Xbox and Microsoft


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Feb 3, 2013
I think the thing with consoles is it's cheaper and more convenient than buying a PC built for gaming. I've heard you can cut costs by building your own, but not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort or have the patience or ability to build one. With consoles they are all the same so there are zero personal changes to them that could effect performance, and they don't rely on outside programs.
I occasionally play games on this laptop but I'm not much of a pc gamer. I've had problems that I haven't had to deal with on consoles. I've had anti virus software prevent me from playing games on Steam without any notification it was doing that and I've had to manually change the resolution in a games for files in order for it to launch. Now I'm generally incompetent when it comes to computers. So when I encounter a problem I check for solutions online and when those don't work I generally despair. The resolution problem I solved myself through trial and error when all the answers online didn't help one said the version of the game I was playing was screwed and to get the other so I did and encountered the same problem. My point is there are no outside variables when it comes to console gaming when I encounter some problems in a console game, loading a save, restarting the game or installing it to the hard drive solves it. If that doesn't work I can just return it and get a full refund.

I just like the ease of use of consoles compared to computers. I generally don't care how a game looks just how it plays so I never saw the reason to play games on PC if I could help it although I do like being able to play with mods.
Hopefully we will get Steamboxes soon. That should be a great compromise.