Wuhan Coronavirus: Vaccinations Campaigns, News and Debates - The Race to Jab the World

How eager are you to get a coronavirus vaccine, once it has been made available to you?

  • Very eager, will get it the moment I can reserve a shot for myself

    Votes: 7 5.6%
  • Eager, but willing to wait a bit

    Votes: 6 4.8%
  • Not uneager, I would have watch how the campaign goes

    Votes: 35 27.8%
  • Very uneager, I will not have a vaccine even if it process were completely free and easy

    Votes: 78 61.9%

  • Total voters


I'm a spooky ghost! Whooooo!!! Ectoplasm!!!!
It's an adenovirus that's been deactivated and genetically modified to express the protein spike that everyone has been targeting, so it's more conventional than the mRNA ones, but it may still have other issues. The worst would be that some people will develop an immunity to the virus itself, rather than the protein spike. It's better than a random bells palsy attack, at least.
That's really interesting, I didn't know that. Thank you!
And bells palsy is awful. At best it makes people stare, at worst it robs you of the ability to feed yourself without making a mess or communicate effectively. It's horrible and I never want to experience it ever again.

Its like the retards who say "its just an anaphylactic reaction, teehee!!". Anaphylaxis feels fucking awful. You get this crushing sense of urgency that your life is imminent danger and you're going to die and soon. I've known people who have had PTSD from that experience. Coof made me want to sleep and messed with my bowels. If I had to pick again, I'll take endless shitting and being tired for a month thanks.


I'm a spooky ghost! Whooooo!!! Ectoplasm!!!!
I bet these are the same people who squeal about muh condishuns when anyone calls them fat. :story:

Also, the Oxford vaccine is called ChAdOx1. There's got to be a meme in there somewhere.
I know precisely the kind you mean, I've met a lot in my previous field ( I'm not going to detail but if anyone wants a laugh/to be made sick to their stomach/bit of both please feel free to DM me, I'm rammed with tales of Awful Shit from my previous career) and it's always someone else's fault.

Part of the issue is, we see old age and shit health as mutually inclusive. They dont have to be. Its fundamentally wrong we see being on multiple meds for a range of preventable issues by the time we hit fifty, sixty or so.

Just Some Other Guy

Been working around the virus for almost a year now...yeah I think I'm good. Work recently made everyone fill out a survey to sign up for the vaccine or say you're not interested. I'm sure that totally won't be used to pester people in the future.

Co-workers already asking each other "Did you get the 1st injection yet?". Is it normal to ask strangers "Did you" questions first thing as if you know them? Very annoying.

Sorry, I'll let others be the guinea pig for this one first.

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Just wait until all the crusty costal shitholes of NYC, LA, Portland, and Seattle start breeding bubonic plague carrying super rats and we have 60% mortality rates with the homeless as the first victims. LA is already breeding typhus last I read. I'm not going to lose my shit over a mild respiratory illness that targets the elderly and the obese (like most illnesses), I'll start freaking out when the reaper comes back to kick off the Black Death Pt. II and we have to wear biozahard suits outside to avoid getting bitten by fleas
We were already promised that Covid 19 would decimate our homeless/drug addict population and it certainly did not deliver.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Dude Weed

The Covid vaccines are killing people, refuse them
OP please include in the option to vote somewhat/moderately uneager to take the vaccine.


Is Reimu gonna have to smack a bitch?
I don't get shots for seasonal bugs. I see no reason to change for this one

The doctor is always after me for flu shots. But I never get them. If my "everybody is gonna die from Covid-19!" relative asks I will lie to him so I don't get a 20 minute lecture about what a bad person I am. I'm far from anti-vaxx. It's just that I am really wary of this very quickly paraded out vaccine.


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The doctor is always after me for flu shots. But I never get them. If my "everybody is gonna die from Covid-19!" relative asks I will lie to him so I don't get a 20 minute lecture about what a bad person I am. I'm far from anti-vaxx. It's just that I am really wary of this very quickly paraded out vaccine.
yeah in my case I got a ton of respiratory bugs as a kid so by the time my balls finished dropping I was basically invincible to such things
so I've just never bothered
it's not even a "they'll turn my frogs gay" thing, it's just, like, the same reason Brock Lesnar wouldn't bother to scout the Brooklyn Brawler before their fight

The Tractor

Yes I will get a vaccine, but not because I'm particularly worried for my own health but because a vaccine will no doubt be a requirement for most forms of travel and for my own personal life, I need the ability to travel.

At my age and with my overall good health, I will be towards the back of the queue anyway in my country so I'm in the wait and see camp regardless. I think that a lot of wait and see people will be lured eventually by non health reasons. Quite a few people are in the "why bother" camp where I am because of a lack of COVID cases.


I don't get shots for seasonal bugs. I see no reason to change for this one

I feel the same way. I used to get flu shots, but I got sick every time I did. Then I stopped, and I haven't gotten sick since.

The difference now is that we will be forced into getting this. I know it. We all know it. I'll hold out as long as a possibly can, but sooner or later, I'll have to cave.


Who, Me? Or maybe That guy? I can't tell.
I'm actually between option 3 and 4. Not high risk if I get the coof, And the incentives are all pointed the wrong way as far as producing something safe and then doing good, thorough testing. Everything is aimed at getting something that can be used fast, And side effects? We'll find out later. What could go wrong?

In a year or so there will be much better info on whatever issues there might be, Or clear suppression of discussing them. I'll have a look at things then with more info to make a decision with. For now, Heck no.



China’s COVID-19 shot has four wildly different efficacy rates

As a global rollout kicks off, with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo receiving the Sinovac Biotech Ltd. vaccine on live television Wednesday, uncertainty swirls over the efficacy of the leading Chinese shot, for which four different protection rate numbers have been released in recent weeks.

Indonesia, which is moving the fastest on distributing the Sinovac shot to its population, said that a local trial showed an efficacy of 65% against COVID-19. But only 1,620 people in Indonesia took part in that trial — too small for meaningful data.

Turkey said last month that the same vaccine showed efficacy of 91.25% in its local trial, which was similarly too small to draw a sufficient conclusion.

In Brazil, where Sinovac’s biggest trial of more than 13,000 people is being conducted, dueling efficacy rates have been publicized. The company’s local trial partner, Butantan Institute, said last week that the vaccine was 78% effective in preventing mild cases of COVID-19 and 100% effective against severe and moderate infections.

Yet on Tuesday, Butantan said the overall rate, which also includes very mild cases that didn’t require medical help, is actually 50.38%.

Overlapping efficacy data is not unprecedented in the COVID-19 vaccine race — AstraZeneca PLC released two separate protection rates based on different dosage regimes last month — and all the findings are above the threshold of 50% efficacy required by regulators for approval.

Yet the confusion, which comes as several governments commit to inoculating their citizens with Sinovac’s shot, is fueling skepticism over Chinese vaccines, which have disclosed less safety and testing information than western front-runners. The data kerfuffle risks further undermining trust in shots that President Xi Jinping has promised to share with the rest of the world as a global public good.

"There is enormous financial and prestige pressure for these trials to massively overstate their results,” said Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor at the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University.

"In many cases, such overstatements are also politically motivated, as countries that have failed to properly control the pandemic now want to overstate the benefits of the vaccines to win votes and appease local unrest.”

A Sinovac spokesman declined to comment on the numbers from its trials in Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia and said more data would be released by its Brazil partner this week.

The data issue appears to already be holding up regulatory approval for Sinovac’s vaccine in some places.

"Initially, Sinovac was going to ship the vaccine supply to Hong Kong in January. But they delayed the announcement of the Phase III clinical trial data three times,” said David Hui, a professor of respiratory medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who sits on the Asian financial hub’s COVID-19 advisory panel. "That would delay the assessment of their application.”

The massive Brazil trial, which Sinovac has said will be where it gets its definitive efficacy data, has received intense scrutiny.

Observers were flummoxed by the first efficacy rate of 78% announced by Butantan Institute. According to the information disclosed, the trial saw about 220 participants infected: 160 in the placebo group and almost 60 in the vaccinated group.

If trial participants were evenly split between the vaccine and placebo group, then the efficacy rate should come out to 62.5%, said Petrovsky, who’s also a research director for Vaxine Pty Ltd., a company that is developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

External calculations remain speculative unless more data, like the total number of people in the placebo group and vaccinated group, is released in peer-reviewed scientific journals, said Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales.

On Tuesday, Butantan explained the 78% was calculated considering the mild, moderate and severe cases, officials said. When very mild cases are included among the 13,000 volunteers, the figure is 50.4% — 167 infected volunteers in the placebo arm, and 85 in the vaccine arm. The shot proved 100% effective in preventing severe cases.

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa requested additional data from the Butantan Institute on the Sinovac trial before deciding whether to approve the vaccine for use.

Hoi Polloi

I fall into a group that the current vaccines haven't been tested on at all, so there's no fucking way I'm letting one anywhere near me as soon as it's available. Ideally I'd hold off for at least three years (if covid is even still considered a big deal then) until there's some kind of long term data on these things, but if it's required for international travel I might just go along with it sooner so my life plans don't get fucked up any more then they already have been.