"Y'all" and "folks" -


Yeah there's no genuine redneck on earth who's paranoid about "fascists." (Unless they're using the word to refer to Democrats, or they're putting the prefix "islamo-" before it)
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what do you mean by this?
the far left is trying to abolish gendered words and anything they think is offensive like: mankind, tone- deaf, even pronouns...
and the right is pissed at their choice of words like y'all, womxn...

but it's futile, you can ofc have your opinion about it but you can't police language

and saying a word that isn't a slur can't be used by other races is weird, because socializing means you pick up the habits and language of those around you.


“Y”all” is a major peeve of mine I hate it so much. 99 percent of the time when I hear it it’s being used by someone who is low key lecturing people about something and they use it to cushion whatever they’re saying. “Y’all need to stop being white supremacist rapist homophobes”, etc. it always seems to be followed with a horrible insult but the y’all part makes you question if it was really as bad as you know it is but the y’all throws you off. Hmmm, well they said y’all so maybe they didn’t mean to make me feel like shit? The only time I’ve ever heard it where it sounded normal was when I was visiting Texas and another time when I worked with a woman from the south who had a thick southern accent and it was the way she spoke all the time. Otherwise it seems to be used by assholes who want to seem nicer than they are and get away with being rude twats.


Anyone on Law and Order: SVU who used the word folks was pedophile.
I remember one episode featured the voice actor who plays Rusty Venture on the Venture Bros. and in the episode he was a voyeur that used cameras to sneak footage of women shitting or their feet. I think he was a footfag. Either way, thought the casting was funny since he has such a signature voice.
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Eh, just evolution of your language really, gie enough time and you buggers will break off from British English, evolve in tae something ae your own making and gan, that's it Mair sae than what you lads have already done, ken. Might take a bit longer mind ya, considering the internet is making any huge diversions from a line a little harder, but again, gie it some time and you poor buggers might be even worse sounding than me. That'd be funny.


My opinion is that a lot of the time it's the result of someone hyping themselves up in their own mind (when it comes to non-Southern Twitter users). They think they're dropping such a bombshell woke take that talking down to people with boisterous language will prove the point to other people and show how right and superior they are, but in reality they're only necessarily "proving" something to themselves. Basically, it's a very solipsistic type of self-aggrandizement.
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I don't like using y'all as Im from NY. We say you guys up here and no one gives a shit. Youse and yinz are more out Midwest, not east coast. Maybe if you go out to PA.