealth
-Lose your business and work for the big corporations
-Indirect mandatory vaccination (In order to work or go to school you must have vaccine certification)
-2 classes of people the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, the non-vaccinated will be hit with crippling restrictions in society
-Clamp down on "Bad information" IE fact checking
-Government overreach pertaining to the pandemic like war time conditions and power "we are at war with the virus"
-Environmentalism, less CO2 emissions, eat your bugs only the well off can afford meat now

Remember when all the media started saying back in march "The new norm" welp this is what some of it may look like. Now they are talking about the great reset. Regardless of if this virus is natural and authentic or blown out of proportion the powers that be are clearly taking advantage of it to shape the world into a more controlled state. When we talk to our younger generations we will be telling tales about what life was like pre 2020.


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I've been raging against the angle that COVID infection means you WILL have lasting damage or even that most will see such lasting damage. Also the idea that these symptoms are somehow "new" for a disease, when the flu and certain cold strains can do the same thing in severe cases.
Yeah for sure. Most just shrug it off. This is just another scare tactic
This makes me wonder if COVID was really circulating that early or if they were using tests prone to insane false positive rates on the samples. There has also been speculation that some people have developed effective COVID antibodies before the pandemic due to exposure to related viruses (hence why the virus seems to simply bounce off a lot of people).
Now this is a really interesting one. China obviously are pushing this hard because it lets them off the hook a bit (well it doesn’t, half the garment industry is Chinese but they will spin it as exonerating then.) theres also a Spanish study showing particles in March but I’m not sure how reliable that is. It certainly raises the question of how this could be circulating without mass deaths. Because it was circulating- 11% of those samples were positive from different areas.
Clearly Lombardy was struggling over the spring - that’s not in doubt. But why then and not earlier? There was a really bad respiratory virus that swept through here in October to jan of 2019-2020. It sickened a lot of healthy young people and it caused a LOT of cardiac issues in young people too. I can also think of two deaths of people I’m aware of that if they happened now would be covid but which happened last year. I think this virus has been in play for a while, but I also think we are missing something or being misled somewhere - the epidemiology makes more sense with two different illnesses circulating one after the other. None of the facts ‘all’ fit.
Is there even any proof that eating in restaurants and bars lead to any sorts of serious disease spread? I mean, yeah, I understand the logic if you’re meeting up with someone you don’t see on a regular basis and sitting across a table from them for an hour. That prolonged contact would do it. But the amount of respiratory illnesses that I or anyone I know has contracted from another random patron in a restaurant is... well, none.
I suspect infection rates in restaurants may be very low indeed - eating and drinking wash viral particles out of the pharynx. Booze vapours nuke it. Crowded clubs would be an infection risk but a sit down restaurant with Ok ventilation? Nah.
New Orleans announces there will be no parades for Mardi Gras next year.
No pride, lol.
You're glowing hard right now, but I understand where you're coming from. I don't think there's a way out of this besides civil disobedience,
I think so too. It’s going to take a critical mass of people just not doing what they’re told to fix this. Anything violent will just be used as an excuse for more enforcement, but the rea power is people just not doing it. Disobey en masse. Vote out anyone who is into it. Speak up, always. I’ve been told off and pressured to wear a mask when even leaving the house and I tell them no. I’ve had covid. I am immune to covid. I am not going to give covid to anyone so I am not wearing a fucking mask.
My grandmother crocheted me a mask and I've been wearing it. The seeth and silent rage from mask faggots who can't call me out because it's technically a mask has been pretty cash.

I love you grandma.
Heheh. I love her too :)


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You know what really gets me about the dumb mask shit? During the bubonic plague one of the things they tried to control it was having everyone wear masks or face wraps stuffed with herbs. For obvious reasons this did not stop the plague.

We are literally attempting to use discredited pseudo science from the middle ages in 2020. Try and wrap your head around that for a minute.

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This is not just fucking pneumonia. It is everything but the kitchen sink. Lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, brain, blood vessels, testes. It affects them all.