Wurm: Brotunheim Invitation

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Jul 21, 2022
Back from its '6 month' hiatus, the lads at 4 and 8 are once again gathering. Soon we'll be shitting out 12 million small nails, piloting trade carts pulled by zombie crocodiles, and waging jihad upon each other to determine which godess has the biggest dick. The time has come for more WURM autism, and you're all once again invited to join!

Shamelessly stolen from last years post:
What is Wurm Unlimited?
Wurm Unlimited is the free range, more forgiving version of an autistic online MMO known as Wurm: Online created by FUCKING ROLF (the man who taught notch all of his terrible javascript habits)
Wurm allows you to modify terrain, build housing, slay dragons and trolls, tame fantastic creatures, build a ship and sail the seas, Smith masterful weapons and armor, Cook and Brew alcohol of all flavors, and die to a tortoise in the finest armor your village has More!
The game works on a QL system much like haven and hearth, the finer your skills and tools, the finer the potential outcomes (with a cap at ql99 to prevent quality spiraling unlike haven and hearth)
You assemble your items piece by piece with a chance of rarity on each part, and a chance of transferring that rarity, but rarity rolls can happen during nearly any action meaning you may end up with a shiny pile of dirt or a glimmering treestump. Every metal and material has different properties, cosmetic appearance and traits (lead arrows/weapons for instance are of course heavier, halve your physical damage cap but deal 25% of that lost damage as an additional poison wound, which gives a very small RNG chance of killing you each healing tick)

Why the fuck would I do this again?
Every '6 months', a new retard claims the crown of Badmin. As Badmin, it is my sacred duty to duct tape as many mods together as possible and pray to mommy libbys big fat milkers that nothing explodes. This time, I've somehow managed to incorporate a few extra features that we haven't had in the past. Some highlights:

While I suspect most will form villages along their usual lines, we do not have the standard kingdoms this time around. Instead, everyone will be in the Freedom kingdom(which means all flavors of priest are available!), and pvp rules are enabled in full. The only person you can't kill is your fellow villagemates, and with everyone in the same kingdom, betrayal is as easy as starting a new village. This also means we all share the same global chat, so expect a good deal of banter this time around.

We've also found some Mexicans to join. I've been assured they're good lads, but if not, its just that much more chaos fun!

This time around, we've got a heavier focus on trade and economies. We'll have merchants that will bulk buy any amount of their requested goods spawned on a rotation, and just about every magic item you could want will also be for sale. No longer do only the fighters get the fun affinity orbs and rare bones.

We'll have the usual spread of events and things to find. Dungeons, unique raid-style fights, community gatherings, and treasure maps should all be in abundance.

Ok, I'm interested:
If you want more info, I've been trying to collect all the updates/changes on our website here: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim
Right now the server should be publicly listed (but not yet open) under "Brotunheim", but if you happen to have the yarhar client, you can use the following information:
Port: 3724

The official launch date for Brotunheim will be August 2nd. We have a stress test planned for the 27th from 6-9pm. Show up for feedback/finalization of a few settings, train your fighting skill to 20, and get a free 30ql weapon of your choice!


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Jun 25, 2020
I don't have time for this kind of autism anymore, but good luck.


Apr 19, 2019
I swear, I'm done with smithing. I'm just going to let someone else take care of it. I'm just going to build a farm or something instead of autistically spending hours making nails and arrowheads, for real this time. I can quit whenever I want.

wurm badmin

Jul 21, 2022
Hopefully this isn't a rule infraction for bumping my own thread, but I've been pretty regularly updating other places, and I'll try to do so here as well.

Its the last night before the stress test, and the event grounds are looking good. The Journey East-West trading company has finished construction on their new outposts, and should be full of things to buy soon. Meanwhile, the threats in the marsh continue to grow.

On the technical front: I've doubled the droprate for treasure maps from most gathering activities and vastly expanded the list of mobs that can drop maps. Alchemy has received ANOTHER buff, so if priest restrictions do get turned on, you'll still have more than enough magic. Breeding rates are also doubled. Smelting pots have been re-enabled. I'm going to leave properties on the website alone for now and save updating that for after the stress test (tomorrow, 6-9pm cst). Can't wait to see you all in Brotunheim!