Xuanqi Zhu / Kathy Zhu / PoliticalKathy - MAGA grifter. Black crime statistician. Bat soup connoisseur.

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Here's what gets me. What's even the point tweeting about it? Everyone (conservative, liberal, whatever) knows about the black crime rate. It's just like the IQ Nationalism cult. Everyone knows some races of people have higher IQs on average than others. Some people might not admit it, but they know these things. They might chalk it up to different factors (biological, economic, etc) but they know. Insistently talking about it is just so basic bitch.
They think it’s a PSA because they’re normies. If you raise your kid to be this sheltered and basic, you deserve for them to end up with a Kiwi Farms thread.

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Yeah, I need to see that maga hat and bikini shot.
For science.
^Show bobs and vagene. I'm a certified doctor that needs pics of bobs for science.

Kathy is just another grifter. I found it especially funny when she got mad about the chinese food thing.
And uh, she ain't conservative.
What bobs? She's got less boobage than a troon. :story:


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Kathy is just another grifter. I found it especially funny when she got mad about the chinese food thing.
And uh, she ain't conservative.
Zhu loves homosexuality and low taxes. She's the very definition of a conservative, you bigot.


If she hadn't blurted out what all Chinamen think of black people, she'd be speaking at CPAC.

Her feud with Ashley Goldberg has been great to watch. Zhu called Ashley a tranny, Ashley made fun of Zhu for dying her hair, using freckle filters on Instagram, and dating a guy with moobs.

Now Zhu is obsessively posting on Instagram ten times a day trying to get her yellow-fever addled followers to report all of Ashley's tweets. She also likes all her own tweets and obsessively likes tweets by anyone attacking Goldberg which is pretty amazing.


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Is it me or it seems like Zhu has been going down the shitter? It seems like after the Nick drama, everything has been going downhill for her but it's like she can't swim at all.


Ashley Goldenberg claims Kathy was permanently suspended for posting underage revenge porn of Cassandra Fairbanks, one of the other women that Kathy has been fighting with for weeks because she posted bat soup memes.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.39.20 PM.png
https://twitter.com/Communism_Kills/status/1229838045572161536 (http://archive.md/f1YmU)

According to Ethan Ralph, Kathy is claiming that the suspension isn't permanent and is only temporary.
View attachment 1150594

However, Twitter is legitimately commenting and saying that it is in fact a permanent suspension.
View attachment 1150595
It's my understanding that if someone's Twitter profile gives this message, his or her account has been permanently banned.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.34.58 PM.png
https://twitter.com/politicalkathy/ (http://archive.md/YiJa7)

Assuming the accusation against Kathy is true, and I believe it is, this did not age well: "they also are extremely bad at knowing how to be a good person."

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.46.11 PM.png
https://t.me/politicalkathy/480 (http://archive.md/MNGAo)

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.50.44 PM.png
https://twitter.com/CassandraRules/status/1229844670827593729 (http://archive.md/LTvnk)
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Zhu is also apparently telling people where they can find it at.
This whole story is bizarre and everything about it is a bad idea, but apparently telling people to Google it is a form of "telling people where they can find it at."

That being said, any rational actor would've dropped a bland denial and immediately stopped posting and consulted an attorney in Kathy's shoes, even if she's correct and this was public adult camgirling.

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34. Webcams and camera phones in wide use in many places by 2004.
Oh yeah I'm not doubting it could have happened it's just strange to me that Kathy had it when she would have been like what a toddler when they were taken? I dunno this is kinda strange this whole thing.


Jesus How did I miss this? That's really fishy. When was the last time Fairbanks was underage? Isn't she like early-mid-thirties?
34. Webcams and camera phones in wide use in many places by 2004.
Well the photos link back to an XTUBE account from 2009 (not 2011). Meaning it's not revengeporn, or underaged, since she's from '85 making her 24 at the time.
They could have been taken when she was younger and they could qualify as revenge porn if she didn't post them. I'm skeptical of the claim that she was underage when they were taken. Many women will just say that to get them taken down. They've been fighting for a few weeks now. Kathy is dumb. She's very dumb for posting them and not thinking that Cassandra would say they were taken before she was 18. The entire situation is hilarious, though.


Kathy is going HAM Telegram. She posted Cassandra's photos there too. There are two sets of photos. One set appear amateur/selfies, those could possibly be something an ex posted as revenge porn. The other set look professionally taken. She's in bondage: rope, tape, ball gags. Professional camera and lighting. I don't believe either are of an underage Cassandra, which would be easy to verify because she has tattoos in all of them, so you'd just have to figure out when she got them. Most places won't do tattoos unless your 18 unless you get parental permission.

Kathy claims Cassandra was a cam girl. She also posted a screenshot of a conversation (from Instagram, I think) that claims Cassandra was a prostitute.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.13.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.13.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.14.25 PM.png

Additionally, Kathy posted a video of Twitter on her iPhone screen showing she still has access. Perhaps her account was just taken down from other people viewing it until Twitter has a chance to investigate the manner. Perhaps the app just cached her Twitter data.

https://t.me/s/politicalkathy (http://archive.md/mj5bQ)