Xbox One: Thoughts?

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Koning der Pijpbeurt
Feb 3, 2013
somejerk said:
...but really, Microsoft always jerks people around in exactly this manner. Anyone remember the XP Hardware Abstraction Layer flipping out and blue screening your shit when you changed a hard drive or upgraded your CPU?
I lost a computer several years ago to a buggy Windows XP update. Shattered a whole bunch of DLLs and corrupted my hard drive. I couldn't even access the boot menu to reinstall XP.

I'm not surprised; just disgusted.

Jackie Chin

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Sep 7, 2013
I don't plan on buying this console or ever will. My love for the 360 is dwindling not because of the console itself, but the games made for it. Yea, so what if Xbox One won't require being offline more than 24 hours a day, Microsoft, or the company making the game will still try to make it so you need Cbox Live in order to play their games. A great example of this, is Halo 4, the amount of content on the game is fine, but you need Xbox Live to play it (Spartan Ops Single Player), even Assassin's Creed 3 is guilty of this with its pivots at the end of the game. I don't know if Microsoft made these companies do this, or if it was their own choice, it still upsets me when I wish to play a game but need to connect to the Internet and buy another subscription to play it.


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Sep 26, 2019
Woooooooo I'm gonna bump this nearly decade-old thread now that the Xbox One is dead and gay; well, about as dead as it can be by now. It's still getting games, even giant flagship ones like Halo Infinite, though, most recent games that work on both One and Series X|S generally run like total shit on the base models of the Xbox One. If you've ever played a PC game on absolute minimum settings, you'll be well familiar with the feeling of your machine just trying its absolute hardest to run the game, with everything just being so slow, and serious input lag on-board, even when it does manage a decent framerate. I'd imagine Xbox One Xs are holding up fine, though I've never actually met anyone who owns one.

So, let's go through this thread and check out the initial impressions of the console, and compare them to how things turned out here in the future. This'll be fun, considering the Xbox One had an appalling launch, but it turned out alright in the end.

The design looks pretty goddamn ugly, I thought we had left VHS players well behind.
Fair enough, especially when you compare it to the slick-looking base model PlayStation 4, though it looks much nicer than the PS5, and arguably a little nicer than the Series X. One really goofy thing nobody ever seemed to notice about the base model Xbox One was that it wasn't designed at all to sit vertically; it has no feet on the side, and it'll probably explode and give me COVID if I do just kinda prop it up on its side. I don't know. It's seriously probably just a heating thing.

The console will come with 8 gigabyes of RAM, a Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0 connector and HDMI in and out.

Whoopti fucking do. So their new system that is going to last them another 10 years is about as good as a low-mid range pc now. This thing is going to be a dinosuar in a few years. the DRM no used games seems like a middle finger to gamestop, whos profits gaming companies have been wanting for a good time. Lastly, the speech thing is flashly but it feels like the Kinnect. Something to impress people with in commercials rather than being a terribly useful feature.

All in all, I hope Sony has something impressive or this generation systems are all just bullshit.
  • The current most popular game console in the world, by far, is the Nintendo Switch, with just 4GB of RAM. Gaming computers have been stuck at 16GB of RAM as a standard for a long time now.
  • At the time, there was no such thing as a game console without a disc drive, but there is now. It's incredibly difficult to buy a new Xbox that isn't the discless Series S, and of course you can't just mount an older Xbox One's disc drive to use with your Series S over the network. So, laughable as the Blu-ray drive may have been when it was listed as a feature, it isn't anything to sneeze at here in the shitty future.
  • To this day, USB 3.0 ports aren't totally ubiquitous, despite how they're already obsolete by way of 3.2 Type-C ports - which even the Series S and Xs don't have.
  • The HDMI In port really was a total joke, and never saw good use. It even introduces input lag if you try to run another console through it, lol.
  • As for the speech thing, ironically, that got largely dropped along with the Kinect, but smarthome shit where you actually do talk to your electronics blew up near the end of the decade,
They call it Xbox Series X because when you see it you'll have found where X marks the spot on your map because it's rarer than actual buried treasure

I'm going to be a late adopter this generation, if I get a next-gen console at all. Honestly, the lack of backwards compatibility is really turning me off on Xbox One, as well as the used game "unlock" fee.
They completely consneeded on both of those fronts. The used game unlock fee was scrapped before the console even launched, and backwards compatibility on a game-by-game basis became a thing where they more or less ported a few hundred games across the 360 and original Xbox libraries. It turned out pretty well, actually.

More like Microsoft is becoming the Chris-chan of the gaming industry: it wants things done its way, it's not gonna change no matter how much we pray it does, and the always-on Kinect is just plain creepy.
You know, this was a really common sentiment back in '13, the whole concept of an internet-connected device of yours always watching and listening being the creepiest thing ever. But, eight years later, well into endless clown world, and it's not even a surprising thing when you find out someone has a Google Home or Amazon Alexa always listening to them. Kinect's big brother shit was repulsive back then, but take out the camera, and now it's acceptable. That might just be the biggest change in tech that nobody seemed to notice; just how accepting people are to the surveillance state monitoring every last thing you say, for the sake of a tiny bit of convenience.

So, RIP the Xbox One. It launched and was awful, but got gud over time. The best thing about it was the backwards compatibility, what with how the games it could run actually took advantage of the One's hardware, and ran smoothly. And the UI got a significant update at some point, making it much more game-focused and putting all of the weird TV crap in the background. Kinect support in the console's interface is now the bare minimum if you have one, and only works with games it's designed for. The Series X|S won't even run Kinect games, and apparently those are the only games that the machine won't run. Here's the error message if you're curious:
Thanks, guy on YouTube.