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I have no clue, he deleted fast. I'll look around for an archive of it but don't get your hopes up.

:story: :story: He got caught faking having a job:story: :story:

This was his attempt at going "HAHA! I WAS ONLY PRETENDING!":
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TLDR - During Perfection's stream, he received a phone call from a telemarketer and he pretended it was his workplace asking for a double shift. Unlike I previously thought, this was the reason he 86'd that stream as fast as he did:
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His channel is also slowly bleeding subscribers:
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Bruh :stress: :story: :story: :story: :story:

On the upside, I now know how to shut telemarketers up. My previous ploy was to just tell them it's against my religion to buy into anything they were trying to sell me (I'm an atheist) :story:

Kiwis, I think we hit a lolvein.
When do we cash in?
Bruh , when we first started looking into this sperg, I didn't think much of it but what we've found has exceeded expectations. It's the gift that keeps on giving :story: I tip my hat to you and your friends Perfection. :semperfidelis:

We talked:
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We got in VC:
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He barely talked and what little he did talk had to be transcripted:
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("i fucked my sister" comment was a joke)
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After it was clear no one could understand him he switched to writing:
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I asked him a couple questions:
Me: "Can I get some new pics of your fabulous abs?"
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He posted the same pics he's been posting for months. I asked him for new pics, even told him that he could write on a paper "Damian is a liar beta coward" on it. He didn't do it.

Me: "How old are you?"
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Me: "Do you suffer from mental exceptionalism/aspergers/autism or any form of mental illness?"
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(Press X to doubt)

Then an audibly loud fart was heard from SSIMS' mic:
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He then started asking for everyone to face reveal, we had some fun with it:
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He is at least smart enough to use google img search:
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Unfortunately I had stuff to do and had to leave, I asked if he had anymore questions and he didn't respond.

And yes, I did record the call.
I'm fucking weak :story::story::story: He actually farted on the fucking mic ?? :story::story::story: bruh I wish I had the time to do all of this, I love this kinda shit :story:

Sperfection's discord really feels like a black boi club for faggots.
Please use the MBA sanctioned term BBN aka Broke Black N****s

Hi MBA, glad you like the thread.

To correct you here, he wasn't watching it, HE POSTED IT:
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Oh damn, I had a suspicion he found the thread. Some of the info he had on the previous stream looked alot like the stuff you posted on thread. Be nice if they contributed that Criminal record found in the Alabama state records as that's literally the only thing we need to fully complete the OP.

Also guys looks like exposure is up for the thread :story: time to plug your soundclouds and Youtube Channels

Oh one more thing guys, If possible, archive any and all videos that you find on MBA, Perfection and anyone that provide info or insight into this sperg. Make @damian's life a bit easier. I've already archived that loli Perfection vid from his YT, was going to do more but I'm currently having space issues. Will resume as soon as I'm able to sort out that crap
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Nick Rekieta just ripped into Perfection in the latest stream.
IBS Stream between Rekieta and Perfection incoming!


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Sperfection's discord really feels like a black boi club for faggots. We all thought the nogs were lusting after the anime girls, but I bet they want that anime dick.

According to the chat log, the only thing that gets lotion is his hand and peen. He's just 98% ashy on the rest of his body.
You can't have a brown hand and a tanned body then later on have a white body. I may be reaching but that itself is weird


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Might not be, but he sure as hell likes loli porn:
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I still can't believe people make porn accounts. What's the damn purpose, unless you're into really weird niche shit, you don't even need one. And it's under his fucking name. At the very least try to separate the name from yourself as much as possible so this doesn't happen. Then again going by the thread, I doubt he cares that much


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Well, this seems appropriate:

We'll see how this goes and if Xavier Price can show some maturity tonight for once.
If not, we'll sit back watch the fireworks.


Calling it now: he leaves the show early because of superchats ragging on him (his ego cannot withstand it) and immediately runs to his discord acting tough.
Speaking of which, I'd like to make a request of everyone in the chat tonight. Perfection is going to try to use Nick's stream as a way to get his subs back. Make sure this doesn't happen. @KEK7go not sure if you're a mod in Nick's chat, but you know first hand what Perfection is like having been in his discord. Please don't let him avoid topics that Nick brings up. If you need talking points, ask Nick to refer to the thread