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Bayun Fulan

After a moment's hesitation, I plan to release this thread to introduce a lolcow from China. Since there is no prefix of the Chinese flag, please forgive me for directly playing the Chinese flag Emoji. Considering that most people can't speak Chinese, I will use translation software in addition to publishing the original Chinese text.(I'm sorry that my English level is not enough to translate the original text directly.)

First of all, the contents of Yang Fan's introduction are all copied from an original website (this website is specially used to record such people, but now it does not exist). The original text uses a lot of network languages, so its English translation may be difficult to understand.Yang Fan's deeds are so numerous that it is difficult to describe them completely at once. He can be compared to Chris of China.

In addition, in Chinese, I think the word "乐子happiness" or "硬汉tough guy" can stand for the word lolcow.

To make a brief introduction, Yang Fan is known as a network philosopher because he has created his own philosophy on the Internet, which is full of words like "civilization", "barbarism". He calls all the obnoxious things barbaric, and calls himself civilized man. As a person whose brain has been upgraded, he uses "Chuang" and "Chuang" to replace many words Add three commas at the end of each sentence, which seems to represent sperm. But in reality, he is an elderly single man who lives in the countryside, likes to add sperm into various foods, and lives by raising pigs.The following is an introduction to the Chinese version and the English version:Due to the limited number of words, which floor will be divided into。

In order not to take up too much space, I uploaded the original archive of the website (only in mhtml format)。

His photo:


Whip yourself

His work

ice bucket challenge

Dressed up as the Communist Party of Vietnam

Kneel down

And shaking your head to the music


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Bayun Fulan

Yang Fan, Commonly used ID alone 13, living in Suining County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. Miao nationality, 176 in height, has become popular in the major communities for several times on the Internet about semen food, brain upgrading and civilization creation.

Yang Fan is the author of science fiction series Antarctica, love novel stink of liar, creation prose, brain upgrade man, civilized man, creation novel, maker and a series of creation essay, which have been published in various post bars. In addition, we also recorded a series of talk show videos of "the medicine of the creator" and "the barbarian".

When Yang Fan was a child, his parents divorced, and his father was not good to him. Only his grandmother loved him, and later he died of uremia. Yang Fan's father is a carpenter. He has some muscles. According to Yang Fan, he has artistic temperament and strong technical ability. He makes all the furniture at home. His mother also has reasons for his exquisite carpentry. He read several philosophy books in high school, and suddenly wanted to be a philosopher. He felt that it was useless to read in school. So he served in the Northeast armed police force for two years, during which he wrote his first novel. After he retired, he put his novels into several publishing houses, but because he was not famous, many publishing houses ignored him. He worked in hotels and breweries, but felt that he was out of tune with his colleagues, so he resigned and published his novels during his service on Sina blog and Baidu Post Bar.

Yang Fan's articles and video manuscripts are often full of superficial, illogical and hilarious wonderful remarks, which leads to Yang Fan's swearing in any online community.

Usually like to eat their own semen, this quite experience, and no taboo.

With the voice of nature like singing, I have contributed several times to express my thoughts on life.Yang Fan's creation novels are usually anti human works, claiming that human beings should be divided into two classes: "civilized people" and "barbarians". Only "civilized people" can enjoy democracy. Civilized people can enslave, plunder and even kill barbarians at will.

Yang Fan published at least 114514 new quotations in QQ group. Yang Fanye, the whole member of the group, created honey.

Prehistoric mythology.
When Yang Fan was a child, he had a strong hand-made small steel gun, but when he launched, he almost got hit in the head,,,The primary school teacher organized a trip to the town. Yang Fan ran home and asked his mother for money. Finally, his grandmother gave him ten yuan,,,At the age of 13, Yang Fan found the first civilized woman chuangmi in her life. Unfortunately, she only touched her only hand when exchanging love letters,,,When I was a freshman in high school, I missed class with my classmates and went to the county game room to play slot machines. I won a little and found my potential as a gambler,,,As the saying goes: Rome was not built in a day, Yangfan was not built in a day. The reason why Yang Fan evolved into the founder Yang 13 is not a sudden thing, but the environment Yang Fan has been in for a long time and his own wonderful and profound thoughts at the same time.

Dr. chuangzhai.
When Yang Fan was a sophomore in high school in 2003, he thought that he was not polluted by textbooks, and his thought was unique. One day, his brain upgraded to indulge in philosophy. However, the conscription in your country generally requires a high school degree, so it is very possible to enter the secondary school after leaving school.

Military career.
Yang Fan joined the Chinese people's Armed Police Force in 2005 and served as a private soldier in a border defense force in Jilin Province. He retired two years later. His military career gave Yang Fan an ideal writing environment and wrote his first creative philosophy book, civilized country.It is rumored that Yang Fan was found to have dermatitis after drinking by the squad leader while serving in the army, and he was demoted from the army for brain degradation, but it has not been confirmed.

Early life.
Yang Fan worked as a general worker in futukang after he retired from the army. Due to dissatisfaction with the treatment, he resigned immediately and went to work as a security guard in a three-star hotel in Changsha? )。In July 2008, while working in Changsha, Yang Fan registered an account number of "Chinese Yang shisan" on Sina blog. The origin of his name is "Chinese" because he hopes to immigrate. "Yang" is his own surname, and "shisan" is intended to form a "King", which means that Yang Fan hopes to become the king of "Xia state". In addition, 13 means to get rid of superstition.In addition, in December 2018, Yang Fan said that the name of the lone 13 was a tribute to Judas for killing Jesus. He hoped to revive the great spirit of classical polytheism in Rome, which was the so-called restoration of civilization.

Outside school violence.
The rumor that he had been in the school for a long time caused by the rumor that he had been in the school for a long time.

Battle bleach Mai.
Yang Fan once claimed that Michael Jackson's songs were low-level music, and only metal music was a high-level music form. Red songs were higher than religious songs because they were reproducible. He has published a lot of comments on music, which is very sketchy. You can see the founder of Yang Fan's quotations, Yang 131 column.

Insight and creativity.
In March 2009, Yang Fan registered an account in Tianya, and published his own "manifold logic theory" because he especially respected Wittgenstein's "logical philosophy". He formally tried the death of philosophy, claiming that he was the last philosopher in the world. Taking Wittgenstein's logic philosophy as the ladder, he reached the end of philosophy and claimed that he was the only Creator in the world. "Logic" clarifies the world in Euclidean space. Yang Fan believes that the concept of "manifold" has expanded the whole world. The proposition of "manifold logic" declares the death of philosophy. The proposition of "article is manifold logic" has Copernican significance. Because the writing was too creative, it did not receive much attention. Instead, it was called a madman by the branch of Douban philosophy group. However, his theory confused some young people. Some people posted in a station, saying that they didn't know whether he was a genius beyond the times or just a secondary two.

On February 24, 2010, Yang Fan did not know what kind of stimulation, abruptly forced Zhen to commit suicide by jumping from a building. He also cast three videos before falling. Before committing suicide, he talked about his "supreme achievement" and his discovered "truth" - philosophy died. It may be because of too much counseling, a flash of soft car failed to achieve.

Douban courtship.
At 15:9:34 on December 14, 2012, Yang Fan published a post in Douban, entitled "I am the creator Yang shisan, find a soft girl to support me and have children.". (people who write begging on the title are really out of order.) Yang Fan claimed in the post that he was the last philosopher and discovered that philosophy was dead, which is a huge discovery to crack the essence of philosophy. In addition, he is a science fiction writer, and it will be sooner or later to become famous. Yang Fan also boasted that he had a standard face with high intelligence quotient. He also shamelessly asked him to add QQ, disclose his age, interest, net name, personal plain face photos, and probably the amount of property. Unfortunately, in the end, only one Douban female user responded to Yang Fan, leaving a cold "poof" in the comment areaI

Admit my father for money.
In April 2013, Yang Fan's large number was sealed, and his post returned to nihility. Yang Fan still did not forget to beg and send out his Alipay account.Youchuang Mi gives Yang Fan a penny, and says that if Yang Fan interacts with him and recognizes his father, he will pay him 10 yuan. Yang Fan, a low-end renkou company, readily agrees. I don't know that the ten yuan with his filial son Yang Fan is not at ease.

Father and son are deeply in love.
In February 2014, Yang Fan was so poor that he couldn't pay out a hundred bandit coins. The former boss who resigned couldn't get any money when he ran away. He couldn't pay the rent, so he could only eat instant noodles.Because he didn't want to gnaw his grandmother, but his popularity was so bad that he didn't have a friend to lend him money, so he began to ask chuangmi to borrow money as an online beggar. Youchuangmi wants to buy Yang Fan's post bar account, but Yang Fan doesn't agree because he is afraid of being messed up. In the end, Yang Fan's father gives him money to help him. Yang Fan cries out when he is broadcasting. It's also the only known father son interaction.

Homemade food.
Yang Fan once made and sold a self-made product "qintiandi" (a fruit salad with Sydney, watermelon, honey, sugar and cherry mixed together, and grandma's teeth were so missing), "fragrant drops". In the sale of "fragrant drop" chicken wings, Yang Fan even hung his head on the signboard, which was a big turn off.Yang Fan recorded a video about the method of making Pro sweet drops because people questioned whether it was hygienic. At this time, the onlookers were surprised to find that Yang fan used to hold the food ingredients was actually the basin he used to masturbate. Since then, the news of "Pro Tiandi Jiajing" spread widely in Changjun Middle School, and Yang Fan's few customers have become more and more rare. In the first half of 2015, Yang Fan found that the news of the extremely poor sanitary condition of its homemade food was spread in the bar of Baidu Changjun Middle School. He hated the bar service team of Changjun Middle School, reported the bar owner crazily, and wrote a revenge plan. In addition to complaining about the bar owner, he also planned to contact the principals of Changjun Middle School and Peicui middle school to expel them, and he had the right to call the police to arrest "rumor" netizens and compensate his fine God lost.As of December 2018, none of Yang Fan's three revenge plans has been completed, and the only one that can be called revenge is to steal several students who pass through Changjun, and ferra is unbearable.At the end of 2016, Yang Fan, who once stopped Pro Tiandi's business, went back to business and pasted the "national flag of creation" on his signboard.

Creative inspiration.
On March 10, 2016, Yang Fan chose to resign after staying in barbarian company for several months. Before leaving, Yang Fan said that he was very reluctant to give up, and said in the post bar: "barbaric companies and employees have upgraded my brain with their own hands. After a few months, I began to become a little civilized. I can't bear to leave." It seems that even when Yang Fan was a factory man, he never stopped exporting his own bullshit theory. The statement on why he resigned and continued to gnaw at Lao Yang Fan's serious affairs gave him a creative enlightenment. He was also told that these people were not civilized enough and his great cause of founding the country had not been completed. Therefore, creative force resolutely chooses to continue to gnaw old age, which is called creative enlightenment.

Founding the country.
In April 2016, the No.13 bar was attacked by God and man. Yang Fan tried his best to delete the post, but his two fists were hard to beat. So he announced the establishment of "Chuangguo". He called himself the "founder" and the leader of global civilized people. He set some active bar friends of the lone man 13 bar as small bar owners, which he called "Chuang councillor". He hoped to lure his friends to help. Unfortunately, no one was cheated except Zhang Lei, who was a woman. Yang Fan will just set up a small bar owners.

Old bachelor.
Due to her lack of IQ and EQ, Yang Fan has been unable to find a mate of the opposite sex and has never been married. A lot of evidence shows that Yang Fan has been single since his birth. Chuang Mi people often use such questions as "when will the maker teacher get married" to ridicule Yang Fan, but Yang Fan is not ashamed at all. Instead, she thinks that "civilized female chuangmi should pay close attention.".In mid-2015, Yang Fan announced the public "marriage solicitation" and successively appointed five elegant people using female head portraits as their "wives" in Luo Yufeng's bar. They still tried to chat up with them even though they were severely abused.On August 9, 2016, Yang Fan came to the Miao nationality bar to chat up a woman's Miao costume photo on the 189th floor, leaving her own QQ number in an attempt to communicate with the woman Cqy. Unexpectedly, the other party ignored her.In the second half of 2016, it was rumored that Yang Fan, who had been a bachelor for 100000 or even 90000 years, "married the barbarian factory girl.". On October 19, 2016, elegant people asked Yang Fan whether it was true in the QQ group of Yang Fan, and got a negative reply. It seems that Mr. Yang Fan's Bachelor career will continue.

Bayun Fulan

Third, founding a country.
On November 13, 2017, Yang Fan published the strategic thinking of creating images. He said that civilized countries can use nuclear bombs to wash the ground and resolutely do not use conventional weapons. Yang Fan said that he would not take the lives of civilized people for the lives of barbarians. Barbarians should massacre, barbarians should bomb to wash the ground. This is the strategy of civilization founding, which is the wisdom of civilization creator. Compared with fascism, the anti intelligence speech of its nuclear bomb washes the ground makes normal people tongue tied. It's a pity that "civilization creates a country", not to mention nuclear bombs, does not even have a gun. The so-called founding of a country is just a spiritual state, and the possibility of establishing a real political power is even less than the accurate measurement of the hardness of Ms. Liu zeguiyang.

Declaration of war on North Korea .
Knowing that U.S. President trump visited countries in Northeast Asia, Yang Fan saw that trump had not taken extreme measures against North Korea, and was very disappointed with this "low-level civilized man". On November 13, 2017, Yang Fan officially declared war on North Korea on behalf of "Chuangguo". The imperial edict of war declaration is as follows: "trump has traveled around Asia. It seems that he can't be hardened. The barbaric North Korea is spreading wild. He could have taken the opportunity to give him a hand. It seems that only when China's civilization and nation are put on the stage, will they all die. What a nuisance“

Mars program.
.Inspired by the movie "Mars rescue" adapted from the famous science fiction novel of high school students in New Rome, Yang Fan was reminded of Zhao Tan's brutal and accurate attack on the country recently, and his brain upgraded in a flash. He claimed that since the flesh could not be defatted, and new Rome was not the pure land of complete civilization, he must find a way to bring chuangmi and Chuang pigs of Chuang Guo's civilization to Mars for another kind of interstellar colonization and creation of the sea. He began to recite new concept English crazily, read "Mars rescue", trying to find a way to land on Mars.

Mars program 2.0.
Around March 2018, Yang Fan witnessed some reform measures to strengthen the imperial power in the barbaric Xia state politics and a series of mentally retarded actions of the current president of new Rome, trump, a low-level civilized man. Yang Fan believes that the barbarian earth has no hope any more, and it is not worth the salvation of civilization zenith star lone man 13. Therefore, the barbarians should be allowed to self destruct and kill each other on earth, rather than contaminate the noble blood of a small number of civilized people. Yang Fan has restarted his Mars plan, which he conceived in 2017. He also talked about chuangmi's beautiful blueprint of taking a sweet rocket to Mars, exploring the sea of stars and building a pure civilized country. Unfortunately, I only stay in the blueprint part. I suggest that a single person take three fish eggs with Pro sweet drops to upgrade their brain in a short time, imitate the southern part of new Rome, and develop a creative image rocket for the mentally retarded.

Copy of creation image .
From October 09, 2018, Yang Fan began to copy the head image of Yeda, who paid for the account number of his chip station, in the studio of his chip station. Because he has no painting skills, and does not know curves and short lines, Yang Fan, a brain upgrade, developed Chuangguo's unique matrix point copying method. Then, the left hand is used to measure the size of the original paper. This way of copying is extremely fast, and even makes Yang Fan draw paintings that are eye-catching and even beyond most of Chuang Mi's painting power. Even if we consider the divine power that his unique painting style may possess, it also makes people wonder whether there is an artistic talent delayed by farmers' life under his neurotic personality?

Bed wetting woman.
In early January 2019, Yang Fan returned to station B with his account number "anti gravity man". In order to escape Chen Rui's pursuit, Yang Fan forced Zhen to act, claiming that the "anti gravity man" was a female novelist, and expressed his love for the woman she played in QQ group. However, anyone with a little common sense can see that the language style and picture quality of the "anti gravity man" are completely the same as Yang Fan himself, the only difference is that there are three commas missing at the end. The author boldly guessed that Yang Fan took the medicine of long female organs.On January 3, 2019, Yang Fan imitates a woman's tone and makes a dynamic claim that he has wetted the bed. He can't help but resume the creation. All the previous camouflage is self defeating. On January 3, 2019, Yang Fan imitates a woman's tone and makes a dynamic claim that he has wetted the bed. He can't help but resume the creation. All the previous camouflage is self defeating.

creation debate.
From January 11, 2019 to January 18, 2019, Yang Fan frequently pointed out history, philosophy, theology and other fields in QQ group that he did not know but thought he knew very well. When it comes to the decline of the Western Roman Empire, Yang Fan said:Is Christianity harmful,,,Is it Jewish,,,Because East Rome is close to West Asia and the Jews are hard, I think it has something to do with it,,,The church is the representative of the patchwork banishment,,,Generally speaking, in the later period of ancient Rome, the quality of citizens declined, so Christianity was rampant with low threshold,,,Judaism only preaches to Jews, and there are many racist elements. Christianity spreads everything. It is the general trend,,,Zhongchuangmi is neither laughing nor crying, but Yang Fan keeps rolling there. She thinks she knows a lot. Youchuangmi really can't look down on it, so she proposes to kick the solo out of the group. The only one is powerless and furious and claims, "you are savage, and the creator is flying you." But Yang Fan is neither a manager nor a leader of the group. His giant baby nature is exposed completely. Yang Fan also tried to pull back the break between chuangmi and her relationship, claiming: "you see, I know Justinian, which means I'm still valuable. The creator doesn't want to die. I want to revive Rome." a few days later, Yang Fan turned to black fart theology and philosophy and made the following remarks:God is dead,,,It's stupid to believe in God. At least religion is mixed with philosophy and even science,,,Descartes' proof of the existence of God is nonsense.What "I think, so I am", you fall down and lose consciousness, don't you exist? To put it bluntly, there is a surplus of self-consciousness,,,The delusion that consciousness can dominate the world,,,Consciousness is a broken thing. If you think about it, you will think that you are the world,,,The brain can crack consciousness,,,If I think that I am established, then I can also say that I am God. This is the arrogance of human self-consciousness,,,As a result of the strong guidance of the only one in the QQ group, the professionals who were born in the technical class came to refute the news one by one1. I think, so I'm here does not mean that I think so I exist, but that I think so that I can exist without being doubted2. Here "I am" is a Cartesian self, the explanation of education is also the spiritual entity, and the interpretation of education is the stream of consciousness. Kant thinks that we can't get the pure self, but Husserl comments on the dryness of Descartes' ego. He misunderstood this proposition.As for Descartes' proof, it is considered to be doubtful. Because according to doubt argument 3, God is the premise of reliable knowledge. Descartes also stressed that God guaranteed the reliability of knowledge, but God's existence was derived from reliable knowledge. There seems to be a suspicion of circular argument here. But I think that the establishment of the system of "I am in" only "God interferes with our thinking all the time, making us unable to understand the truth", rather than the existence of God or the presence of God.Although Descartes' argument is circular, the problem of God is still in the air. But it's too smelly. I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Let alone the position of the second study in meditation. Not even the whole of the second study. Although alone hide in the screen fury, but there is no way to resist, and whenever Descartes "I think, so I am", he evades the offline

pride in eating semen.
In the early morning of January 19, 2019, Yang Fan saw just people criticizing zhenchuang MI, who was a gift giver, in the QQ group. He was furious and insulted. When a righteous person questioned Yang Fan for conniving at licking dogs, Yang Fan solemnly replied, "are your parents licking dogs?," then when referring to Yang Fan's past of eating essence, Yang Fan once again broke through the lower limitI'll eat rice green, you glass heart manger,,,I'm proud of that. What are you doing, crap,,,People who indulge in eating snow all day are not worthy to talk about eating rice green,,,Yang Fan, in turn, criticizes the "feudal obstinacy" and "scientific idiot" of all the elegant people. He even regards an ordinary group friend as his old friend brother Rome, which shows that his mental state is worrying. After a long time of masturbation, Yang Fan finally can't bear to insult the offline autistic.

officially established the theory.
From February 28 to the early morning of March 1, 2019, Yang Fan claimed in the QQ group that "theology is the virtual image, philosophy is the abstract, and science is the creative image!" And officially announced the establishment of the theory of "creative learning", the full name of "creative science" and "chuangtic science". Yang Fan defined "science is the creation of image", and also said that the science here is based on the theoretical basis of philosophy and religion, "real science", creating image science. It is far from the science of general empiricism.

Basic high frequency words / phrases / sentences:
Three commas at the end of the sentence(,,,): for sperm
Barbarism / Civilization
Brain upgrading (meaning to advance towards civilization, originally from the creation novel brain upgrade man)
At the end of the paper, a warning is givenChuangmi (meaning paying attention to the people who create people).
Chuang Mi: Chuang Ren teacher divides chuangmi into "civilized creating honey" and "barbaric creating honey", and all those who oppose it are "barbaric creating honey"
To decline (express an objection)
Go to bed, Guan Qun, (say goodbye)
Please indicate "Du Ren 13" for reprint.:Used at the end of an article to indicate an intellectual property claim for the article.
Chuang xie:Thanks to others,equivalent to Mandarin "thank you"
Chuang Bai,,,, (equivalent to Mandarin "Bai Bai")
Chuang'an,,,, (equivalent to "good night" in Putonghua)
Chuang bu qi:Sorry for others is equivalent to "sorry" in Mandarin
Chuang ai: is equivalent to "mourning" in Mandarin
"Chuang zhi",,, (equivalent to "support" in Putonghua, followed by "Chuang Chuang Zhi",, ","
civilized holding ",,", and "sword holding" 🗡🗡🗡” Using a specific character to replace the word "Chuang" and using a special symbol to replace the three commas of ",,,")
Non creative holding,,,, (equivalent to "no support" in Putonghua)
@xxx, already kicked,,, (kick out QQ group, literally, used when Chuang Qun implements justice sanctions)Creative translationYou)

Chuang Mi also translated several common image words into English and Japanese. After searching, I found some creative words that have been translated into English and Japanese Creative translation.
Chuang. N.
ChuangChuangic. Adj.
Chuangically. Adv.
Chuangology. N.
Chuanger. N.
chuangology. n.
chuanger. n.
chuangize. v
chuangization. n.
chuangist. adj.
chuangizative. adj.
chuangsupport. v.
barbarous. adj.
civllized. adj.
civilizing. adj.
brain-update. n.

Florence Sargent

sorry, no uglies allowed.
This looks like it could be promising if he's still active. Is there any current social media you could share? I think most of us could follow a Chinese speaking cow if the milk is plentiful.

You really were not joking when you said he is the Chinese Chris-Chan. Down to the weird father son relationship and love quest. :oops:

I would delete the Chinese in the first post and the second one completely. You say you are copying from another page that no longer exists. Do you have an archive of this page? It would be better to post that instead if you do. The made up words and phrases could also go under a spoiler tag. The listing format is easy to read but takes up a lot of room. Let me know if you need any help navigating formatting.

Hope this attracts more based Chinese users. Chinese Cows are the best. 他看起来很有趣. 感谢你的分享.
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Doctor Placebo

Bloody, bloody 2020.
Well he's a better artist than Chris. Not that this deformed animu that looks like an offmodel frame from a shitty, low budget show is good, but it's better than anything Chris has drawn. Damning with faint praise indeed.

That he made it through two years in the military also suggests he's somewhat more functional than Chris Chan, although his outlook on the world seems no less crazy.

He calls all the obnoxious things barbaric, and calls himself civilized man.
Yang Fan's creation novels are usually anti human works, claiming that human beings should be divided into two classes: "civilized people" and "barbarians". Only "civilized people" can enjoy democracy. Civilized people can enslave, plunder and even kill barbarians at will.

This also has shades of the "Supreme Gentleman" Elliot Rodger.

@andabeeryy Do you know who the "Yang" in "Yang fan" is? Or is it a reference to "Yang" as in "Yin and Yang"?

Also it'd be nice if we can get someone who's a little more fluent in English to clean up the English language bio, since some of it is confusing to read.
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International Glownigger Commander
Nice to see that not even China is immune from having spastics leech off of society. And @andabeeryy do you know the highest rank that he obtained during his time in the military? Because two years in the military usually gets you a grade above what you exited Basic Training with an promotion that's mainly used as a consolation for staying out of trouble for a few months and barely has any authority as opposed to being a corporal or a sergeant.

  • Making up words,
  • Pissing himself,
  • Mooching off parents,
  • Eating semen,,,
  • Can't get a date,
This is Chinese Chris alright.
You're forgetting the galaxy-brained thinking and the inability to keep a job. Granted, he lasted two years in the military, but still.
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Florence Sargent

sorry, no uglies allowed.
This YT channel seems to have a lot of his clips uploaded. Newest upload is from three weeks ago.
The Chinese have definitely been holding out on us in more ways than one. Having all this fun without us :(
I found this comment in another video and loved it.
TRANSL. A combination of ADHD and epilepsy patients, a serious accident in the evolution of human beings, you were finally born.

Haesindang Park

最后! 远东一些有趣的内容。

  • Making up words,
  • Pissing himself,
  • Mooching off parents,
  • Eating semen,,,
  • Can't get a date,
This is Chinese Chris alright.

No. Not even close. His mind has more activity than Chris and not to A-log here, he seems to know more math than Chris does. On top of that, he seems more interesting than Chris with his more bizarre antics.

Haesindang Park

I'm working on cleaning up and editing the OP. As a kid, did he really make a fucking mortar? Was it for fireworks?

For a lolcow, that's actually really impressive. Then again this dude is Asian and when it comes to Asian lolcows, anything is possible and they're as weird as they can be. I don't think Brazilian lolcows can top Asian lolcows.

Alex Krycek

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Well he's a better artist than Chris. Not that this deformed animu that looks like an offmodel frame from a shitty, low budget show is good, but it's better than anything Chris has drawn. Damning with faint praise indeed.

That he made it through two years in the military also suggests he's somewhat more functional than Chris Chan, although his outlook on the world seems no less crazy.

This also has shades of the "Supreme Gentleman" Elliot Rodger.

@andabeeryy Do you know who the "Yang" in "Yang fan" is? Or is it a reference to "Yang" as in "Yin and Yang"?

Also it'd be nice if we can get someone who's a little more fluent in English to clean up the English language bio, since some of it is confusing to read.
Yang is his family name and Fan his given name.