Wuhan Coronavirus: Response to Dr Li Wenliang's admonition and future developments - Happenings within China, "let's laugh at slant autism".

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Here's something pretty fucked up.

So Weibo baked up more fake news. This time it's some international medicine corporation taking blood samples of cured Coronachan patients and shipping them overseas.
This is obviously illegal.

Turned out it was 100% fake news. I'm 99.99% certain it's fake. The hospital in question doesn't have a facility to check for fevers or capability to collect blood samples. It's their official response and there's no reason for them to lie about it.


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That's certainly one way to look at it. I am not sure we can assign such a motive to this situation. To frame it as the government forcing people to lose their jobs and purpose is really disingenuous.
I mean when has a country ever given up powers it gained (they always get the worse ones in a time of crisis). Yeah, everyone knows about the NSA/CIA spying, but aside from parallel construction they really don’t share that with other feds mainly because it would make being a spy easier. So, now we have large parts of the US on lockdown and the US gov just saying “hey we’re tracking everywhere you go with help from various tech companies, cellular networks, and any industry that could help”.

Thankfully the data has “ID removing info stripped” uhm how the fuck does it really? If they are using it to track your location pretty sure they can see where you live. Oh, it’s available to not just the CDC but federal and state level agencies. Now, where things get interesting will be the aftermath. Really none of what is happening now will matter for any country if they don’t handle the aftermath right for their country.

I worry how the US will handle it when it comes to rolling that shit back since I’m assuming they won’t. Then there is building the morale back, but that will understandably take a while. If things don’t go well I legit worry about some sort of civil war breaking out.

Then the shit with China - I honestly don’t see them leave this in great shape. They (CCP) have lost the mandate from heaven natural disaster followed by famine. That is why China’s trying so hard to pin it on the US and now Italy because then it’s at attack!

Regardless of any of that I just hope shit doesn’t get weird. That quarantines start getting lifted in a few weeks instead of months because that could be the difference between “fuck glad to get out and let me press F real fast” - a rough exp but still everyone is content or “FUCKING KILL THE GOD DAMN REDCOATS” - people entering an extremely different world with 30+% unemployment and instability.


I don’t know why people want the quarantines to last forever? I see it everywhere that everything should stay shut for months and no sporting events. In pro wrestling people want the companies to stop having tv tapings until further notice. People won’t put up with this in a few weeks and what would the authorities do, they can’t arrest all of the people.


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Qingming is on the 4th of April, which is in several minutes from the the time of this post, Beijing Timezone. It is the day where people memorialise the deceased, usually family members and/or ancestors.
China is looking to memorialise the ones who lost their lives in combating coronachan and her victims. Not bad. Many company pages have swapped their logos to black and white scheme.

However, Qingming gatherings are strictly banned. Dr Li is among the first 13 official "heroes" in combating Coronachan of China.

Flag half-raised, alarms etc for 3 minutes starting from 10am, nationally memorial for the deceased. All recreational activities will be stopped also.

At this point, I doubt there'll be a consensus reached on the virus nor will we know who's acting in bad-faith, but I agree with you- the CPC should have stayed out of it and responded only with medical aid, not mud-flinging over twitter.
Everyone's gonna call it the Wuflu and the scientific community a bunch of cucks if they fail to reach a consensus due to stupid petty politics.
Twitter is cancer. Why are these Chinese figured allowed access? If I was the party leader, I'd make sure twitter doesn't exist.

People coofing to death, let's speak some shit on twitter. If that helps the situation, fine. But no it doesn't. Good to know these political figures are as much of a sped as some random troon.
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Silly news, not too related to Coronachan but somewhat.

HK students made stuff mocking Xi and etc in Animal Crossing, the game is now banned on major retail sites in China.

I put in the first two in blue, then it's the auto-complete for "動物之", it should autocomplete to the most popular item, which is that game. It doesn't.

Imagine banning game because someone made some graphics in it. Well done China.

Speaking of priorities, a very high level corporate official was recently involved in child molestation. The victim called cops for 3 years before they actually tried to respond. Now shit is trickling down.

This 鲍毓明 is the (ex, they cut ties) co-executive of Jierui Finance. He's also involved in the higher up management of ZTE, one of China's biggest telecommunications giant. He molested his adopted daughter (age of 19 or something in 2020) for 3+ years. She called the cops in 2016, no response. 19-4=15. So as early as 15. Took her almost 4 years to get help.

The girl is question was rebellious at youth, her parents believed in the dumbass traditionalist Chinese drivel of "get adopted to rid the calamity (apparently if one's child isn't obedient, it's a sign of a disaster in the backwards bumpkin shitholes of China)", so they found this guy online, who was supposedly looking for a daughter to adopt.

Chinanet responds under the hashtag:

#this is the speed of China
"Raping adolescent girl for 3 years, no response from the police, Animal Crossing banned in 1 day".

Well done China, truly putting your priorities straight, what a People's Republic.

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