Xbox Series X event feat. MatPat, Egoraptor, Jacksepticeye and Ninja -


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I was going to watch this live. But now I'm probably going to sit it out and just catch the highlights later. This looks to be pure cringe. Thanks Phil Spencer.

It's amazing how Arin still manages to get invited into this things, his channel has barely grow at all.
Its probably because he's an NPC who'll parrot whatever the party line is.

Austin Evans - dollar store Linus Tech Tips, even more of a shill than Linus and that's saying something
Alanah Pearce - Rooster Teeth thot
Allegra Frank - Vox thot, Associate Culture Editor
Arin Hanson - washed up eceleb
Danny O'Dwyer - Vidya Journo
Jacksepticeye - Irsh Pewds
JD Witherspoon - actor, who?
Lamarr Wilson - youtuber, who?
Laurenzside - who?
MatPat - meme
Ninja - Streamer, Mixer Refugee
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I legitimately keep forgetting the xbox one is still around. It feels like they barley release any games for it. I almost feel a little sorry for xbox players.
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