"Y'all" and "folks" -

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I only see people who aren't from the south use it when they're trying to tell white people what to do on Twitter or Reddit. Always woke leftists of all races and genders.

We use "Ye" as second person plural. If you saw a bunch of people you knew and you want to know what were are doing, you could say, "What are ye at?"

I just looked this up and I didn't realize that ye is actually a second person plural pronoun that has seemingly fallen out of use everywhere except where I am from for some reason. I thought it was unique to our local dialect.


I came here to say this. Obama made this trendy.
"We tortured some folks."
I looked into it a little bit and the common story as to why it fell out of favor is interesting. Thee/thou was already falling out of favor by the 17th century. The last nail in the coffin came when you became "formal", really reserved for those of higher standing like in "your Majesty", and Thou became "informal", meaning to refer to those of lower status. Rather than risk insulting someone by calling them "thou", everyone started to call each other "you". Except for the Quakers founder George Fox, who believed so much in being perfectly grammatically correct that he wrote a 200 page tome about the usage of thee and thou over you. His point being that thou ought to use "thou" in singular instances, and "you" in plural instances, and in fact referring to each other in the singular instance as "you" was prideful, sinful behavior. He had a lot of trouble from outsiders who would get violent over being referred to as "thou".

TL;DR Elitist Britbongs ruin everything trying to be overly polite, once again.
Huh. I was taught that "thou" and its variants were informal whereas "you" was formal, and that it eventually switched. I didn't know about this context, though. Interesting stuff.

As for "y'all" and "folks" there absolutely are people who use them to add condescending flavor to their posts or pander to trannies, but there are also people who are using it relatively innocuously and who just sincerely like the terms.
I say yall because its easier than writing "you all" or "all of you" or even "you guys".

Its probably the only word that living in the South has imparted on my personal dialect.
This is the only correct answer. It applies to 99 percent of people who use it. Its just faster and shorter.

The rest, that 1 percent, definitely are doing it because it pisses people off. Based on the "theories" (dogwhistle lmao) being floated here, its definitely working. I never would have guessed more people saying "folks" and "y'all" would generate so much salt.

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Why does it matter to you so much? Everyone stopping the ya'lls and folks wont stop you from being a dumb sad faggot.

It is definitely a dog-whistle on the internet.

Unfortunately, my wife drawls "y'all" all the time because she wants to sound rural. It fucking sucks, but I'm too scared to tell her.
Memember not married lol


Southerners are inbred racist hicks, but I'm going to start talking just like one because Obama did it while trying to win votes


Annoying, but “folx” is worse, the word folks is already gender neutral but they’re “queering” language by deliberately misspelling shit.

On another note, “yas queen slay!!!!” and variants thereof can also go die in a fire. Same with clapping 👏 emojis👏 after 👏 every 👏 word 👏.