Xbox 360 R.I.P thread - Go gently into the good night my friend

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Mar 13, 2015
The Xbox 360 had a long and glorious ride. Yet, all good things come to an end, at least from the production side of things, as announced today by Microsoft.

The company is ceasing production of its older console due to “the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old,” but will continue selling existing inventory until it runs out.

Here are a few relevant points:

  • Xbox 360 owners will continue to receive Xbox Live services for their console, such as online multiplayer gaming and parties, access to the apps they use today, and Games with Gold and Deals with Gold.
  • Xbox Live servers that support Xbox 360 services will also remain online and active. Our Xbox 360 fans can continue to play their favorite games with the full support of Xbox Live.
  • Gamers will also be able to continue to buy over 4,000 Xbox 360 games or Xbox 360 accessories at retail and through our Xbox 360 store online, while supplies last.
  • Any Xbox 360 hardware will still be supported at
  • And Xbox One owners will be able to continue to enjoy available Xbox 360 games through Xbox One Backward Compatibility – at no additional cost.
Within the announcement Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer also promised to share the company’s plans for “Xbox One, Windows 10 and beyond” over the next few weeks and months.

Sauce : dual shockers.
So most likely due to the fact that making 12 year old chips was not very well liked by AMD and IBM and hynix,Microsoft has ceased production of one of the most popular consoles of all time.
The Xbox 360 finally brought PC levels of graphics and online gaming at the same time, created memes such as MLG,red ring,and massive autistic fanboy wars.
Brought extremely rare and great exclusives,but was more famous due to multiplayer and multiplatform games.

I remember me getting a 2006 Xbox,white 20gbs with demos of burnout and kameo,I was in awe by the graphics,since It was my first console since the psone.

For until 2014 it was my primary gaming machine, playing mostly pirated games because I'm poor and then enjoying kinect and online games for the first time in 2011 when my father's cousin brought one from America,a black slim one to replace the old unlocked elite 120gbs model I had(the old whitey had died long ago).

My favorites games: alan wake,far cry 2,BioShock 2,forza 4,guitar hero aerosmith, halo 3 odst and halo reach,battlefield bad company 2 and online battlefield 3,ace combat 6,gears of war 2 and GTA IV and it's amazing dlc.

Special mention to LA noire,my favorite game of all time next to half life 2.


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Jan 5, 2015
People think they're owed something still 8-10 years after their original chipset 360's died. Long after they had a chance for compensation, again a decade ago. People forget how shitty warranty for electronics are today and get involved in autistic Wars.

It's funny. But my 360 from 2009 lasted up until this year. Not even in the reliable chipset category, but still lasted long enough.
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May 25, 2013
Well, I guess I better start working on my 360 backlog. Probably will be done with that around the time the Xbox 1080 comes out.

Looking forward to that time a decade from now when someone tells me with a straight face that games like GTAIV, Skyrim, and Saint's Row 2 are retro. Then I can whip out my walking stick and regal them in a time way back when DLC and microtransactions were a new thing and how we didn't have to shoehorn a gay black man and a handicapped tra nsex ual into every game to avoid being called bigots.

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Mar 3, 2013
I think only shitty crossplats or sports games.
I predict the ps3 wi suffer a similar fate this year as well.
Make space for ps4k production
Depends what lower tier countries the 360 is popular in I suppose. Is it big in south America? Lots of consoles have ridiculously long tail ends to their lifetimes due to demand in some regions.


Meu avô era do DOPS
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Mar 13, 2015
No surprise. That hardware wasn't cutting edge even when it debuted ten years ago.
First to use multi core CPUs and unified shader architecture in its GPU,there was nothing close in performance until the first nvdia dx10 gpus arrived in 2006.
Depends what lower tier countries the 360 is popular in I suppose. Is it big in south America? Lots of consoles have ridiculously long tail ends to their lifetimes due to demand in some regions.
Ps3 and 360 are very popular,especially the 360,since it's much easier to jailbreak and pirate games.
However I think the market for both are saturated and people want the ps4 and xbone.
They had a large drop In price recently.


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Apr 13, 2016
I had some pretty bad luck with the 360.

I owned 3 or 4 of them from the span of 2005 to 2011. After my first second one died in 2009, I should have just quit and stuck to my PS3 or get a new bideo card back then. But nope, I needed another 360 because that was the platform where SF4 could maintain a solid 60fps.

In retrospect, I'm indifferent to the 360's eventual death. It was a good console, but the hardware failures, Gold paywall, lack of diversity in exclusives, made me prefer the PS3 in the last generation. R.I.P. In peace.


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Jun 25, 2013
I had some good times with the 360 mostly.

It was the console that introduced me to online multiplayer via Halo 3. And I had a lot of fun with it.

I also remember playing a shit ton of Left 4 Dead on it too.

I think I had like 2 or 3 of them and they all RROD'd. I was pretty fed up with the console doing that by that point, so I didn't bother getting another one.

Still, the system had quite a few good games. Overall, I still preferred the Playstation 3.

NG 070

Not gonna lie, I think the Xbox 360 is my favorite gaming console out of all the ones I've played since the N64. Had some of my favorite titles (even if some were multiplatform), managed to get a pretty decent gamer score, and I just liked the overall presentation and feel to it.

Only had one RRoD, too, but they were pretty good about fixing it. I was also too poor to afford the wireless router extension (we got it about a year or so after it first came out), so whenever I wanted to go online, I had to connect a long-ass ethernet cord from the basement up to the machine, lmao.


Jul 25, 2015
I played so much Elder Scrolls. Oh, and L4D with my buddies. Loads of games most of it fun enough some of it not.

360? You were as loud as a fucking jet engine, but you were a pretty awesome. May you slaughter innumerable CDI's in whatever console hell you end up in.


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Sep 11, 2014
I never gotten a 360 due to the constant hardware failures made me go into PC and PS3 even though I enjoyed the original Xbox. What I can say is I do like the controller and used it for PC games.