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Why do people on Twitter (and those significantly influenced by Twitter's internal "culture") constantly use the terms "y'all" and "folks", as if they were speaking some Southern dialect of American English, stereotypical accent and all? It's grating, it's annoying, it's dumb, and I don't get the point. Is it to appear more "folksy", more "down to earth"? Because frankly, most of the time they sound cringey and plain slimy, like they're aukwardly trying to pretend to be something they're not.

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It's condescending niggerspeak. They use "y'all" and "folks" to mock white people who have been the majority users of those words for generations.

It's literally a racist dogwhisitle for other blacks to jump on whitey even though we invented all the social media and phones and computers and cars and infrastructure and shit they utilize every day.


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It used to be made fun of in order to mock Southerners (in general but also as being ignorant and having a twang or a bit of a slur because they arent cultured or educated), but around 2010 internet culture appropriated it and began using it to avoid the pronoun issue which was triggering people, right around when social justice was blowing up. They wanted to axe guys and girls, chicks and dudes and some other stuff too because GENDER IS NOT BINARY but that didnt gain traction.


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Its explicitly to pander to troons. You might see it naturally from some people from the south, but the hipters are doing it for the "gender isn't binary and I can't assume anybodies gender" crap. When I first entered college they gave entire presentations on it, and it was not in an area anywhere near or with any relation to the South. Its just newspeak that attempts to insert itself by ripping off a previously accepted dialect.

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It's condescending niggerspeak.
That's the reason. Black culture has been pushed to the fore of Western culture for so long its the primary source of culture for the commoners.

English lacks a monosyllabic 2nd-person plural pronoun, so they need to improvise one out of Southern colloquialism. And it sounds slightly less dumb than "youse"
Polysyllabism needs to be abolished. Er, words with more than one part need to end.