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The CWCki Forums had a private discussion board that only people with VIP status can access. This is sort of a personal catharsis that I feel should be shared with the general public.

I've removed names and gender-specific pronouns from the post, except those relating to Chris. Some of the things I'm talking about aren't public yet. Hopefully it can still be understood.

Edit: This does not mean I'm closing the forum. Just a small board that was inhabited by like 5 people and the staff.


After my last thread, I've had some talks with at least half a dozen different people regarding this board. Between staff, users not in the know, and a VIP, the ultimate conclusion was that Private Discussion should be closed by January 2015.

There's there's three things I'd like to cover in this post.
  1. A review of what has been accomplished here.
  2. An understanding of why this conclusion was reached.
  3. What happens after the board is closed.

So, lets start with a review.

At some point, early on when I started hosting, I thought it would be a good idea to open a board for Marvin and Alec to communicate with staff. They, for the entirety of this board's existence, have kept their own plans, personas, and goals a secret from everyone I know of. There were some very light interactions, but nothing serious happened. This changed with ████████.

When I first saw Chris talking about his Highschool Reunion, my immediate thought was "someone is going to impersonate Chris's friends". And that happened. Up until I got ████████ PMs, I thought for sure anyone caught fucking around with the reunion and impersonating people would be banned, that changed when [they] had success.

See, ████████ got involved during the slowest period of Chris' history since his discovery. There was no information from Chris, no information from third parties, Facebook updates were months apart, and what we got when he did post was random bullshit that meant nothing. In fact, when this started, we didn't have an Update board because there were so few updates to report on, it was pointless. I had the idea of an update board for a long time before it was added, but people told me it was just wishful thinking on my part that Chris would ever be as loud as he is now again.

[Their] work with the impersonations became such a massive web, most people stopped following it. For a while, even I didn't keep in touch. There were too many people, too much going on, and too many "forwarded emails" to keep straight. After the house fire, there was an email sent as the injured firefighter. At this point, I asked [them] to stop. For whatever reason, probably a combination of feeling discouraged and being swamped by [real-life work], ████████ went quiet for a long time. [They] kept to [one of their identities] only, which hampered [their] ability to get content, but it felt better.

████████ entered the picture some time later. It started very innocuously with some drive-by pictures of Chris' house. In fact, IIRC, the first series of pictures was taken from a moving vehicle going too fast for any of the pictures to develop properly. This evolved to curb-side photography, and then eventually we started seeing papers from what had been thrown out. At some point this began to alarm community members. It didn't strike me as anything particularly offensive, though. This also changed when we started seeing pictures of the rental house. I don't know how ████████ got them. I'm assuming [they] saw them on the road and followed them home. All know is that it made me, and other staff, uncomfortable.

Around this time I ducked the forums for about a month. When I started appearing again, KatsuKitty informed me that ████████ wanted ████████ to have access to the Private Board. I didn't understand why, but I later found out [they were] a new galpal. ████████, I believe, has been the most tame out of all 5 of the VIPs. [They were] certainly the least involved, [they] played by many of the rules set out by previous Chris trolls, and I get the idea that a lot of this isn't wholly [their] idea.

This leads us up to today. We've seen the first video of Chris in a year. We've had the first audio of Chris since the Emily date. We've seen pictures, letters, and drawings we've never seen before.

So it would seem there's been peaks of success. A lot of new information. Why the decision?

The cost of this information is too high.

In the last video, Chris is so fucking pathetic and broken it hurts. He's desperately clinging to a relationship that borders on emotionally abusive. [They've] had [their] gifts of affection stolen from the person [they]'s given them to. He still clings to the idea of a reunion, even though he thinks that all of the people he used to know ridicule him. His mother is slowly dying, his family has ostracized him, he's had trolls pose as his very young cousin just to call him weird, he's thousands of dollars in debt and losing 30 fucking dollars from a single PayPal case can throw off his entire month's budget. It goes on, and on, and on.

And the worst part is, all of the intrapersonal problems I just mentioned are made up. ████████? Fake. Highschool friends? Fake. ████████? Fake. ████████? Fake. Every person he knows is us. I'm not okay with this.

I mean, compare Chris' energy in these two videos:

He's completely drained. There's no fight there. Even the posture is different. He's sitting the, legs clasp together, hands laying limp in his lap. He's fucking burnt.

In short, the decision was reached for one big reason: We're not comfortable with this anymore. Trolling Chris isn't the same was it was 5 years ago. This is the closest thing to gangstalking that has ever existed, and the target is someone who is literally retarded.

But before anyone gets defensive, and I know it sounds like I'm blaming everyone, but the blame is on me. I made the board. I encouraged ████████. I encouraged ████████. I invited ████████. I did all of this so that I would have a say so that I would be in the know, so that I would be important without even doing anything. And it worked, I mean -- I guess I'm "inner circle" now. I know more than 99% of people, but at what cost?

I glorified obsessive behavior, I gave people badges and gold names for it, I built an echo chamber that caused a mentality to grow in people which was not healthy. I feel like I'm fucking evil for this shit.

Now what?

One of the biggest reasons I was able to mentally justify the continued existence of this board was this:
"If I shut it down, they will take their work and move it elsewhere. Then, I don't have a say at all."

This continues to be true, but I am now at a point where I believe even that would be better. There's a reason why most staff don't post here: because they're not okay with it. Even the ones that do have raised issues.

I don't control what you guys do, but I would implore you to stop. Chris isn't a good guy, and I know his attitude and behavior goes a long way in not caring about what happens to him. However, I would still ask you all to consider what holding this much power and influence over a single person does to him, and does to you. Is Chris really being trolled anymore? Is this level of military grade effort warranted? Have what we gotten from it satisfied the "Effort to Reaction" rule of trolling?

Marvin has offered to host these discussions elsewhere, and I know there's a good chance you guys will pick up and move to a different place with him, but if that is the case I sincerely hope what I've said will at least resonate.

With that said, I would like you all to come up with a timeline of how you want to wind down activity. What information should be released, when should it be released? I think January 2015 is a generous allotment of time, and there's many weeks to work with in terms of either shutting down efforts or getting set up with Marvin.

I sincerely appreciate the amount of time people have invested into what I've created. Ultimately, and sadly, I believe the fun period of messing with Chris is now over forever. I have seen for my own eyes what even the most ambitious of efforts can bring about, and I don't think it's a good idea to encourage it anymore.
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I'm inclined to agree with Null,

At this point I am very interested in all the content we haven't had access to yet. But as far as new content from here on out I don't think it'll be worth it. Unfortunately, I think all the funny has been squeezed out of Chris by now. He's like a smelly old sponge people are desperately trying to ring out for more funny when there's really none to be had. We know pretty much everything there is to know about the guy, we've seen almost everything there is to see him do. Everything from here on out would be a repeat of something someone already did years ago.

TL 611

lol ir's pretty fucking bizarre in the hidden board. And like there's not even enough interesting content coming from Chris to warrant all the effort put in. It's just a load of boring emails, "here's a troll sending an email to their other identity then forwarding it to Chris to see his response", etc.


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Sorry but i am a little slow. Is it just the private board that is going or all of the boards?
The private board is going and all the content in it is going to be released publicly by January of next year.
Replace the black spaces with whatever names you want like Spergy Madlibs.

Around this time I ducked the forums for about a month. When I started appearing again, KatsuKitty informed me that Ziltoid wanted Melchett to have access to the Private Board. I didn't understand why, but I later found out [they were] a new galpal. Melchett, I believe, has been the most tame out of all 5 of the VIPs. [They were] certainly the least involved, [they] played by many of the rules set out by previous Chris trolls, and I get the idea that a lot of this isn't wholly [their] idea.
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Being that I came in pretty late to access, I can say that Discussion had more interesting Chris content than the private board from a fairly newbie standpoint.
Hellblazer and Melchett can attest to this too being fresh as well.

Because the Discussion board actually had the insight to Chris with so many heads to bounce thoughts off of. From Facebook updates, to the eBay listings, ect. ect.
None of this was even bothered with in private.

It was instead this niche third party interest. And while it did squeeze a bit out of the dead horse, this is one pony that is best left solo to sperg on his own.

Live on Discussion :heart-full:
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