x86x2 (Barneyfag) article -

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Hard to say since apart from here he mostly posts anonymously on 4chan. He's one of the most active cows currently so I would say go for it.
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Would there be enough info on @x86x2 to warrant an article for him?
Probably, but most of it is spread here and there on his thread.

If you want to research him from 4chan archives, the archives are spotty and often broken, since the sites that archive the boards in question often go down. If you see a few of his posts, you can generally search for his stock phrases and for the md5 hashes of the images he posts (like that dumb skull).


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As AnOminous said he avatarfags. Try searching the /v/ /pol/ and /co/ archives for threads featuring the skull avvy he uses on here.


I have no idea why everyone hates him. He's hilarious! Unlike the writers from CWC and ADF, they truly do care for making a great and hilarious lolcow.
Um "writers"? That was Deagle Nation bro, these lolcows are True and Honest autistic crazies.


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I think he deserves an article. It would be very complicated though. If you can find the information scattered through the thread, then go for it.


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This guy amuses me. While I'm bored I'll start digging through the thread, if nobody else has "adopted" it (presuming that's a no, considering the age of the thread).

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